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Hi guys! It's been a while. 2 years SVR with end stage cirrhosis. I get my 6 month ultrasound n they  found a tumor. I have Heptacellular Carcinoma. I'm getting listed for a transplant this week and will have TACE done.
All I can say is that if I made it through the old protease inhibitors, I can do anything. Hector led the way with his remarkable spirit. Once agin.. This is do-able is my motto!
Much love to all,
Xo Karen:)
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Wow.    I'm really sorry to hear that.  You also sound as tho you have a wonderful spirit and outlook as well.   As a former cancer survivor all I can say is to take 1 day at a time.  In a way, your lucky, as having cancer is not good, at least a transplant is available which will cause you to become cancer free.  Do know in cancer land removal of the tumor will create your best possible outcome.
Do have a feeling that you are going to be AOK.   Keep the faith and soon it will become reality.
Best Wishes
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Karen, I am truly sad to hear this news.

You went through so much when you were on treatment, almost died a couple of times, and yet you pushed forward to SVR. Your indomitable spirit, will power, fortitude, hope, and belief in success will get you through again.

Please keep us posted as you go through this process.

I wish you success with the TACE procedure and I hope you can get a transplant very soon. You are in my thoughts.
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Karen what a spirit you have! I'm am very sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.   Kitty
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You finished treatment when I was about 1/4 of the way through and your posts gave me much hope. I mean you were just so sick with various things and kept on going and going (and even working to boot!!). I just thought you were amazing and still do. I am sorry about this latest kink and I truly hope all works out well for you. I hope you continue to post and let us know how all this works out. I know precisely what you mean by finding strength in someone who was sicker (or equally as sick) like Hector and beat the odds since I too glean strength that way. Best of luck and my prayers go out to you♥
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Count me another who treated with you and knows the hardships you endured.  I am crushed to hear of this liver cancer.   It just reminds me that we all at risk since we had or have Hep C.  Karen, My thoughts and spirit are with you for the journey ahead.
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You fought Hep C harder then I remember anyone else and won. I am so sorry to hear this. Wishing you the best.
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Hi Karen,
I didn't walk your treatment journey with you, but want you to know, you have my full support on your journey.  You seem so strong and positive.  Kick that cancer to the curb!  

Take care,
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I wish you well Karen

You can do it! Sending all the best thoughts your way
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As can-do-man and Frijole recall... you have met all of your previous challenges with strength and persistence are still standing tall despite some serious setbacks along the way that many folks would have had a tough time get past. Heck, if I can do HCC and transplant, I know you certainly can.

I am very glad you will be getting your (22) MELD HCC exception points soon so you can start to accrue additional MELD points every 3 months. Thankfully you shouldn't have to wait very long on the waiting list there in OK.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

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So sorry
I too had a tumor and a resection of my liver war done last July tumor was 1.5 cc and was in the upper right side of my liver ,,,,,I was doing MRI of my liver every six months so was fortunate I caught it early....fwiw 1.5cc is about the size of a green grape .....it was surgically removed 30%of my liver and the Angels up in mount Snai NYC saved my life....my liver at the time was stage 2....at present im on sovaldi and riba for six months .......how big is the tumor is important and where is it located.... maybe they can remove it?
I was on Peg/Riba back in 2007  2008 and geno 3 was supposed to be easy to slay now its the hardest o well....prayers a with you not sure where you live but i would go to the best liver ppl
I have many friends     who were transplanted over 10 yrs  and are long term and live full  full lives..... attitude you have this too will resolve best of luck

Prayer are with you
warmest regards
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I remember you too from your treatment time.  I hope the resection has resolved the tumor.  I feel for you.  I do hope that the Sovaldi is successful and that the Hep C will not continue to attack your remaining liver.  I am curous to know if the third that they cut off will grow back.
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Hi Karen, I haven't posted on this forum for a while also, but I think I remember you from back in 2011 when I was wanting to tx on the first gen PI's. Did Victrelis for 20 weeks  having had cirrhosis  already and quit while I was still alive. I came back here earlier this year and seen that there was new tx options and wanted in. However after a US and then a CT was found to have HCC. Hector was instrumental in more ways then one in helping me understand and do some research on the TACE that was done and just being supportive as he always is with all. Been on hold now for almost two months from an evaluation for transplant listing, was found to have a couple small nodules on my lungs, just waiting for my next ct to see what the next step will be. Anyway just wanted to let you know that your not alone in this, I remember how devastated I was to find out. I'm very sorry. Keeping you in my thoughts.

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Sorry to hear your news but know that your spirit and energy will carry you through this.  You are an inspiration to many and like others have written, your amazing positive energy and incredible strength has always led the way.  Will keep you in prayers.

Best, jsf52
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Karen, I'm sorry to hear this too.  I know how hard you fought and how you pushed through treatment working full time and with so many complications.  Prayers up for a successful TACE and speedy transplant.  Keep us posted.
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I just want to say, I'm also sorry to hear of your results. That's not only scary news, it's sad. Your spirit will see you thru and beyond. HectorSF has and continues to help and guide so many people. You have such a positive karma in your words. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours. Eat well, stay positive and know people are out here thinking and sending prayers your way. Nice to meet you. Tammy or GoGG
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Karen I am so very sorry, I just saw this, I am thinking of you praying for you.

Your site is so uplifting, helpful to other, really great of you to share so much.  You are one of my heroes
Love Dee
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i'm so sorry to hear your news.  i pray that everything works out for you.  belle
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you are a fighter..keep fighting. With that said, sorry to hear your news.
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The tears are rolling. My posse is still hanging in there and YOUR words mean more than anyone who has not gone through this understands. I'm 10 days out on TACE. Tumor was 2.2 cm and looked contained. Man I've been sick. Not working this time. My insurance is better and I'm taking the time to beat the cancer.

Once again, every side effect hit me. Crazy!! When I write on my blog, it helps me to understand that by going through everything, I have the knowledge to help others. Hector too reaches out by volunteering at his Transplant Hospital. There's nothing like hearing the words of those who say, "Yeah, I've been there and I'm still standing. You can make it."

Keep getting your screening. Again, You ARE the crew who were the pioneers with the protease inhibitors.

We're a gang that's tough to beat.

Serious love coming at you,
xo Karen:)
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Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. Hang in there. You can beat this.

You are in my thoughts daily. Here's wishing you the very best.
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You are a true warrior!  We will keep you in thoughts and prayers daily.  Sounds like the TACE was successful!  Wishing you the best.

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Just wanted to repeat what many have said here already ... that they have and will continue to derive great hope and strength by watching you push thru your obstacles with fortitude.

Hope this forum can continue to provide you with some comfort as you face this next hurdle.  Wishing you the absolute best Karen!
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With adversity comes strength.   You conquered and won in the past and don't ever forget that.  Sheer will and determination will pull you thru. Continue to keep the faith as your inner voice will guide you.  I've been
where you are, and there is a wonderful life ahead waiting to greet you.
Will keep you in my thoughts.
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