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Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UBIT)

I found the book and copied the information:
"Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is said to improve oxygenation of tissue, help with inflammation, stimulate immune system and fight viral infection. This treatment, which has been approved by the FDA consists of bombaring the blood with ultraviolet light. It appears to render the virus inactive. This treatment is offered by Bradford Research Institute in Chula Vista, CA."

I have no idea how long it takes or what it costs. This is all I know.
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UBI IS HELPFUL for Viral infection and autoimmune diseases IF PROPERLY DONE by proffessionals.
It is really substantially individual censitivity. It depends of defficit condition 9n human body patient( e.g. vitamines, proteins , microelements  end so on...)

So you can speculate a lot for a subject BUT keep it in mind.
Sincerely yours.
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i did use the ozone for HbV
it was erased from my body, the course was 5 months, 2 times a week,
but i needed to repeat 2 weeks more later to make sure that it will never go back. please people, don't believe in the FDA, they want your pockets, so they will never approve a good treatment that can end our suffering and pain fast.
look at the causalities of people dying from hiv !! of course, the fda needs to sell their medics to let those people living as 60% functioning people... pay to live. live to pay.... that is FDA
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I have undergone ozone treatments for HCV and have had excellent results. I did the treatments along with a change of diet and also adding vitamin and herbs too.   It is being used all over the world as the primary treatment of HCV. You need to do a lot more homework. Read "the oxygen prescription" and also read books on the ****** therapy.
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i would like to hear from someone that has had success w/ ubit therapy and  not interferon. contact me elm_hat***@****
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You see, it's these quack threads which make people want to skip tx and try snake oil.

EL699, don't believe this stuff from AK. I don't think they ever came back to post.
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Please give me more info on your treatment and hepatologist. I have Hep C and am about to start interferon as a last resort. Where do you live and who is your hepatologist? Help!
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Poor sweet lovely talented Steven having wasted all that money on treatment and suffering so horribly for nothing. Damn.  Oh yes at least he is totally CURED.  :)

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Steven Tyler certainly has the money and "huge fan base and a successful universally known band" and I can't help but wonder why he didn't cure himself with Ozone therapy.
Neither did Greg Allman who is universally known as well just to name a few.

If you only spent $10,000 you got out cheap but sorry,  don't believe you were cured either.

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I have been completely cured by ozone therapy. My hepatologist says as far as he's concerned, they never have to test me again for HCV. Unlike many of you, having the grace of a huge fan base and a successful universally known band, I had the $$ to try anything and everything for Hep C. I began my treatment in my living room in 2004 after having the disease for over 10 years. I am a "bonafide person", as one of your members suggested couldn't be found, and I am in complete remission from this exhausting illness. It wasn't cheap! I spent nearly $10,000 on this treatment (including travels and specialists "opinions") in the course of a year. If I could, I would spend the money to get everyone this treatment. It DOES work, and the big reason why many people think it doesn't is because they stop therapy before it is finished due to money issues. You can't take any course of treatment for 1/2 the recommended time and then say "Hey man, it didn't work!" Just keep that in mind. -AK
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Hey, I ran across this a few months ago. 20% of subjects had no responce, and if memory serves me (which it rarely does these days:)  50% had %50 viral reduction and 30% had 80% reduction. What was interesting was that these reductions HELD for many weeks. Not sure what good this would do except maybe getting ones viral load below the 400,000 level, thus increasing ones' odds of SVRing. There was concern about mutation. Here's a link to some info. http://www.fflt.org/ Seems like mumbo jumbo but who knows. jm
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A number of years ago, I was involved as a volunteer (translator) in producing foreign language treatment protocol publications for privately funded international UBI trials in HCV/HIV. Although only a limited number of people were treated before the funding ran out, the results were worthy of consideration.

Below is a link leading to information relating to recent trials carried out in US under FDA exmption. You would not be wasting your time investigating this... It may not be a cure, but perhaps it may offer a toxin-free alternative to the drug-treatments???

I wish you all good luck in your search for information and a return to health.



(Click on "Cure for chronic disease" in the video window scroll-down menu.)
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Hey, your ride is here...

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part II

Dr. Latino, Medizone's president stated; "These preliminary  research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented  scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and  blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS  virus."

Including the above monkey trial, Medizone has so far submitted  to the FDA all the following data:

1. Long Island College of Pharmacy rabbit study showing no  toxicity at concentrations up to 10 times the dose proposed in  man.

2. Cornell University Veterinary College feline study showing no  detectable toxic effects.

3. The Hematology Journal HIV inactivation study showing 100%  inactivation.

4. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York revealing hemolysis  and coagulation changes well within the standard for reinfusion  of packed human blood.

The FDA still won't allow human testing or admit there is any  scientific proof of ozone's efficacy.

1993  Aug-Sept International Ozone Association holds Eleventh  Ozone World Congress and Exhibition August 29 to September 3rd,  1993 in San Francisco.  Tours were given of 9 San Francisco  water treatment plants using ozone, booths of industrial ozone  manufacturers were perused, plus the two day medical ozone  meeting was well attended by participating doctors from all over  the world.

Comment: O3OHATOP - That's ozone in Russian. The meeting plainly  demonstrated to us that even the Russians have more health  freedom than we do.

Dr. Claudia Koscherkova, head of research and development at the  Nisnerokinov Medical Institute is presently treating 39  arthereosclerosis patients with ozone.  He and C.N.  Kontorschikova M.D., Head of Central Research, and especially  Sergi P. Peretyagin M.D., Manager of the research center (he's  the father of modern Russian ozone usage), and others are using  medical ozone on babies, animals, adults, and even gunshot  wounds!  They have four major medical ozone treatment centers in  their largest cities; Nezhni Novgorod, Ivanovo, Kirov, and  Smolenskj, plus others in the Baltic Republics.

They are also using ozone inhalation therapy - a 1-4 mcg/ml  concentration of ozone is humidified by ultrasound and inhaled,  and pioneering a recirculatory extracorporeal ozonation of human  blood for up to 1 1/2 hours at a low concentration of 1 1/2 to 2  micrograms per milliliter technique.

Over 120 Russian M.D.'s have, over the past six years, treated  thousands of people with ozone!  Because of the rampant greed of  our drug companies who influence all levels of our society to  suppress ozone, ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES ARE REALLY SHOWING U.S.  UP!

The Russian MD's I met at IOA were kind enough to lend me a copy  of their video. I secured a good copy of it -a 20 minute  explanatory medical ozone video (in English).  They have many  innovative techniques, and you can now order your own copy of it  through "The Family News."

Dr. Michael Carpendale, San Francisco, CA VA Hospital was  honored for his research work and for helping to put on this  year's meeting. His talk, "Ozone, HIV and AIDS"  "Ozone  inactivates HIV at concentrations non toxic to blood cells.  In  saline .4 ug/ml. In serum 4.0 ug/ml. In blood 50 ug/ml. Ozone is  an incredibly safe drug,  ...increases oxygen between cells  increases vaso dilation and perfusion ...increases cellular  membrane permeability ... T4 cell best marker to use."  And, "VA  hospital in Florida treated a referred patient with rectal  ozone, his mother states it cured his cryptosporidium diarrhea."

WARNING!  1994 April  WARNING!  Researcher interviews EPA (Phone  800/241-1754, 800/444-7255, 800/447-6349) official in charge of  efficacy data and microbial studies, Zigfridas Vaituzis, who  shockingly reveals that as of this date all government "AIDS"  statistics are still only for HIV-1! Same goes for all blood  bank testing! HIV-2, HIV-3 and other forms, possibly up to 10 in  number (HIV-O in France) are not tested for or compiled in the  statistics quoted by the government and announced over and over  in the media! We are therefore told of far fewer persons having  AIDS than the actual statistics reveal actually have AIDS, and  the blood banks have routinely been giving out blood infected  with the other forms of HIV!

When you go get a HIV test, they only look for HIV-1! Forget  what the nurses at the blood banks believe and tell you. Ask  them to go and physically get one of the actual HIV blood  screening test kits and read to you the instructions printed on  them, they are only for HIV-1.  The doctor or patient must  request screening beyond HIV-1!

As of June 1, 1994 they will recognize HIV-2. Some blood banks  are already testing for HIV-2.

Comment: Through political deception we are told all is well,  while the stored transfusion blood remains untested and  therefore unsafe, and the statistics are grossly understated!   What is the real political agenda? It sounds anti-life, anti- people, doesn't it? If you were in a car accident and woke up  with a blood bag going into you, don't you have a right to know  that it is not HIV-2, HIV-3, etc, infected? Ozone bubbled  through all stored blood would solve this problem immediately.  Makes you wonder if some alien power has seized control of the  inner workings of our government. They certainly don't represent  me or any of my friends, or you or yours either, do they?

1994  April  Before the above conversations with the CDC, their  AIDS reference computerized National AIDS Information and  Education Program - CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse databank had  a synopsis of the story where Ed McCabe had testified before the  NIH in 1992 about the effectiveness of ozone therapy.  The story  had subsequently been printed in the "Washington Post" Health  section, 06/23/94, page 8. by David Brown. One week after the  above conversations, all references of Mr. McCabe's testimony  and the resulting Washington Post newspaper story had completely  disappeared from the CDC computer. Around 4/7/94. The database  is privately owned by Information Inc., Behesda, MD

Comment: The control of information is the consolidation of  power. The high priests want to stay in power, and don't care if  it kills you.

Mr. McCabe's oxygen therapies series of books, tapes and videos,  and A FREE COPY OF A NEWSLETTER are available at 1-800-284-6261,  or International call U.S. 305-759-8710, or write: The Family  News  9845 N.E. 2nd Ave. Miami Shores, FL 33138 U.S.A.  A much  more detailed bound and printed version of this reference  listing, with embedded comments by Ed McCabe is available from  The Family News as a publication.

since oxygen is required for life and archeologists have shown that in the past earths atmosphere once contained a much higher oxygen content than it does today. i refer you to this video 30 to 45 minutes into which you will find this data : http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=hovind+the+garden+of+eden&btnG=Google+Search#

as you already stated ozone is just another form of oxygen and once inside the body in small quanities it selectively destroys microbes,virii,and pathogens as well as diseased tissue leaving the healthy cells alone! then it reverts back to ordinary oxygen!

now if you want to prove your not as dumb as a stump like youve been doing so far and want to show some real intelligence..please refute my data with facts from someone or something not related to the fda,drug companies,the united states government or anyone else that might have something to gain from suppressing an almost free super cure! if not then i expect you to either continue your brain damaged parroting or accept the fact that you were wrong!
put up or shut up!
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ok..its one thing to parrot the fda and those who have something to gain by supressing the use of ozone therapy, but its another to accuse me of being a fake,liar,and schill for some manufacturer.

for those that would rather build their own ozone machine heres a link :

for those that want to buy one..find your own source there are many online

as for you mremeet, here i post verifiable data from one source. feel free to check out the people and data it refers to!

        Scientific And Medical References Proving Ozone's Validity As A Medical Treatment

        By Ed McCabe  -  (just a few excerpts)

1988  Historian Eustice Mullins writes: "The Office of Technology  Assessment of the U.S. Government states that 95% of the  prescription and over the counter drugs on the market have not  been proven to work."

1988    Dr. Gerard Sunnen publishes: "Ozone in Medicine:  Overview and Future Directions" in The Journal of Advancement in  Medicine. Dr. Sunnen, at the Bellevue Medical Center in New York  City, lists medical ozone as commonly being used worldwide on:  "Herpes, AIDS, and Flu.  Wounds, burns, staph infections, fungal  and radiation injuries, and gangrene.  Colitis, fistulae,  hemorrhoids and anal infections.  It promotes healing.  Blood  ozone treatments have been used to treat virus infections  including: AIDS, hepatitis, flu, some cancers, diabetes and  arteriosclerosis. Used in dental surgery, periodontal disease,  mixed in water and swallowed for use on gastric cancer, and  applied as a wash in intestinal or bladder inflammation.  Mixed  with olive oil it is used on fungal growths and skin ulcers.   Ozone baths are used to irrigate the skin, to disinfect and  treat eczema and skin ulcers.  "All of the world's blood  supplies may be made bacteria and virus free (AIDS, etc.) by  passing 40-50 mcg/ml of ozone through them."

1988  July "The Treatment of Viral Diseases with Ozone" published  in "Erfahrungsheilkunde,"  Number 7, July 1988 by Dr. Horst Kief  "Ozone is highly effective against viruses... The present study  provides statistical proof of its extraordinary efficacy in  cases of chronic aggressive hepatitis... In the case of AIDS and  ARC patients,... hyperbaric ozone therapy can lead to  astonishing improvement in the clinical status..."

1989      FIRST MODERN U.S. HOSPITAL TEST OF OZONE ON HUMANS  STOPPED George Perez, M.D., Dir. of Virology at Saint Michaels Med  Center, Newark, NJ, and Chief Investigator of the hospital's  Institutional Review Board was commissioned to undertake a 75  day institutional review board supervised ozone/AIDS protocol.   5 terminally ill AIDS patients underwent only 15 days of ozone  treatments at Saint Michaels Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.   The T4 counts of the patients were from a low of 5 to a high of  86. At the start, one was so badly covered with herpes lesions  he couldn't wear clothes.  All had T-cell counts of below 200.   By the end of the 15 days each treatments, the herpes patient's  skin had healed, and all had been released from the hospital. No  adverse side effects or toxicity could be found.  T/4 counts  remained stable or increased. Viral protein core (p24) counts  decreased - indicating mass virus destruction.  Four M.D.'s  state ozone therapy is non toxic, and should be adopted. Due to  political pressure, the tests were aborted.

Comment:  "Political pressure" means that after the fact, the  FDA forced Dr. Perez to sign a bogus statement that ozone is  "worthless," or he was through as a doctor, and the hospital  would never get any more millions in funding.  Heavily censored  copies of this are available through the Freedom of Information  Act.

1992  Sept "Research and Development Bulletin" No. 234 Science  and Technology section of the Canadian Government's Supply and  Services Dept publishes "Better Blood Sterilization With Ozone."  "Under a $303,943 contract with the Surgeon General's Branch of  Department of National Defence [DND] Headquarters, researchers  from the National Reference Laboratory at the CRCS are  investigating two ozone sterilization technologies to confirm  their reported efficacy in deactivating a variety of potential  viral contaminants in blood, including HIV-1 and hepatitis... In  Europe an estimated 350,000 people were treated with ozone  between 1980 and 1985.  The University of Bonn reviewed these  cases and reported virtually no side effects of ozone therapy  when properly administered... 'The products of this research  have worldwide applications,' says DND's Capt. Shannon. 'In the  right concentration, ozone sounds almost too good to be true.   We're trying not to be overly enthusiastic, but the data so far  is very compelling.'"

1993  April  Journal Of The Canadian Medical Association -  Medical Science News  (Can Med Assoc J 1993; 148(7) pg 1155) "Are Worry Free  Transfusions Just A Whiff of Ozone Away?"  by Albert C Baggs,  BSc. "Scientists in the U.S. and Canada are investigating the  use of ozone to destroy the HIV virus, the hepatitis and herpes  viruses and other infectious agents in the blood used for  transfusion. The studies were endorsed by medical circles of the  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) because of a concern  that viral pandemics have compromised the ability of world blood  banks to meet urgent and heavy military demands." "...In a brief  to the NATO Blood Committee the surgeon general of the Canadian  Armed Forces reported upon Canadian findings that ...a 3 minute  ozonation of serum spiked with one million HIV-1 particles per  millilitre would achieve virtually 100% viral inactivation.  It  was also found that the procedure would destroy several other  lipid-encapsulated viruses, including simian immunodeficiency  virus and various strains of interest to veterinarians." The  journal report described the work of Mueller Medical and  Medizone International.

1993  June 2, 1993   Headline: Medizone's Blood Decontamination  Technology Proven Successful In Canadian Monkey Trial.  Still  trying to inch their way through the system, Medizone announces  its successful trials on monkeys.  This was one of the  requirements imposed last August when McCabe/Bedell/Latino et.  al. met with Dr. Fauci at the NIH.  Dr. Fauci said "Why can't  you do a simple monkey trial?"  So Medizone did, and now they  are announcing the successful completion of the first two phases  of a Canadian research project overseen by scientists  representing the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Departments of  Defense and Agriculture, Cornell University Veterinarian Medical  College and Medizone Canada Ltd.

Two groups of monkeys were infused with plasma infected with  highly virulent strains of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (monkey  equivalent of HIV).  The first group died within 12 days.  The  second group's infected plasma was first infused with ozone  through Medizone's process.  None of the second group showed any  sign of infection.

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nygirl hey thanks for the kind words! But this thread is almost a year old, the UND VL I referred to above was after finally being unblinded after the 20th week of treatment (VX950 trial rules). I was still in treatment at the time and wouldn't stop until June. But the good news is now I'm 6 months post tx and still UND. So yes I'm in your club now, the SVR club!  Anyway, a little confusing but a happy ending nonetheless. And the reason this old post resurfaced is because there are alternative treatment quacks and salesman who search for these specific subjects to see if they have been discussed. If anything negative is stated they sign up (usually just to make that one post) and respond in an attempt to put a positive spin on the subject and/or to direct people to commercial sites for the purposes of pimping their wares (like realchomp did above). This happens periodically with just about all of the most popular quackery which currently includes: cow glands (thymus), ultraviolet light therapy (UBIT), ozone therapy and colloidal silver. There are others of course, but these are the fab-four for HCV. Anyway, not to bore you ;-) Hopefully you're still recovering nicely and life after HCV is turning out great for you.

realchomp you're not supposed to post commercial sites on this forum for the purposes of selling quackery. And in the event you’re just some misguided person with chronic bronchitis, if I were you I’d stop huffing those free radicals coming out of your ozone machine and I’d also stop smoking cigarettes too. To do otherwise may land you a first class Darwinian visit (in the form of lung cancer), sooner than you might imagine.
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Meet you made it your UND and I missed the thread! DANG of all the time to be home sick and here you are kicking viral A$$ - you KNOW I've been waiting to see this day for a long time!!!!!!!!

Congrats - that is just such huge news!!!!!!!
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i am sorry i happened to invade your forum. it was a mistake.
since ive been administering my ozone therapy i have been
researching it in depth attempting to cull the facts from
the horror stories and in this case i was doing a search
for horror stories by patients of ozone therapy.
trouble is. I CANT FIND ANY!
what i HAVE found is positive testimonials for several other
conditions that have been treated with ozone and a MASSIVE
amount of data referring to MISCONCEPTIONS about ozone!

here is only one of them:


most of it created for and by drug companies and those that stand
to benefit by the suppression of a cheap effective medical
treatment that would drive them out of buisness!
and it doesnt help when nbc does a documentary on ozone therapy
going to a quack that doesnt know what he is doing to document
his failures!
after what i have personally experienced you are welcome to
discount my claims as i too was skeptical of the claims of the
ozone therapy sites until i tried it..i had little choice..
either wait 2 months to heal(smoking during bronchitis does
not help you heal!) or try something radical!
i personally do not care what people i do not know do to
treat themselves medically.but after what i have experienced
i am convinced of ozones potential medically and am also
convinced that if medical science was more interested in the truth
than in the almighty dollar my mother would have known about ozone
thirty years ago and would be alive today because of it!
she died over twenty years ago from a combination of conditions
and the most important of those being allopathic medicine!
all of the conditions she suffered from,colitis,thyroid problems,diabetes,
to name a few have all been treated with ozone successfully in the
literature ive perused.
and just in case anyone else is interested here you can find
data on treating hcv with ozone:


and this site may be influenced by its desire to sell ozone
equipment but i have used the therapies they describe to
heal myself:


as well as this site:


and this one:


i guess i should also mention i have always been skeptical of
doctors and allopathic medicine.mainly because their data is all
based on the theory that human beings are the end result of billions
of years of evolutionary processes which is WRONG!
I Beleive we were all created in gods image and that we are all the
descendants of the first man and woman god created in the garden of eden!
i also believe that god gave us the perfect diet consisting of
mainly fruits and vegetables including the seeds (which by the way is
where we get laetrille, from the seeds of the apricot. this ALSO works
but has been suppressed by the fda which is owned by the drug companies.
how do you patent and sell apricot seeds?)

in the final analysis i give you some food for thought.
many people in the research ive seen refused homeopathic treatments
at first relying on allopathic medicine to cure them and either died
or came to near death before accepting ozone therapy.
some waited too long and even ozone couldnt help them beyond that point.
on the other hand..i cant find any instances where ozone has killed or
maimed anyone..if it cant hurt you and no one that has actually HAD the
therapy but wasnt helped by it arent saying anything...WHY?
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realchomp quote: "so much for the idea of not finding anyone that has experienced treatments with ozone"

My statement above was pertaining to those who had hepatitis C, not bronchitis or "hand burns".  That's why I said "I've been researching HCV, its treatments and talking to various folks for years on and off about it. I've never seen, met or encountered any bonafide person who was cured of HCV by ozone therapy." This particular forum is for those with hepatitis or liver problems, not bronchitis or hand burns (in case you were confused, which you obviously are).

Also, although I don't know much about bronchitis, I seriously doubt your ozone generator magically cured you of a long term, persistent, clinical case of bronchitis. I also definitely don't believe that your sister's burned hand was helped appreciably by your "ozone therapy". I can see where it might provide a temporary beneficial antibacterial action if her burn were actually oozing or had an open sore. But then a good cleaning and an antibacterial cream (bacitracin etc) would work better for that anyway (unless you wanted to walk around with an ozone machine strapped to your hand all day). And I'm also skeptical that your ozone machine would actually act as an anesthetic as you claim. I remember reading about some guy that filed a patent for that application, but to my knowledge no reputable scientific trials or research have been conducted that demonstrates that to be true. (and if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me by providing *scientifically legitimate* data that proves this is true).

But anesthesia aside, you should be aware that ozone is actually considered an air pollutant that is potentially harmful to the respiratory system. Being that you have bronchitis, I would suspect that's of some import to you. Ozone is an unstable charged molecule and when it dissociates into diatomic oxygen it becomes free radicalized. A free radical is an electrically charged molecular fragment that can be highly reactive with many substances, especially organic substances. This reactivity gives free radicals the ability to alter the DNA of cells, possibly in a very harmful manner that may provoke cancer. Considering you apparently are huffing this ozone on a frequent basis, I'd imagine that might be important for you to know. Here's an excerpt from a wikapedia link provided below, please read it. And by all means research it elsewhere on the internet (outside of the alternative treatment echo chamber sites).


"Ozone in air pollution

There is a great deal of evidence to show that high concentrations (ppm) of ozone, created by high concentrations of pollution and daylight UV rays at the earth's surface, can harm lung function and irritate the respiratory system.[15][22] A connection has also been shown to exist between increased ozone caused by thunderstorms and hospital admissions of asthma sufferers.[23] Air quality guidelines such as those from the World Health Organization are based on detailed studies of what levels can cause measurable health effects.

A common British folk myth dating back to the Victorian era holds that the smell of the sea is caused by ozone, and that this smell has "bracing" health benefits.[24] Neither of these is true. The characteristic "smell of the sea" is not caused by ozone, but by the presence of dimethyl sulfide generated by phytoplankton, and dimethyl sulfide, like ozone, is toxic in high concentrations.[25]

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has developed an Air Quality index to help explain air pollution levels to the general public. 8-hour average ozone concentrations of 85 to 104 ppbv are described as "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups", 105 ppbv to 124 ppbv as "unhealthy" and 125 ppb to 404 ppb as "very unhealthy".[26] The EPA has designated over 300 counties of the United States, clustered around the most heavily populated areas (especially in California and the Northeast), as failing to comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Physiology of ozone

Ozone, along with reactive forms of oxygen such as superoxide, singlet oxygen (see oxygen), hydrogen peroxide, and hypochlorite ions, is naturally produced by white blood cells and other biological systems (such as the roots of marigolds) as a means of destroying foreign bodies. Ozone reacts directly with organic double bonds. Also, when ozone breaks down to dioxygen it gives rise to oxygen free radicals, which are highly reactive and capable of damaging many organic molecules. Ozone has been found to convert cholesterol in the blood stream to plaque (which causes hardening and narrowing of arteries). Moreover, it is believed that the powerful oxidizing properties of ozone may be a contributing factor of inflammation. The cause-and-effect relationship of how the ozone is created in the body and what it does is still under consideration and still subject to various interpretations, since other body chemical processes can trigger some of the same reactions. A team headed by Dr. Paul Wentworth Jr. of the Department of Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute has shown evidence linking the antibody-catalyzed water-oxidation pathway of the human immune response to the production of ozone. In this system, ozone is produced by antibody-catalyzed production of trioxidane from water and neutrophil-produced singlet oxygen.[27] See also trioxidane for more on this biological ozone-producing reaction.

Ozone has also been proven to form specific, cholesterol-derived metabolites that are thought to facilitate the build-up and pathogenesis of atherosclerotic plaques (a form of heart disease). These metabolites have been confirmed as naturally occurring in human atherosclerotic arteries and are categorized into a class of secosterols termed “Atheronals”, generated by ozonolysis of cholesterol's double bond to form a 5,6 secosterol as well as a secondary condensation product via aldolization.[28] Ozone has been implicated to have an adverse effect on tree growth, perhaps as serious as that due to acid rain[1]

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy has been used in alternative medicine as a medical treatment in a number of different countries.[42] Its use, however, is controversial.[43] The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned ozone generators or ozone gas from being marketed for treatment of any medical conditions, based on the toxicity of ozone and the lack of scientific evidence for any beneficial effects at non-toxic levels.[2] One couple, Kenneth R. Thiefault and Mardel Barber, were convicted of and sent to prison in 1999 for violating this ban, which involved marketing ozone generators to cure AIDS, cancer, herpes, hepatitis, gangrene, or "almost any disease", without presenting any evidence to the FDA of effectiveness or safety.[44]

However, it is worth noting that the FDA cannot allow any device to claim to treat a medical condition unless the device and treatment have gone through rigorous trials. It is not illegal to sell medical-grade ozone machines in the US, nor is it illegal to own one or use one. What is illegal is to sell them while claiming it treats disease. Many people use ozone therapy in the US, despite its unrecognized status with the FDA and the medical establishment. It is legal to sell or own a medical-grade ozone machine in the US. It is also legal to administer ozone to oneself. Whether practitioners can administer or recommend the use of ozone presents a more complex issue."
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i dont know if  the cures ive read about using ozone therapy are real or not but from personal experience with my own homemade ozone machine i got rid of a case of bronchitis in 48 hours. when i was born the doctors thought i would die from bronchitis and barely pulled through  so it was stupid of me to take up smoking but i did.
no i still havent quit..but  knowing the doctor was going to send me home tell me to drink plenty of fluids and rest and wait for 2 months for the bronchitis to leave wasnt very appealing to me,especially with christmas just around the corner and lots of bills coming due i did some research and decided ozne was the way to go.
i still dont know how much ozone my machine makes but  after kicking a case of bronchitis in 2 days that i expected to last 2 months got me convinced to keep up the treatments to cure several other problems ive had..since then my hydradenitis has dissapeared and my lungs are feeling better than they have in years!
to top it off.. i took the machine with me over christmas to my sisters to show it to her and discovered that about an hour before i arrived she had burned her hand pretty badly during cooking.. after having her rinse the hand with water to get off the gel antiseptic she had put on it and having her slip a bread bag over the hand i put the ozone tube in the bag and closed it off with a rubber band around her wrist..after 3 minutes she announced that the pain had stopped..i let it run for another 5 minutes or so and then removed the bag..for the rest of the night she had no more pain (she had been worried about whether she was gonna be able to work the next day it was bothering her so bad when i arrived) 2 nights later i called her to ask how the hand was and i was informed that the hand had completely healed without even leaving much of a scar within 48 hours. so much for the idea of not finding anyone that has experienced treatments with ozone.
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I was gone for 2 days. That paragraph is in the Prescription for Nutritional Healing under Heapatitis C. Sorry I don't have the page number. It is the latest edition.
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lonestar - Thanks for kind thoughts, and I'm real sorry to hear of your struggles with Infergen. I've heard from quite a few that Infergen can be a real a$$ kicker, which is saying something considering what pegylated IFN can do. Hopefully we'll have access to something better within a few years. I'm in the VX950 trial, and wow does it kill the virus (albeit with side effects). Have you thought about enrolling in a drug trial using one of these research drugs?

missmiss - You're absolutely right! I confused ozone with the posted UV light therapy and then interchanged their use in my post (I get confused at times these days). The reason I did is that I think of these two therapies in a very similar "light". By that I mean all of the same information I provided above about ozone therapy also applies to UV light therapy (as pertaining to the treatment of HCV). That is:

1. UV light therapy/blood irradiation is NOT an FDA approved treatment for HCV.
2. I've never ever met or encountered any bonafide person who was cured of HCV using UV light therapy. I have met some who tried it and claim it did not work and was a ripoff.
3. Circulating your blood outside of your body, exposing it to concentrated UV light, and then returning it to your body will not permanently clear HCV from your body. It could also pose a serious health risk to you as well.

Thanks for the correction, take care.
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What a nice post you made and such lovely descriptions. You paint a nice picture. Thanks for the tip on how to search it, I couldn't find anything on how it actually works. I wanted to understand their theories on how it works if it was indeed approved by the FDA for any virus. I guess it's more proof that people will believe anything. I don't understand why people subject themselves to these types of things or are willing to forgo legitimately studied treatments in lieu of them, I thought maybe if I read all about it I'd "get it."

I wanted to respond to your comments about being changed now after your ordeal with this disease. I think many if not all people who face a serious health issue find themselves "changed" by it. As we move through life, the obstacles we encounter (if we overcome it or not) have a major impact on our psyche. It brings the reality of life ending one way or another at one time or another for us all and smacks us in the head with the fact. I have a dear friend who faced breast cancer at 42. Upon diagnosis they told her she had "advanced" breast cancer and don't bother treating it, you got 6 months to live. he is 52 and alive today and recently I asked her about this very subject, did she feel forever changed by this experience? Her answer was that for the first few years after it all she didn't feel "like the same person" but as time passed she found herself reverting more and more back to her "old self"
Maybe the same will be true for you, or it will alter you forever but in a good way. I guess only time will tell.
Hope you have a great day, I love New England, your images brought back memories.
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UV has nothing to do with ozone.  It holds a position on the electromagnetic spectrum between xray and visable light.  On one end of the spectrum there is Cosmic energy and the other end is electric power.  In the middle there is Gamma, x-rays, UV, visable light, infra red (at least 3 kinds of infrared), micro Waves, TV and radio.  But UV has nothing at all to do with ozone.

Because of the depletion of the ozone, we wear protection from the different UV light that is now getting through the ozone layer in too high a concentration.  

I don't know anything about UBIT but didn't want anyone confused about what was being suggested.

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Hello K

Well, UBIT doesn't sound like you'd be lying around in a tanning bed, does it? ; ]  Yuck.  My infergen treatment pales in comparison with what I read about UBIT this morning.  I think you live in California and so I must have been snug in my little New England bed when you posted last evening.

I didn't read that UBIT was even remotely considered an alternative treatment for Hep C last evening K.  Not by the FDA anyway. I didn't think Grandma did either.  I only happened to read her brief thread and mremeet's question to her about FDA approval of the therapy itself.  I know the subject has been tossed around on this forum.  I only wanted to be sure I understood what they were speaking about and so I typed exactly what Grandma typed in her post into google.  I think I typed Ultraviolet blood irradiation  and then added FDA?  Two links came up with "FDA approved for the treatment of.... and it went on to talk about different skin infections caused by interferon.  The article seems to have suffered some "brain fog" though because I couldn't see where they ever got around to saying exactly what disease the FDA had approved the treatment for. ; ] There was a company called Bio-Immun something or other out of California that was touting that claim.

This morning I've googled again so I could really understand what the therapy was.  I had always just skimmed the threads on this forum regarding it because I'm quite a little cynic at heart, and it sounded like snake oil.  If you find the links and click on them they do indeed sound like they have the FDA applications pending, quite different from the headlines!  I found other claims coming out of Europe, Israel and Mexico too.  It seems many of the studies are based on studies done in the late 1930's and 40's.  I felt like I was watching one of those black and white horror movies we watched on tv when we were children, like Frankenstein or something. ; ] To echo Mremeet's words once again...

"I wish there were a more humane and effective treatment. A more civilized alternative, with less risk of awful side effects to the patient. But right now, we got what we got."

I wish to God there was something else but I can't find it.  For now, I'll play the hand I was dealt.  No point wishing for another.

I know you are in for the long haul too K.  Seems there's more and more of us lately.  I wish you God speed and much, much success.

And yes, the infergen did quite a number on me.  Almost six months later most sides are completely gone but I've changed  inside my head somehow.  I feel like a stranger who has come from far away.    I know I'm gonna be okay though SVR or not.  
And so thank you for your post and  for asking after me.  I know more about hepatitis c and ultraviolet irradiation than ever in this whole wide world I wanted to know. ; ]

My coffee is brewed and smells so good.  My sky looks gray outside my New England window where I type.  The rain and ice moves in from mid country.  It's still pretty though.  The black, bare trees against the gray skyline.  All looks rinsed and still wet and the air smells fresh.  I'm very grateful for this day.  Hope you're tucked in beneath your covers out west there and that you sleep very sweet.

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