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Treatment for non-responders

Hello and Happy New Year to all. I am 56 yr old female, 1b, have had virus more than 30 years, 17/48 Peg/Copeg. Started treatment with viral count of 320,000.  Did not have 2 log drop at 12 weeks.  Showed clearance of about 1/3 at that time.  I am still on tx and awaiting results of my first bx that I had 2 weeks ago.  Have been told that I should continue treatment if showing a stage 2 or more.  Does anyone have any stats on the success of fibrosis reduction with treatment if SVR is not obtained?  All the studies I have found are by drug companies.  I would like to see some independent studies.  Anyone know of any studies?  Has anyone stayed on treatment, not cleared but had liver improve?  Thanks.
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That's right.  Unfortunatley my doctor did not have me do bx before starting treatment.  That is in the past, though, and I am trying to deal with what is happening now with the info I have.
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You're right, but thankfully all went well with the bx.  They recommended the biopsy to see if I would want to continue treatment.  If there is no or limited damage I will discontinue treatment.  It certainly would have been better to know before I started.  Anyway, do you know of any independent studies regarding improvement in fibrosis with treatment for people who do not obtain SVR?  Thanks.
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I'm a 51 year old female, 1b, cirrhosis, infected nearly 30 years ago.  My viral load was over 12,000,000 prior to tx.  Although it was evident that I was a non-responder (peg/riba) by 24 wks, I was given the option to quit or keep going.  I did a total of 44 weeks.  Liver did show significant improvement with no further damage, and I'll re-do tx after a small break to regroup. While this was not the outcome I had hoped for, I'm still glad I was able to continue tx and stop any further damage. Sx were manageable, even though my rbc hovered around 3.8-4.5...it was the drop in platelets that forced me off a month early.  

My advice (though some may disagree) is to keep going as long as the sx will allow.  ANY drop is better than nothing.  

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(sorry to everyone else because this has nothing to do with HCV)


We just found out that we're heading to Bora Bora in June!  Do you have any websites to point me to that has information about fishing there (or South Pacific).  Hope all's going well for you in South FL.

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Thanks for your input.
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I'm genotype 1a, 25/48 Peg/Copeg. Treatment is going well for me this time.

Many years ago, I had mono therapy with interferon alone, no ribavirin. After a year on tx, I relapsed, the liver enzyme levels went up again (back then they didn't test viral load). My first bx, the one I had before that mono therapy, showed fibrosis. The bx after mono therapy showed no fibrosis, and five years later, a bx showed that I still had no fibrosis. It was more than ten years before my liver went back to where it was before the mono therapy. My last bx, the one I took about eight months ago, showed that I am now stage 2.

It seems to me that the mono therapy treatment bought me a lot more time. I think that some studies have shown that to be the case, and I think the drug companies make that claim it too. It seems logical that if the virus is slowed down for a while, the liver gets a chance to repair itself. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know for sure.

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