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Ultrasound Question

I went to get my ultrasound yesterday and they did a complete check of my entire stomach including my kidneys.  It hurt really bad when they scanned my liver right under my rib cage.  Very very tender and it's the place that showed red on the screen.  Also, the concern was for my left kidney.  What can the connections be.  Lately my stomach has been really bloated and well as my legs and ankles.  I've been very tired and irritable. My joints have been stiff and painful. Since I'm going to a place that helps low income people I have to stand in line so I don't go see the doctor until July 21st.  I had an intuition that I will be put in the hospital.  Could the pain in my lower back pain be connected to my kidney?  Also, what are cysts on the liver.

I have 1a and was diagnosed in 1992 with Hep C  -  I didn't get my first treatment until around 2002 and then again in 2005.  It didn't work.  I lost my job in 2008 and haven't worked since.  But I am on Social Security Disability. for my dementia and bipolar, plus I believe to help get my hep c treated.  Everything that has happened in my life has led up to now.  I couldn't do anything before because I didn't have any insurance.  But I was blessed with this insurance from a local hospital for people that's for the unsured.
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Hi Vickie,

Sorry to hear about your history of non-response to the meds. Do you have Medicare as part of your social security package?

Most commonly, cysts on the liver are benign unless you have developed cirrhosis; then they can be problematic. A common non-cancerous mass found in the liver is a ‘hemangioma’; they don’t usually require intervention unless they cause blockage of the biliary tract or pain.

I really can’t comment on back pain and kidney issues; I’ve heard bad kidneys can cause pain, but really don’t know too much about it. So many folks have lower back pain without kidney involvement it’s hard to guess what’s wrong.

Keep your eye on the STAT-C drugs now in clinical trial; hopefully there will be approval and subsequent release of the drug ‘Telaprevir’ sometime in 2011; that should really help those in your position.

Best of luck to you—

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When I had a kidney infection I had a lot of pain in my back right at the  bottom of my ribs.
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Hi Vicki,

July 21st is not that long a wait in our world. I waited over three months to see a doctor for Hep C. So, you're moving on pretty quickly.

As far as the pain, I believe I too have heard that kidney issues cause side and lower back pain. I'm  a firm believer that all those things are "connected" and can interact. For example, liver issues can cause your shoulder to hurt! I know this because I'm going for a biopsy next week, and they told me the most common side effects are pain in the side, and pain in the shoulder. I never would have thought of the shoulder.

Good luck to you, hope you get to feeling better soon.
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Vickie, glad you got insurance. Hang on to it! With the conditions you have you need good health-care services to support you so you can be as healthy as possible.

Yes, kidney pain can be felt in your lower back. I've had maybe 15 kidney stones over the years and the pain usually flares in waves at my lower back. Many people with kidney stones at first think they have a back problem not a kidney problem.

The good news is the abdominal scan will let the pathologist view your kidneys, liver and spleen for any abnormalities. It should put them on the right track for helping you. Should they find anything they can also do a more expensive CT scan to see more.

Have you ever had a liver biopsy? Maybe not because you didn't have insurance. You say that your abdomen is bloated and well as your as legs and ankles. This usually is a sign of fluid retention which can be caused by either your kidneys or your liver. Your kidneys excrete salts. If you have a problem with your kidneys then you will retain salt and water. This causes the swelling. The ultrasound will help determine which organ is causing the problem.

To reduce your fluid swelling, you might want to try cutting down on your salt intake, you should notice a difference after a few days depending how bad it is.

As Bill said, there should be a new type of drug coming to market in a year or two that has a good chance of curing your HCV, so hang in there!

Glad you are taking care of your yourself.
Let us know the results on your ultrasound.

Best of luck!

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Thank you very much for your insight.
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