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Treatment Ended at Week 54

Last riba, this past Wednesday night. Last shot of Peg and Procrit, the Wednesday before. That makes 54-weeks total, or 48-weeks past being non-detectible. Very difficult decision to stop -- agonizing at times -- because I felt I could go longer. But no studies, data, and only one out of six medical opinions supported do so. The majority, including several well-known hepatologists, recommended 48-weeks based on my RVR at week 6. My treating doctor, wanted the 48-weeks past non-detectible based on age and histology but left the decision to me.

It's a tremendous relief to finally be off these drugs. Tremendous.  The fear of relapse, which made it so difficult to stop, interestingly disappeared as soon as the decision was made.

Whether tx ends in SVR or not, I feel I did all I reasonably could and therefore am at peace, happy, excited, and yes, feeling victorious. It has been a long, hard haul. Let me repeat that, a long, hard haul :)

While tired and a little beat up, at the same time I'm ironically ending treatment in the best shape I've been in since week 1. I therefore truly hope that I've been spared any permanent sides but do have a strong suspicion that treating this ole' body any longer might be pushing my luck in that regard.

If so inclined, keep me in your prayers for SVR as I will keep you in mine. But as someone wiser than me once said -- In life, it's the quality of the process that really counts, not the results.

-- Jim
Male, age 59, geno 1b, pre-tx viral load 1.5 million, non-detec week 6, treated 54 weeks total.
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Best of luck to you jim. You know were rooting for ya.
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God bless you Jim. I've only been here a little while (4/48) and you have been a HUGH inspiration to me. Your knowledge and your courage are something to be amazed by not to mention your sense of humor through all of this. Best of luck and best of health to you. Congraulations and keep us posted!
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Congratulations on completing the long journey of tx for this dreaded virus. I will pray svr for you and you really deserve it! It had to weigh heavily on you knowing you've had this all thease years. You've fought a courages fight my friend and now your undetectable with svr in your focus ahead!

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God bless you, and keep you healthy, our brother in arms....you do so much for so many, may it all come back to you...
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Hey Jim, I've got a question for you..
I'm instructed to fill the syringe to .5 but theres always left over interferon (it's not the redipen, and my rn says to dilute with .7 of the dilution)...Do you know if it's better to do all of it? I feel like i'm throwing away part of something that I should be using to help me to svr. See. You just thought you were done....
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A good decision. A well fought fight. But most of all, you should be proud of your contributions here and other places where you share the wisdom of your knowledge and experiences. Several weeks ago, when TN wisely decided to move on to the rest of his life, I know you admired his approach and view of the future.  When the time comes, Jim, I know that you will exercise similar elegance. Until that time comes, I hope your recovery is quick and fruitful and not beset by second-guessing. You did well, oh true and valient servent.
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WOOOHOOOO!  I am doing the happy dance for you Jim.  Most definitely keeping you in my prayers for SVR.  Can't wait to hear your good news.  Please stick around here, you are so supportive of everyone and are such a good resource.  This really just brightened my day to know that another one has come through on the other side, with a VERY good chance of SVR!!!!  Keep us posted please.  Any decisions about when to get the PCR test? :)
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I know it was agonizing decision for you, but it's made and you can now rest easy.

Congratulations on finishing the race!  As all of us here know how difficult it can be at times - You did it!!

Blessings, Valorie
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Well you beat me by a couple days, you old dog you. But then, unfortunately for you, you had a huge head start. It's nice to be riding off into the Hep free sunset with you my friend. May it be a oneway ride.

Here's to regenerating liver cells.
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You sound like you've stared the beast in the eye and made him blink. I'm proud for you and for what you have made it through Jim. Enjoy life! You'll be in my prayers. Don't leave us though your wisdom has been enormously helpful to we the confussed. Dale  1A, 54YO, mild fibrosis, VL 1.5m and on 2/14 at six weeks of treatment it was 827. At 17 or 48. Pluggin away! (well some days)
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Congratulations. What a long, hard road it's been. I'll keep you in my prayers. At what week will you do your PCR?

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Jim,  so glad for you...congratulations!  I really feel you made the right decision.  YOU WILL BE SVR, i know it.  thanks for everything, jim, for just being here when yoou were having such a tough time yourself.  you have been a great inspiration.

goof, i am so happy that you are finished as well.  i also KNOW you made the correct decision.  you guys will be riding off into the SVR sunset, believe me.  hope you stick around for comic relief.  VERY, VERY Happy for you both.  You are two great guys who deserve all the best!!!

Erin go bragh!!!!!!
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