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Tx versus post tx long term effects

Hi all, I was reading some really frightening posts about long term tx effects. From what I could tell they were all from around 2007 and from interferon. I'm still trying to decide wether to wait or start tx soon. I'm genotype1a. Just had labs done and viral load has went from 118,000 to 323,000 in year and 2 years. Ultrasound and biopsy show no chirrosis or fibrosis  of liver. All my liver labs always come back normal. Only reason way I found out I had the hep c was I started going downhill energywise an dr ran test. Could anyone enlighten me on longterm effects of newer tx's out please. I go back to hepa dr. On 28th and really wanna be well inford this visit   Thanks, Sandi
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All you'll get from this forum will be a lot of 'opinions' based on people's personal experiences - and that can be a wide range. If you wish to be well informed, read the package inserts (Google Peg-Intron and Pegasys). What you'll find are a tiny percentage of patients who either suffer permanent thyroid damage or some auto-immune reaction. Also a tiny, tiny percentage who suffer a psychiatric reaction. If you have no fibrosis I'd hazard a guess that your energy problems may have some other root cause. Your time and energy may be better spent trying to find what that is.
A shift in viral load from 118k to 323k is insignificant and can be accounted for by testing error or simple fluctuation in viral load. If you measured it today, it could be 50,000 or 500,000 and it really wouldn't mean anything.
Good luck. The time has never been better to clear the virus with a minimum time spent doing IFN. On the other hand, I've never heard any challenge to the claim that 80% of untreated, chronic HCV patients will die of something else. (Usually chronic exposure to RJ Reynolds or Micky Ds.)
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On a personal note, I've long ago stopped trying to figure out which of my post-tx health problems are related to carrying the virus for almost 30 years, which are related to the IFN, and which are simply old age and my own abuse of my body. Way too many variables. At 8.5 years post-tx I lead an active, productive life and am extremely happy I chose to treat when I did
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Thanks desrt for the info. Well I wouldn't have to worry about the thyroid thing because mine was ablated in 2000 due to graves disease .
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Ive treated twice before I am now on triple therapy and und at 4 weeks. There is always possible long term side effects but Im sure there not as bad asnot treating at all and end stage liver failure. Good luck with your decision. Joe
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Thanks joe
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I'm just trying to figure out if I want to wait just a while longer and maybe something even better would be available. I have other health issues that I'm afraid may get in my way of me tolerating    
The side effects of today. I hope I don't seem like I'm making light of this disease. I promise you I'm not. Just scared to death either way I go.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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