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Tx. With dx. Of bipolar disorder

I've noticed the side affect of tx. ( ribasphere an solvaldi ) can be depression.  I'm on lamictal an cymbalta for 4 yrs with no episodes of mania or depression.  Was hospitalized years ago. But have been fairly stable.  My m.d. Is aware of my hx. Of bipolar disorder.  My question is this a side affect that always shows up during tx.?  Anyone having  these issues an if so, anything thing that I can do personally other than take my meds faithfully an just hope for the best?
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I have not had anything even resembling depression since I started treatment (I am on day 32). That said, I can see where ribasphere can make you a little jittery/perhaps exacerbate any baseline mania. I just had a little jaw clenching and agitation when I was on the higher dose at the beginning (nothing too dramatic). That seemed to go away with my ribasphere dose reduction (bec. of anemia - lowered to 800 mg from 1000 mg ). I feel great (but not manic-grin).

So,this side effect definitely does not always show up, but I think a couple people have reported this side, but think they were also treating with interferon?

I believe you already stated the best thing you can do - Take your meds as ordered, hope for the best, and....inform your Dr. if feelings of depression arise so that they can be dealt with.

One day...one pill...at a time. Best of luck. Jo
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Clinical depression is a very rare side effect of treatment. <1% in the clinical trials.

These highlights do not include all the information needed to use SOVALDI safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for SOVALDI.
SOVALDI (sofosbuvir) tablets, for oral use Initial U.S. Approval: 2013


6.1 Adverse Reactions from Clinical Trials Experience

..."The safety assessment of SOVALDI is based on pooled Phase 3 clinical trial data (both controlled and uncontrolled) including 650 subjects who received SOVALDI + ribavirin (RBV) combination therapy for 12 weeks, 98 subjects who received SOVALDI + ribavirin combination therapy for 16 weeks, 250 subjects who received SOVALDI + ribavirin combination therapy for 24 weeks, 327 subjects who received SOVALDI + peginterferon
(Peg-IFN) alfa + ribavirin combination therapy for 12 weeks, 243 subjects who received peginterferon alfa + ribavirin for 24 weeks and 71 subjects who received placebo (PBO) for 12 weeks.

The proportion of subjects who permanently discontinued treatment due to adverse events was 4% for subjects receiving placebo, 1% for subjects receiving SOVALDI + ribavirin for 12 weeks, <1% for subjects receiving SOVALDI + ribavirin for 24 weeks, 11% for subjects receiving peginterferon alfa + ribavirin for 24 weeks and 2% for subjects receiving SOVALDI + peginterferon alfa + ribavirin for 12 weeks."

"The most common adverse events (≥ 20%) for SOVALDI + ribavirin combination therapy were fatigue and headache."

"Less Common Adverse Reactions Reported in Clinical Trials (<1%): The following ADRs occurred in <1% of subjects receiving SOVALDI in a combination regimen in any one trial. These events have been included because of their seriousness or assessment of potential causal relationship.

Hematologic Effects: pancytopenia (particularly in subjects receiving concomitant pegylated interferon).

Psychiatric Disorders: severe depression (particularly in subjects with pre-existing history of psychiatric illness), including suicidal ideation and suicide."

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Thanks Jo,  I'll probably steer clear of consulting psyche dr. If at all possible.  Every time in the past that I've mentioned any change in mood, the first thing they will do is start messing with my meds,  changing Rx.  Dosage amts. ect.  Don't get me wrong, they're are some wonderful caring people in the mental health community, it's just the system is so overwhelmed here in this part of the country,  that most options are "" throw the drugs atcha an see what happens"". Talk about feeling like a guinea pig a few yrs ago when was working toward stability.  So I'm just gonna make up my MIND to get thru this an focus on the goal. Take care
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