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Ultraviolet light blood therapy and HCV

Good morning
I have Hepatitis C and have just started my eleventh month of Rebetron treatment. I am also a responder to the Rebetron and my viral load went from 2.8 million to undetectable after three months of therapy.
    A couple of nights ago I attended an HCV support group meeting at a local hospital that is sponsered by the American Liver Foundation. There was a speaker at this meeting that talked about the benefits of ultraviolet light blood therapy for HCV. It sounds like this might be an alternative for people that do not respond to Rebetron or something that could be used with Reberon to help kill the virus and also help with the bad side affects of the treatment. The handout that was given to the people attending the meeting said that this treatment is used to help with the side affects of Chemotherapy. I am considering trying a few treatments while on Rebetron to see if it helps me with the depression, fatigue and just not feeling good. I was wondering if you had any information or recommendations on this treatment. I am also going to talk with my Liver doctor about this before trying.

Thank you very much,

Bob J
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To any new folks:

There is no data that Ultraviolet Light will do anything to eradicate HCV. The only modality that is  currently available (outside trial experimentation) succesful to date for that is the drug therapy of PEG /RIBA  and either Victrelis or Incivek.

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BTW.. I didn't respond to this 12 year old post.
I was responding to a new post just a few minutes ago that has disappeared.

Possibly mine could be deleted also ,so it doesn't look like I have nothing better to do than dig up 12 year old posts.. :0)  
(my wife says I should be doing yardwork)

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Ya, sure Will, likely story, lol.  The mysteries of MH.  I wish some of my posts would disappear too.  Well, actually several have I guess.  Would be good to delete these......
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Yup, I noticed that with those 2 posts from 1999 the other day. The response that brought it up just disappeared. Maybe they should lock anything over 10 years or so or delete all the posts, if they delete the one that brings it up...Mark
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