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UND and EOT numbers for triple Tx

I am 7 days post EOT. 12 weeks Triple Tx Sovladi, Pegasys, Ribavirin.
Just got back from my EOT meeting with my doctor today—and I am also UND!

For those who like stats and numbers:

The HCV RNA QN test using COBAS® TagMan® HCV, v.2.0 (limit of detection (LOD) and LLOQ is 15 IU/mL)
HCV Not Detected.

ALT is 41, AST is 50.

HGB 10.3 / Platelets 139 / WBC 2.4

I went walking at the zoo for the first time in 12 weeks today, and wasn't exhausted at the end. My mental energy is improving all the time, physical energy is improving slowly, really just the last 2 days. Appetite is returning too.

My skin is really giving me a lot of problems this week it seems hyper sensitive. Like it really hasn't healed at all in 3 months. But that should subside as the drugs exit my body, and my blood levels even out. Will go to dermatology if it drives me crazy. Have a follow-up with opthamology later this month too. Will have a 1, 3 and 6 month follow up blood and viral load tests. My doctor will be retiring in 2 months, but will turn me over to a new doc, whom I will meet, next month for follow-up consults, and for yearly monitoring.

I do want to let people know that the treatment really wasn't that bad, (though it was interesting that my doctor was surprised when my husband and I were telling him that each and every time I got the Interferon shot, it would just knock me out for a day or two, not just the first time or two, but every shot).

He said that the Navy was now starting off-label with Sovaldi and Simeprevir for the more seriously ill patients. I thanked both him and his nurse for believing in me that I could do this.

Thank you fellow dragon slayers on this website for you support. You were more help than you will ever know. Knowledge really is power!

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Great news Sandi - congratulations on successfully completing your treatment. I hope all you follow up tests come back undetectable.
I'm not surprised to hear of you reactions to the interferon shots. My past treatments all involved some kind of interferon, and I took it on Fridays knowing I would be out of commission all weekend!
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Great news! Hearty congrats!
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Congratulations !!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much, I am sure you will be equally as successful!
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Thank you for posting! So happy for you and that walking is great!! Just gave my husband his LAST SHOT!!!!! He will finish with the pills by next Friday!!!
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Oh that is wonderful! I am so happy for you and your husband. I hope he makes a swift recovery. I felt happier the next day, just knowing my life wouldn't revolve around that pill and shot schedule, and my Friday nights were something to I could look forward to. Now comes the waiting, and recovery.
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