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Tylenol vs. Motrin while on TX

Hello to all. I have a question about what pain killers are the best for us to take while on tx. My doc recommends that I take no more than 2000mg of Tylenol a day, but Tylenol doesn't do a thing for me (and I have more headaces than I can stand). Motrin seems to be much more effective for me, but I wanted to know if any of your docs have said Motrin is ok, and if so how much?

Just a little bit of info when I take Motrin I only take one and I take the generic form. I am 22/48 of treatment. I am 26 years old, Grade 0, stage 0. Had virus for 7 years. I am also having a terrible time on this tx (I have huge tummy problems) and I wanted to know if any of you would have decided to treat with current meds given my information? Also should I just try and continue it as long as I can, or give up now and wait for other drugs?

Also do any of you guys have severe gas, nausea and vomiting while on tx?

Any info would be helpful.
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HI I'm Beth...

You have no liver damage dear, why are you even on treatment...

I don't know anything about Motrin vs Tylenol other than I took Tylenol 3's every day of my life for years (degenerative disc disease) and when I found out I was HCV active they took the Tylenol away and now just give me codeine, said Tylenol is not liver friendly...

Best of luck to you

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I was a 1B with little to no damage and stuck it out the full 48 wks.  I, too, had terrible headaches and I think that was actually what caused most of my nausea.  I did have some vomiting in the early wks but think that was associated with the nausea caused by the headaches.  My doc rx'd Imitrex for me for migraines.  It worked wonders.....a true miracle drug for me.  You might ask about it and try it but it is expensive so I would advise only filling the rx with 3-5 pills to begin with.  Imitrex only works on migraines.....it doesn't work for a normal headache.  If your nausea is worse during a headache, then it probably is a migraine.

I took tylenol for normal pains.  My doc said stay away from NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) although one every now and again was fine.

Good luck to you.  You've made it this far......hope the sx don't drag you down too much.
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I was a 1B with little to no damage and chose to tx.  Very Glad I did.  I'm now clear 1-year post tx.
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there is nothing wrong with trying to rid yourself of an infectious disease, even if you have mild liver damage. As a matter of fact, it makes more sense to try and do it while your health is good and your chances at svr at higher due to age and health. What makes no sense to me, is too chose to continue being infectious, but that is a road some take and if they are comfortable with it, it is their choice. People choose to get rid of benign tumors and non life threatening illnesses all the time. With invasive procedures and potentially toxic medications. What makes our tx unique is the fact that is so damn long, and exhausting. Tummy problems are common, I think because of the riba, and having vested 22 wks of your time and effort, you should try and finish and give yourself a shot at a virological cure. Did you have an undetected PCR at wk 12? That should be a big morale booster.
I had mild damage at stage 1 and decided to rid my body of HCV, especially since there are no guarantees that our bodies can wait, without developing hep c related conditions, for new drugs that no one really knows if they will be friendlier than the present ones. No one can tell you if you are in the majority that will progress slowly in liver disease or the minority that won't. Or if you will develop kidney problems, or thyroid, lichen planus, etc.
Try and finish, it is not that much longer. Make sure your physician assists you by prescribing effective medications for your sides. I used Vicoprofen for my aches.
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Hey Beth thanks for responding so quickly. I decided to treat because my gastro insisted on it. When I first found out I had HCV I was devastated, and I thought I was just going to drop dead right there, so I didn't even question him telling me to treat. It wasn't until about week 12 that I found this site and started learning that some don't treat with my stats. By then I was already undectable and thought I just keep at it (I took my PCR at week 11). But now I'm starting to second guess this. TX is a mess.

I also wanted to know do you guys take the riba at the same time everyday? I'm usually a couple of hours off. I try and let the vomiting pass before I pop a pill so as not to loose any of the meds (even though I take compazine for the vomiting it is starting not to work).

I'm on 1000mg of riba and 135ml of pegasys (since week 2), due to my sx and low ANC counts (eventhough I've been on neupogen since week 14 my ANC is still around 900). Also should I be pushing for my doc to increase my pegasys to 180ml with a ANC of 900 (wanted to know just in case I decide to keep treating).

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sorry you're having a hard time...I can't talk of any experiences I have had with tx because I am not involved in tx (yet anyway)...I'm sure the wise ones here can shed some light on that...

I hope you gain SVR and one day have all those nasty drugs out of your system...I haven't got the bx results back yet so I may or may not have to treat at this time, but if I had your 0/0 bx results I would be flying high!!! (and not on drugs either)

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