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Treatment Rash

Hi Everybody

Have this horrible exema type rash, cant seem to shake it and the itching is incredible
I have been using moisturiser, steroidal cremes @ 0.02 %, goats milk soap, paw paw creme and oatmeal
cremes and antihistamines, just barely managing these symptoms.
If anybody has any info or help on this would greatly appreciated.

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are you on treatment? where is the rash?
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Hi tulsatime

I am on week 29 of 48 weeks and my Rash is all over legs, upper arms, chest and back
and is not on my face yet.

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Back when I was Txing everyone keep talking about goldbond medicated. They all seemed to think it helped. If I am not mistaken we all called it riba rash and alot of people get it. I would call my Dr tomorrow. But maybe also try goldbond. Just a thought I am sure someone else will chime in soon with more info than me. At least it is not on your face because that would mean roceasa, which I got from treatment and it never went away. I'm sure you will be fine!! Take care, Debi
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just to let you know it was a cream not the powder
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I had the rash on tx too, and those creams only gave temporary relief.  The only thing that did stop the itching was a pill called Atarax.  Its not a over the counter drug and your doctor has to write a prescription.  The itching was so bad I wanted to stop tx until I started the Atarax and it was the only thing that worked.  
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since Atarax is an antihistamine and antidepressant (I think) Maybe if you took Benadryl,  would be nice if it was that simple huh?
I remember applying poltices of Domeboro on hives.  Baths in colloidal oatmeal?
I sure hope you get over that.
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