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Transmitting HEP C to gf?

Hello everyone..I am from Greece but i've moved to America for work about 2 years ago. I've had a girlfriend for about 8 months and she is 21 years old, from Lebanon and is still a virgin..We both want to have sex. She knows i have HEP C.I recently found out that i had it because in Greece this is unheard of, for someone to have it, so i'm still not sure where i have it because my ex has changed number, deleted fb and i've heard she's married living in her hometown in Kos island...anyway back to the sex part, i've had sex with 2 other girls here after knowing them for about 3 months each, not knowing i had anything! when i got the results i was shocked and felt more terrible for the women i might have transmitted this to..i called them and they said they were checked recently and don't have anything..so my question is, will having sex with my virgin GF, soon to be wife, get infected because of the blood she will have coming out? should i use a condom the first time? i was thinking about that but i don't want her to have to see a condom the first time she does it..any feedback is thankful
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Many of us don't know when or where we got infected. We can only guess. HCV is not considered an STD and the virus is not present in semen. Theoretically it can only be transmitted if both partners are bleeding. However, your concern is legitimate and I would have the decency to use a condom in your situation. JMO
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Hi Stefano. You seem like such a caring human being. Your gf, soon to be fiancé, is lucky to have such a considerate person to take care of her. I totally agree with Carl's most perfect answer to you. If you think blood has a chance of being shared, a condom is your best bet. The Centers for Disease Control does not recommend barrier protection for long term monogamous couples, but you aren't there yet. Better safe than sorry. Lots of luck to you both.

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Turn the lights out and slip it on. She'll never know the difference. Don't forget the lube. {smile}
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