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Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UBIT)

I found the book and copied the information:
"Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is said to improve oxygenation of tissue, help with inflammation, stimulate immune system and fight viral infection. This treatment, which has been approved by the FDA consists of bombaring the blood with ultraviolet light. It appears to render the virus inactive. This treatment is offered by Bradford Research Institute in Chula Vista, CA."

I have no idea how long it takes or what it costs. This is all I know.
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FDA approved? That doesn't sound right. What is the source of this information grandma?
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I have a sister in law in Europe who told me she knew someone who had tried UBIT for hepatitis C and that this person had been cured.  I was diagnosed in 2004 and of course I had spent hours and hours researching every snake oil cure in existence trying to get around the interferon and riba.  For me there seemed no intelligent choice but the interferon and so I did it twice.  I didn't believe my sister in law for a moment and recall being kinda huffy and impatient with her when she told the story.  Looks like Grandma knows what she's talking about though.  I googled UBIT and it is FDA approved for many viruses.  It's been around for years and it's pretty cheap.  Don't know if it can really cure hep but I'd like to learn more
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I've been researching HCV, its treatments and talking to various folks for years on and off about it. I've never seen, met or encountered any bonified person who was cured of HCV by ozone therapy. I have met people who have undergone the therapy, and all they said it did not cure them and was a ripoff. Also, ozone therapy is not an FDA approved treatment for hepatitis C, only interferon monotherapy along with interferon+ribavirin combo therapy. Plus, if you just think about it, the whole notion of exposing large quantities of your blood to concentrated ozone during a series of relatively brief sessions, is unsound. It's unsound because of the potential risks to your health, and it's unsound because of the absurdity of the notion that the virus could be permanently routed out using this method (which would also have to "disenfect" infected hepatocytes, which are not circulating in your blood).  

I can assure you, you will not find any bonified person who has been cured of HCV by ozone therapy. Take a look around this forum for instance. This site probably has the highest number of HCV infected/treating people on the internet. Ask around and see who has, or is taking ozone therapy. Then ask how many of them have been cured by it. You won't get many takers.

Not trying to be a wet blanket, but I've been looking into HCV and its treatments for a long time. I finally bit the bullet and decided to give interferon/ribavirin and an experimental drug a try. I didn't do so lightly, as I'm aware of the possible risks. But considering the state of currently available treatment alternatives (including the fraudulent ozone therapy claims I see from time to time), and considering what can happen to our livers if we let HCV go unchecked, I finally decided I had to take the risk (currently in week 21).

I wish there were a more humane and effective treatment. A more civilized alternative, with less risk of awful side effects to the patient. But right now, we got what we got.
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They do NOT have FDA approval for this treatment, if they claim they do, ask for proof. I read that they "applied" for FDA approval but that is a LONG way from being approved, anyone can ubmit an application. This treatment from what I have read is nothing but sheer quackery and can in fact be DANGEROUS.
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I meant to give you a big high five on your PCR VL results the other day, way to go! Im so happy for you, I know you were worried what with all the fiasco over the rash and steroids and cutting meds, Im so happy it turns out you hit UND anyway. Sorry I missed your other thread.
HR mentioned something about you wanting to connect with him, if that is the case feel free to do so, my email is this name I use here and add cox.net and I will put you in touch.
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Thanks kalio for the kind words and encouragement. And yeah, as you can imagine, the VL unblinding was a load off my mind considering the context of my particular situation. I just hope I can keep on pluggin' away now. I'm going to get some Aranesp (or whatever it's called) pretty soon, so with any luck the anemia will subside. Plus I'm trying effexor for a while (and A/D). Hopefully between the two of those, I can go the distance. But if not, at least I'll know I've done what I can to stop this thing...at least for now.

Is your treatment going well too? I forget what week you're on, but I know you'll well into it. Hopefully it's not too much longer before you can finally cross the finish line. Wishing you the best, and wishing all of us an SVR come hell or high water. Take care...

PS>> Oh yeah, thanks for the email addy, I'll drop you an email soon. Hoping to talk to HR about getting a fibroscan and also discuss the possible benefits of certain supplements and herbs. Thanks again...
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"I wish there were a more humane and effective treatment. A more civilized alternative, with less risk of awful side effects to the patient. But right now, we got what we got."

Ditto and yes, I'm afraid you're quite right.

Though I must confess, I don't know or give two hoots what UBIT does or if it's really FDA approved to fight viral infections or not. The internet is filled with misinformation.  Probably about the only thing Ted Kaczynski got right. ; ]  I only know I made the best choice for me and that during my very long 73 weeks of infergen I'd sometimes dream of nice warm heat laying on my frozen body.

Much success to you mremeet.
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I googled it too but I could not find info saying it was FDA approved for Hep C, or any other virus. Would you mind posting the info you found? I would like to read it. They must remove the blood from you, treat it and put it back in I guess. If you have the info handy, I hope you will post it.

Hope you are doing well now, I hear Infergen is no picnic.
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UV has nothing to do with ozone.  It holds a position on the electromagnetic spectrum between xray and visable light.  On one end of the spectrum there is Cosmic energy and the other end is electric power.  In the middle there is Gamma, x-rays, UV, visable light, infra red (at least 3 kinds of infrared), micro Waves, TV and radio.  But UV has nothing at all to do with ozone.

Because of the depletion of the ozone, we wear protection from the different UV light that is now getting through the ozone layer in too high a concentration.  

I don't know anything about UBIT but didn't want anyone confused about what was being suggested.

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Hello K

Well, UBIT doesn't sound like you'd be lying around in a tanning bed, does it? ; ]  Yuck.  My infergen treatment pales in comparison with what I read about UBIT this morning.  I think you live in California and so I must have been snug in my little New England bed when you posted last evening.

I didn't read that UBIT was even remotely considered an alternative treatment for Hep C last evening K.  Not by the FDA anyway. I didn't think Grandma did either.  I only happened to read her brief thread and mremeet's question to her about FDA approval of the therapy itself.  I know the subject has been tossed around on this forum.  I only wanted to be sure I understood what they were speaking about and so I typed exactly what Grandma typed in her post into google.  I think I typed Ultraviolet blood irradiation  and then added FDA?  Two links came up with "FDA approved for the treatment of.... and it went on to talk about different skin infections caused by interferon.  The article seems to have suffered some "brain fog" though because I couldn't see where they ever got around to saying exactly what disease the FDA had approved the treatment for. ; ] There was a company called Bio-Immun something or other out of California that was touting that claim.

This morning I've googled again so I could really understand what the therapy was.  I had always just skimmed the threads on this forum regarding it because I'm quite a little cynic at heart, and it sounded like snake oil.  If you find the links and click on them they do indeed sound like they have the FDA applications pending, quite different from the headlines!  I found other claims coming out of Europe, Israel and Mexico too.  It seems many of the studies are based on studies done in the late 1930's and 40's.  I felt like I was watching one of those black and white horror movies we watched on tv when we were children, like Frankenstein or something. ; ] To echo Mremeet's words once again...

"I wish there were a more humane and effective treatment. A more civilized alternative, with less risk of awful side effects to the patient. But right now, we got what we got."

I wish to God there was something else but I can't find it.  For now, I'll play the hand I was dealt.  No point wishing for another.

I know you are in for the long haul too K.  Seems there's more and more of us lately.  I wish you God speed and much, much success.

And yes, the infergen did quite a number on me.  Almost six months later most sides are completely gone but I've changed  inside my head somehow.  I feel like a stranger who has come from far away.    I know I'm gonna be okay though SVR or not.  
And so thank you for your post and  for asking after me.  I know more about hepatitis c and ultraviolet irradiation than ever in this whole wide world I wanted to know. ; ]

My coffee is brewed and smells so good.  My sky looks gray outside my New England window where I type.  The rain and ice moves in from mid country.  It's still pretty though.  The black, bare trees against the gray skyline.  All looks rinsed and still wet and the air smells fresh.  I'm very grateful for this day.  Hope you're tucked in beneath your covers out west there and that you sleep very sweet.

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What a nice post you made and such lovely descriptions. You paint a nice picture. Thanks for the tip on how to search it, I couldn't find anything on how it actually works. I wanted to understand their theories on how it works if it was indeed approved by the FDA for any virus. I guess it's more proof that people will believe anything. I don't understand why people subject themselves to these types of things or are willing to forgo legitimately studied treatments in lieu of them, I thought maybe if I read all about it I'd "get it."

I wanted to respond to your comments about being changed now after your ordeal with this disease. I think many if not all people who face a serious health issue find themselves "changed" by it. As we move through life, the obstacles we encounter (if we overcome it or not) have a major impact on our psyche. It brings the reality of life ending one way or another at one time or another for us all and smacks us in the head with the fact. I have a dear friend who faced breast cancer at 42. Upon diagnosis they told her she had "advanced" breast cancer and don't bother treating it, you got 6 months to live. he is 52 and alive today and recently I asked her about this very subject, did she feel forever changed by this experience? Her answer was that for the first few years after it all she didn't feel "like the same person" but as time passed she found herself reverting more and more back to her "old self"
Maybe the same will be true for you, or it will alter you forever but in a good way. I guess only time will tell.
Hope you have a great day, I love New England, your images brought back memories.
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lonestar - Thanks for kind thoughts, and I'm real sorry to hear of your struggles with Infergen. I've heard from quite a few that Infergen can be a real a$$ kicker, which is saying something considering what pegylated IFN can do. Hopefully we'll have access to something better within a few years. I'm in the VX950 trial, and wow does it kill the virus (albeit with side effects). Have you thought about enrolling in a drug trial using one of these research drugs?

missmiss - You're absolutely right! I confused ozone with the posted UV light therapy and then interchanged their use in my post (I get confused at times these days). The reason I did is that I think of these two therapies in a very similar "light". By that I mean all of the same information I provided above about ozone therapy also applies to UV light therapy (as pertaining to the treatment of HCV). That is:

1. UV light therapy/blood irradiation is NOT an FDA approved treatment for HCV.
2. I've never ever met or encountered any bonafide person who was cured of HCV using UV light therapy. I have met some who tried it and claim it did not work and was a ripoff.
3. Circulating your blood outside of your body, exposing it to concentrated UV light, and then returning it to your body will not permanently clear HCV from your body. It could also pose a serious health risk to you as well.

Thanks for the correction, take care.
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