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Hey Guys,

      I was just browsing through the post on this side of the forum onto your thread, Trish77, about crossing into Mexican borders to get the drug Alinia.  As a flight attendant would I be able to fly into Mexico, go to a pharmacy and get this drug for use in my treatment?   If I read the thread correctly many have gotten the drug, Daxon ( Alinia ) through the internet from Mexico, did I read that correctly?  

      Does one have to have a prescription sent to the Mexican pharmacy online?  Would I as a flight attendant have to have a prescription in hand if I were to go to Mexico? -----
    ( Even though one had to pay out of pocket.......pretty small sacrifice to get it if it is cheaper and less hassle.)

       I guess what I was asking in short was did people here on the forum get the drug through internet ordering?   Do you guys know if it's truly is Alinia?  If so and you've begun using it what have been the results so far?  Hope you guys are well.........Until then......

In Him,
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I haven't tried ordering it yet.  My investigation of it seems to indicate that Daxon is indeed Alinia as Daxon is put out by the same drug company.  It's also sold over the counter IN Mexico.  I haven't been there to verify that.  That is what plenty of reading on it tells me and not just HCV reading, it's highly recommended for "Montezuma's Revenge" and is sold over the counter by all accounts.  

So...as a flight attendant, I would assume that you can go into a drugstore and buy some and put it in your bag and you would be fine.  THAT is an assumption on my part and that's all I know.

I haven't tried ordering it as yet...I'm waiting for my treatment details to settle out.. drug trial or SOC .. and I'll know soon.  My son is in San Diego and we're Canadian.  As long as it doesn't cause him any grief, he's willing to go over to Mexico and get it for me but first I'll be asking my hep doc OR my family doc to prescribe it for me..yadda yadda yadda.  

When you find out, Rick....can you post what you find out?  Good luck with that.

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Let me clarify.  Daxon is the name the drug company that puts out Alinia gives to Alinia in Mexico.
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No prescription is necessary for Nitazoxanide in Mexico. From what I have read, you should be able to purchase there and bring it back with you as long as it is for personal use. I have the product in hand, but haven't tried it yet. It looks to be legit, but will be looking for dayglo urine, as has been previously reported.
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Won't your health insurance cover the nitazoxanide?
Romark is the company that manufactures Alinia...and they sell it under the name Daxon in Mexico...i'm perty sure.
When do you begin, my friend?



Do you fly into Mexco often??? You could be our drug runner...what dya think??? ;)
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     The only thing I can tell you is when I went to Tijuana ( Spelling?) Going into Mexico there was no customs officer just a gate to walk thru. Coming back is a different story since 9/11. The line to get back in will be long and they ask you if you bought any drugs while in Mexico. You could say no. As long as you don't look suspicious you should be ok. If they do find it you would have to say I thought you meant prescription !
     Then again as a flight attendant I don't know what the Customs situation is like if there is any.
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