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Two questions - Fungus among us, and Marijuana and Treatment

Hi all.  1b genotype, fibrosis 2 out of 6, some scarring.  (I used to identify myself by lots of other more professional or fun things.)  I went through 38 weeks of Peg Intron (worked at first, then viral load went up again) and it didn't work, so I took 2 weeks off and last night started on Pegasys and Copegus.  Ahh that old feeling is back - I call it gorilla arms.  Where my arms and neck feel like they are hanging heavily and without much I can do to lift them.  I feel crappy.  Like I can't move, but I'm hyper at the same time and can't stay still.  However, I am muddling through, drinking a gallon of water and taking Advil.  My questions are:  Does anyone have any problems with fungus anywhere on their bodies?  Never in my life did I have this problem, and now I have it in one nail and on my skin in two spots.  Any recommendations?  Also, does anyone know if smoking marijuana very periodically (say once a week) has any bad effect on the success of treatment?  My husband said he'd be willing to try and find me some if it would help me with a bad appetite and also to relax, but not if it would hurt the treatment, and I thought I should ask because here rather than asking my doctor.  Anyway, thanks for this forum - it's a God-send.  I hope I'm off to a decent start on this new regimin of Pegasys/Copeg, and I still have hope.  Twelve weeks from now, who knows, maybe this will be my time!
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A good thing for fungus is good old tinactin (the stuff for athlete's feet) I didn't get fungus from the tx but I've had it on my nails due to the acrylics. it work great on nails. And, if I smoked pot I would.  I think it would be great for the sides.
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This fungus is very stubburn. Some people reccomend Tea Tree Oil and or removing the whole nail and letting it regrow. I personally think that it often is caused by something going on
in the liver.My father, who had cirrhosis, had this on his nails.
I have a little, but it's gotten better since I stopped drinking.Smoke up
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I personaly think smoking pot is not good on Tx, some people have all this supposed good stuff to say about this subject but let me add say this, I was told by my medical team that smoking pot can & does make some people go into a mega depression ... Not Good Huh ... it enhances everything, so even a minor side could become a major one after you're stoned out of your mind ... We all know it would give you your appetite back that's for sure....  enough said .... give your body every chance to kick this dragons butt .... Good luck Helyn, I'm on week 5 pegasys, Riba combination too & doing as good as can be expected ....
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It is "normal" to develop fungal infections. You may need to get some pill-form meds to address the infection before it gets outta' hand.

Weed? Some people swear by it for helping the sides of tx. The big problem is it is illegal... aside from that, short term use can't hurt (much).
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I used weed for the sides and it helped.  I tested undetectable after 6 months on Peg-Intron and Ribavarin.  
I do know that I have macrocytosis (enlarged
red blood cells)now and they can't figure it out.  It appears as
though I've been drinking, but I haven't had alcohol since a year and a half ago.  Maybe it's the weed showing up as a blood disorder.  If it doesn't go away by Nov. I have to go to the Hematologist.  So, I just don't know if weed is bad or not, but it got me through the tx and helped me stay on tx when it got really bad.  **Hopiangel**   p.s.  My husband DID NOT smoke weed when he was on tx and has no blood disorder or anything else since he went off tx.
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If you are that 20-25% of people who get along just fine w/pot, by all means use it.  It took the edge off for me.  And contrary to popular beleif, pot cut the nausea b/I still had no urge to eat.  I called it a toker dream, no munchies, ever.

I also used no other meds during tx except otc-tylonal and benedryl.  I also avoided 'riba rage' and had the sense to know I was using somethings that could impair my judgement.  I personally think people on AD's, etc forget those are very powerful mind altering legal drugs.  I cn't take them, they just make me goofy and wosze and feeling like I have a hangover(which is what it is.)

It may be the state my liver is in.

As to fungus and warts and all witchy things, your immune system is depressed and this is a sign to jump-start your immune system thru nutritional and herbal and supplemental means. of your choice of course.
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