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Hello.   I had a blood transfusion in 1981 but did't know I got the virus till 1991 when I gave blood at Red Cross. Ironic, cause that's where I got the tainted blood from in the first place.   I've just recently learned that there are different types of Hep C.  I am being tested to see which type I have. Then what?  Will that determine if I'm eligilbe for the treatment.  I will also have a liver biospy and colonoscopy done.  I have been sick for so long, what If I'm not eligible?  I get the migraines that I see many others suffer with.  The panic I get with them is incredible.  I can't see, talk, I have no coordination, everything in me aches.  And lots of other symptoms. I'm so tired of feeling sick all the time.  What do you think?  Will I be eligible for the treatment?  What types of treatment are there?  Is it worth it?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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This will get you started.


Insurance or the ability to get a drug company to sponsor your treatment determines your eligibility. Treatment is needed for any type. I lucked out, the teaching hospital I go to made the connection with Roche drugs for me.

A biopsy, will tell the severity of any damage that may have already occurred.

What is causing your migraines? Are you being treated for them? Do you drink liquor?  If so, stop now.

We all hope for the best possible news. Let us know.
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I'm sure others will chime in but no matter what type of HCV you have you can treat it. hopefully your biopsy will show little damage and you can wait for the new drugs coming out in 2011.
Best of luck
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