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Transmission question

Say an hcv+ person was bleeding and touched something that i own, then that object touched my cut/wound/sore after a week. What are the chances of me being infected? Is this considered blood to blood? I am quite confused at the same time, anxious about this scenario, help me guys!
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Well not sure how dried blood would enter your blood stream from this. I suppose if you attempted to push the week old dried blood stain into your open fresh wet weeping injury there could be a theoretical risk.

If in doubt get tested then you would know for sure but I think you would have to have purposely tried to do this not accidentally.

Just to add in a situation where a health care worker experiences an accidental needle stick involving a patient with known hep c the odds of transmission atecinly about 1.8%

In your situation you don’t know there was blood, you don’t know if the blood has hep c, you don’t know if the blood was forced into your injury. So your risk would be significantly less than the 1.8% risk in the previously described scenario of the needle stick.

If you said there was a wet blood soaked bandage that had been used on a hep c infected person which then was applied to your fresh open bleeding injury I would be more concerned about transmission risk.

Hep c is not easily transmitted

Best of luck
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