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Toxicity level?

As I mentioned in a prior posts I am an ex-IV user and I have a question about toxicity.  At the end of my using days I had a wake up call, it was in September 2003, I was using alot of illegal drugs.  I had been taking loads of valium unprescribed and I did a dime, yes a dime bag of H.  I don't like putting this out there but it's really the only way I can get to my question.  Luckily I was with my girlfriend at the time and I began slurring my words but it wasn't due to the valium, my girlfriend noticed it right away.  It felt like I had a stroke cause I sounded and felt very disoriented and very handi-capped.  Needless to say it scared the krap out of me and I quickly went to my doctors office, he checked me out and sent me for some tests the following morning.  I forget the names of the test but I remember one that measured the two big veins in my neck to make sure I was getting enough blood or oxygen to my brain, I think it was called a double cathroid or something like that.  I also had another test, may have been an EKG, I don't remember as I really didn't clean up totally until January 2004.  Upon results of the tests my doctors office called me and asked me to come in, I thought they were gonna say I had a mini-stroke or something.  My doctor confronted me and he wasn't happy, he said you used didn't you?  Well with how he was acting all I said in response was how do you know.  He said your tests all came back normal, I told him I just used a dime.  He said you are toxic, stop using everything.  Your liver is toxic with all the krap you're using.  That was my only experience with being toxic so here's my question.  Has anyone on this forum ever been told they were toxic?  I'm sure if someone answers with a yes their story would be different than mine so can you tell me about it?  That scared me to death and is one of my biggest reasons for me finally being able to put everything down.  God Bless  
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Interestingly...my wake up call came about the same time as yours....October 19, 2003....my 50th birthday. It was a glorious Indian summer day and some girlfriends threw a party for me - camping at a local state park. We hiked, set up tents, drank a few beers around the campfire, passed a joint...nothing too out of the ordinary for me, until one gal brought out a mini travel bar and fixed shots for everyone...Kamikazes, I think. And if one's good, two's better, right? How many times do you tun fifty. I sure didn't turn them down, being the guest of honor and all......

Then something went horribly wrong. I got so sick!  I wandered off into the woods to puke my guts out, thinking I'd feel better....WRONG ! No matter how much I got rid of, I felt progressively worse...disoriented, weak. It was not a pretty picture. I do remember a thought crossing my mind that I may be dying. My friends were worried, but I shooed them away saying I'd be better soon.

I did crawl back to the campsite eventually and slept for the rest of the night. But I knew then and there, that something had tipped the scales as far as my health was concerned.

From then on, I became a health fanatic. That was my wake up call...well, that and my dx in January 2004 that amplified my efforts.

Scary times, aren't they ? But in hindsite, life saving.

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I had a similar situation. I was doing meth IV and thought I had a stroke. But I completely recovered with no after effects. I wonder now if that was what was wrong with me. Toxic. I had never heard of anyone that had those symptoms and went to the doc and found out. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing that. It gives me something to think about. I am proud to say I have been clean for over 3 years.
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The slurring words thing? H aside..I'm no Doc but it's usually the first sign for me that somethings overdone it. I can search for the word car in 5 different languages and not find more than a half wit burble. Let alone pilot one.
Look for the nearest spot to crash out coz you won't have long to find one.
I think that when the liver can't cope with the toxicity levels it dumps it back into the blood stream and it trips off through your brain. Toxic shock, from a rose prickle or splinter. All too easily done.
Even basic Augmentum (antibiotics) sometimes the body will take it, sometimes not. If I've been sick and take that, I get to about the second day 600 odd mgs and everything I eat or drink for the next four days is history. Any new medicines I ask my Doc to look them up. Picking teeth with wooden tooth picks is another no no.
I've had my Doc ring because "according to their tests I shouldn't be standing..could I come in please?"
Times like these I stay away from fatty meats, heavy startch, anything that may cause trouble. The high point is that my body seems to have it's own (mental) defense system now.
If I'm not supposed to eat or drink it my throat won't operate and some things smell so wrong they'll make me wanna faint. Like standing too close to 'Subway' sorry Subway.
Toxic shock goes hand in hand with low immunity. I've had HepC for 21 years this birthday, the part champagne and orange juice for Xmas was on the 'bad ideas' list.
Seems I've become more susceptible as times gone by.
And yes it can kill you. At the very least make you sorely regret the whatever that tempted you.
Luck in life.

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