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Hope all of you are well. Its been a year post tx. I just received my PCR results and Im officially SVR.
Even though I was UND...so far..its WONDERFUL to hear the news~ I feel as if I received the official stamp of SVR now.
I am doing well...and even the knees have gotten better.
Will never forget how much support I received from you and wanted to thank you again.
May alll of you be well and reach SVR!
I pray everyday for that and so much more!
Hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday. Will touch base soon.

God Bless.
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Congratulations Charm. That is fantastic news!
Stay well,
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I'm so happy for you.  Congratulations on that wonderful news.

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476246 tn?1418870914
Beautiful Charm, I'm so happy that it is finally over for you!

Hugs, Marcia

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427265 tn?1444076436
This is great news and I am so happy for you !!!

Wishing you a healthy and happy life.......Pam
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971268 tn?1253200799
Yay!  That is terrific news and a great gift for the holiday season. Thanks for sharing it with us, and giving everyone hope!
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1051313 tn?1284780795
Wow!  Great for you.
It gives me hope that I will join you and all the others for a successful treatment.
Congratulations and Merry Christmas!
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717272 tn?1277590780
Good news.  Nice gift to know once and for all that it's over.
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163305 tn?1333668571
This is the best. Congratulations and happy almost New Year!
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475300 tn?1312423126
Congratulations!!!!  I am so glad for you!

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Congratulations charm i wish all your prayers come true merry christmas
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276730 tn?1327962946
Thanks each and every one of you. You've ALL been with me for my 55 week misery tour and to those who are treating now It Does Get Better. It does. For me it took a year to be totally back..except for some memory issues, its been a continuing battle getting back to "life" also left with knee issues , but its better.

never did I think I would be typing a thread on my SVR...it only happened to everyone else  - - not me. But I did it,  all of you will too, when its your time.
Prayers and more prayers

P.S- I lost every litle ripple and wave in my hair its as straight as straight could be..that didnt return. I could care less if it were purple!   :}

Heres to a healthier year for all.

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great news!  I only pray my next round will do the trick.  (My hair came back straight as a stick as well!!!  )

Good luck to you!

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412873 tn?1329174455
Way to Go!!!!  Congratulations, Charm!!!!

You had a rough time, but you did it well.

I can only hope to follow in your footsteps.

Sending you hope, love, and prayers,

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388154 tn?1306361691
Hi  there my beautiful white floor Lady!!
I don´t get to upset about the one 1 year confirmation, (the 6 monthit is for me).but Ive got very exited and glad when I saw you  posting dear charm.

Always nice to hear from you glad your knees is better.
I most admit in the name of honesty though, that since I myself are very near the one year mark i was thinking of asking for another pcr judt the other day.
But I decided to wait and do that after 2 or perhaps 3 years instead as I know my sometimes paranoid self.

No logical reson to do it just as I said for no real reason but as I have said many times here before dont be sure your not followed just becaus your paranoid!!

And I guess you heard the good news about our super trooper multitreating  infergen babe UND 6 months halleluja!!

Lots of love your way!
Youvé made my night (its night here 4 a clock in the morning can´t sleep!!

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Congratulations Charm !!!!
Hugs always !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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691935 tn?1421027090
Alway good to hear this news!  Congrats.
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559277 tn?1330618739
Hiya Charm!

Good to see you and to hear such awesomeness!  

My extra long and thick tx lashes have gone back to normal. They were kind of cool but I'm glad they went away. I got tired of having little oily eyelash marks on the inside of my glasses. Jeeez!
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206807 tn?1331936184
That is terrific news. Congratulations!!!!
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665963 tn?1360723554
This is soooo great!  I'm very happy for you!
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717272 tn?1277590780
Have been thinking about you lately.  Really glad for your good news.  Your progress is encouraging to the rest of us; so glad you posted it.
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Never thought anything different here, knew you would make it. Congrats and enjoy the hoildays.

BTW, your SVR and if i become SVR doesn't that make us a perfect match??? :):):)

Take care,

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Great! An inspiration for those waiting to clear... Good luck for sustained future clearance...

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