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Treatment side effects

Starting treatment this week.  I relapsed after my 1st 48 week go round in 2005.  Was on reduced dose of interferon for a year until it was determined this would not prevent progression of liver disease.  I have cirrhosis but fortunately am compensated and have been feeling pretty darn good.  Just lost 30lbs and started an exercise program in April. Hope I will not experience a wt gain from the added fat.  Hoping to find foods that will provide the total 60g fat a day w/o adding more than 540 calories.  Think that is what the fat translates to.  The weight loss is important to control knee pain from OA and put off knee replacements for a few years if I am even a candidate for surgery.
I lost my husband 10 years ago.  He was on top of transplant list but all 3 livers that became available were unacceptable. Treatment side effects are nothing compared to end stage liver disease so I am very motivated to get through this for my son and myself.
I was able to work FT and care for an aging parent in 2005. She passed away in January of this year.  I will miss her support but unfortunately will have more free time. Although I was tired last time, taking the interferon on Friday night allowed me to sleep during the weekend and be ready for work Monday. The only bad side effects from shot was with the 1st-very bad flu like symptoms.  Was just tired and foggy mentally until month 3 when I got an awful Riba rash, hair fell out gradually but completely and became SOB with even small amt of exertion. Oh yeah, had a short temper that I did my best to keep under control. My son told me more than once he was ready to get out the nails and cross if I mentioned work, caring for mom and bald head one more time.
Seeing MD for treatment instructions Tues.  Any suggestions for meds I should have on hand?  Sounds like rash, anemia and whatever the anal symptoms are hit fast. Worried about fogginess too.  Ended up on Wellbutrin last time a/c depression. I have not shared my diagnosis with the people I work with.  They didn't notice I was wearing a wig last time just thought I changed color and styles often. Maybe just being kind.
This time around I thought I could use some friends and you folks seem to be very informed and compassionate. I would be grateful for your support.
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Thanks so much for your suggestions and update on your treatment,  I had hoped to start this Fri but MD wanted to repeat genotype testing as they wanted their own results.  Waiting just increases anxiety.  I did start on Zoloft which might help with the Riba rage I felt 1st time around. I have been feeling good and the Zoloft actually gave me palpitations.  Will stick with a bit longer for the sake of those who have to put up with me. I sincerely hope you are doing well.  Would love updates. Wishing you an excellent result
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Hello!  I have gone through treatment twice before and was not successful.  This time I just KNOW it's going to work!  I started my treatment with the addition of Incivek on July 15th.  I have had VERY few side effects so far.  I didn't even get that awful flu-like feeling after the first shot which happened with a vengence both times before.  I have felt like I have a fever, but when I take my temp, nothing.  I think drinking LOTS of water before you start helps.  And you need to keep yourself hydrated throughout tx.  It works!  The only thing that has been really bad for me is that I just can't go to sleep at night.  I will be talking to my Doc about that on Monday.  
Here are some food ideas that have worked for me:  I sometimes have cheese and summer sausage if it's my mid-day pill.  That will work for me as a lunch as well.  Morning and evening pills go down pretty easily with Granola and Half n Half or whole milk.  Two tbsp of 1/2 & 1/2 is 3.5g Fat, 2/3c Granola is 8g so it's easy to get your 20 grams.  Also, Planters make some individually packed servings of mixed nuts.  Some are labled South Beach Diet Recommended Mix, Omega 3 Mix, Anti-Oxident Mix - they are around 18g per pouch.  Add a glass of whole milk or  2 1 inch cubes of cheese and you have your 20g.  The packets are easy to carry around with you if you know you'll be out and about when it's time for a dose.  
Good luck with the start of your tx.  I hope you have a smooth go of it.  This is a great place to find answers and support - Welcome!!
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Sorry to hear of your relapse years ago. and congrats on giving it another  shot :),,especially in light of the fact you have cirrhosis.

Are you doing Incivek or Victrelis? Relapsers had very good results in trials with both ...close to 80% success rate as you prolly already are aware..so you should do very well.

As far as sides go..as you would also know from treating before they can affect everyone differently   ,,however  as you mentioned there is more likely hood of rash with Incivek and the  possible added chance of anemia being even worse with the addition of the 3rd drug.

So best to talk with your doc before you start to get his/her ideas on rescues and when...if indeed you do need them

Good luck ...   and welcome to the group..

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That is a LOT to deal with and I am so sorry for your losses.  Glad to hear you have the support of your son, even with the nails and cross (LOL!).  I haven't started tx yet, so hearing about your previous side effects helps.  I pray they will be tolerable this time and that you will clear the virus.  I am reading through posts too, to try and figure out what to stock up on, just in case.  Best of luck to you and know that you have support here 24/7.
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