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Type 1 Hep C Virus Ab Blood test result >11.0

What does that mean?  I have blood work in front of me but don't know what it means.
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Hi Karen,

The “>11.0’ part of the results show a high sc/o ratio for antibodies to Hep C (HCV).  This means that there is a pretty good likelihood that you’ve been exposed to the HCV virus at one time or another.

I wonder if you could elaborate on the “type 1” they mention; where did you find reference to this?

The nest step is probably to follow up with either a RIBA test to confirm exposure, or better yet, a “HCV RNA by PCR test that will check directly for the presence of active virus. The antibody test only detects exposure; about 15-30% of patients that have been exposed will clear the virus on their own within six months of contact.

Welcome to the forum, and best to you,

Bill I'm so stressed out i already was diagnosed with hep c and was treated and told i don't have it any more.i just called my Dr. I'm freaking out thinking i have hep c again ,please if you have time ,i know its a complicated thing for me to comprehend ,I'm thinking i got infected now ,i have a jelouse x of mine who had bed bugs ,he brought 2 over here i found them because i got bit,my place was checked 3 times ,threw the bed bug cycle so i don't have them and never did.i was told it is highly contagious i don't know if he touched my tooth brush my razors ,I'm so shocked and if i do have it again the damage is done ,i haven't had sex with anyone at all. waiting to here from my Dr I'm beyond stressed
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Thank you for the answer.  This is for my husband of almost 30 years.  He had a Hepatitis Panel (4) and everything was negative except the Hep C Virus Ab which had the result of >11.0, Flags H and Range 0.0-0.9.

He had an appointment today and they told him he was type 1 and did more blood work and are to schedule a liver biopsy before his next appointment in April.  I am very worried for him.  He was laid off last April and our Cobra runs out in October.
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You shoud probably step up looking for insurance alternatives as Hep C treatment can be very expensive unless you are in a trial situation. Alternatively, you can check out the manufacturer web sites (Roche and Shearing) and contact their patient care department. Free med programs are offered if you meet the requirements.

But I'm getting a little ahead of things because he might not need to treat right away, depending on his biopsy result. In general, Hep C is a very slow moving disease and some here (like myself) had it for close to 40 years before being treated. The biopsy will give you more information.

-- Jim
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Genotype 1 is the most prevalent in the USA but also the hardest to cure with chances about 50/50.  However, newer medications and longer treatment rates with different med mixtures can up those odds. As said above, he needs to have a biopsy to determine how much liver damage he has - that will help you determine whether treatment is necessary at the moment or not. (For example if his results are stage 0 or 1 or even 2 waiting is certainly ok as long as you monitor how quickly he is progressing. I was a stage 3 and since stage 4 is cirrhosis I felt I had no time to wait (I did not know I ever had the disease and was pretty shocked when I found out - like most of us in here!).

A liver biopsy is not painful although it sure sounds like it would be.  While you still have Cobra I would try and find out as much as you can about where he stands.  I figure my treatment cost a total of about 200,000 dollars (although I did treat for 72 weeks instead of the standard 48 for a geno1).  so you certainly don't want to try and pay near that!

Some of the new medications have trial programs that a good heptologist might be able to get him into if it comes to it.

But for now take it one step at a time. HepC is a very slowly progressing disease in most cases. I had it over 20 years and was stage 3 like I said...and I was lucky because I had no idea I had it and I found out before I was cirrhotic.  It seems like bad news when you hear you have it but honestly, finding out is a life saving good thing.  They do call this Silent Killer because most often you don't even have symptoms and can easily find out when it is too late.

Good luck.
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Thank you all for you information and kindness.  I think I understand about the types now.  We have about 6 months before Cobra expires.  He asked about the high risk insurance today and was told that it would be about 2,000 dollars per month.  He is almost 64 so he could draw social security but I don't think you can get medicare until the age of 65.  
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Hi Karen,

He might very well be able to hold off until next year so he’s eligible for Medicare; when he is, make sure to get a good supplemental policy. Probably the best course of action for now is to move forward (if financially possible) and get a biopsy to ascertain disease progression. The biopsy is a fairly easy outpatient procedure; and is relatively painless. The sample taken will go to a pathology lab, and then they’ll contact the doctor with a histology report. If little damage, he can probably delay any further action for at least a year, if not indefinitely.  When the report is in, you will want the stage and grade of fibrosis; i.e. grade 2, stage 3.

If you’re interested in further study, Janis and Friends provides good info on this disease:


You might start by clicking on ‘newly diagnosed’ near the top of the page, or by opening any topic of interest listed as ‘other HCV information’ in the right hand margin.

Good luck to you both, and continue to ask questions; knowledge = power.

Take care—

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Thank you, Bill. I'll check out the other site  I appreciate the information and telling me what information to be sure to walk away with.  
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My result was <0.1 and my Ref Range was 0.00.9. Can someone please explain this to me?

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This post is over 4 1/2 years old.
Please post a new question in the orangey box at the top of the page that says 'post question'.
You will get a lot more responses.
best of luck.
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My friend got her blood tests back last week, but she didn't want to show them to me. All I remember was seeing that they tested her for hep a,b, and c. A and B said negative next to it but c had  .1 next to it. I don't know what that means and I am worried
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This post was started in 2009 then nothing was posted until Dec 2013.

If you want to follow up, then copy your post here.  Then go to the top of the page to the green button that says ask a question and do so to post your comment.

Good luck.

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Can Hep C Virus Ab of 11.0 be reduced to >0.9 ?

I have completed treatment with Harvoni and Ribavirin.
On August 10 2015 my test results:
Viral Load HVC (Log) 101U/ml
Viral Load HVC (LB)NotDetected
Testing, Hepatitis C (PCR)
I am having a problem getting back into Overseas work because my Ab is above >0.9

What can i do to reduce that Ab Number?
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Once you are antibody positive, you will ALWAYS be antibody positive, as far as I know there is nothing you can do. I have heard of some home remedies on here but have no clue if they work.

Not sure where your trying to go but the thing to do would be to present a undetectable RNA test and an explanation from a doctor that says your cured
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Actually you will not be considered cured until you are still undetectable 3 months post treatment ( around Nov 2 for you )

Have a great day
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Thank you Sir.
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He can get medicare right now. Go online and sign up.
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Thanks it isn't serious then rite?
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Hep c 11.0
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Hep c virus ab &gt;11.0.    High
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