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Urine color / odor

Prior to dx I had noticed a change in the color of my urine.  It was of a darker tone and had a particular odor about it.  I  had recognized this prior to my first dx and tx back in 2003.  I sensed something wrong and kept track of changes in diet and habits but could not put my finger on it. I suspected elevated alt and ast as the color would be dead liver cells my body was ridding.  Needless to say, I was not surprised at the current dx and when I started tx in 2012 the color and odor was still there.  Beginning alt and ast were 491 and 245. considerably higher than hepc  would cause.  
I am 10 weeks in triple tx on inc and color has changed to normal yellow tinge with no odor.  

Any comments on or thoughts on this observation.  I wish I had a urine sample spun and viewed under microscope.  I have scope but no spinner.

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Water has a lot to do with it but since everyone knows that a place to start might be being able to accurately describe the odor. The are other characteristics such as It can be strong, sweet, foul and so on
Ditto with clarity. It can be cloudy, milky and so on. And likewise with specific gravity.

When I was on the Incivek I felt my urine smelled foul. No matter how much water I drank or what I ate the odor never dissipated until I was off that med.
I bet your doctor might do a urinalysis if you ask. It might show, proteins, sugar, bacteria and so on.

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Since I caught my fibrosis progression quickly, my urine was still a normal, or even too light color, prior to my current (and first) Tx, but it had started to develope an ammonia smell. Also my sweat consistancy changed, at the same time (about 2 yrs ago). It became more sticky, and no longer felt clean and fresh, like I had always remembered it being.
    Once I became Undetected, my urine and sweat became normal smelling. At the same time, my digestion also began to work very quick and smooth, as if I was 10 yrs old again, so that's a relief.
    I kept waiting for the symptom of "fatigue", but never got that one.
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When I had cirrhosis my urine got darker, a deeper yellow leaning towards orange. It happens with higher bilirubin levels.
( I'm sure Hector could give an accurate cause and much better explanation )

The reason the color of yours has returned to normal is a good sign. It means your liver is doing better.

Keep up the good work !
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The most common cause for darker urine is dehydration. The solution is to drink enough water until urine returns to its normal color. This year being particularly hot in most parts of the US will cause people to be dehydrated if they continue to drink the same amount of water as when the weather is not as hot they may become dehydrated.

Another reason for dark urine unrelated to liver injury or disease is kidney stones. I have passed about 15 stones over the last 15 years. It is common to have foul smelling dark (Cocoa Cola colored) urine when a stone is trying to pass. Sometimes the urine may be very foamy also. Sometimes you might also urinate blood. Again make sure your are drinking lots of water to lighten the color of the urine. Kidney stones can easily form in those that have had other stones when dehydrated.

Also OH mentioned, having a high level of bilirubin will cause urine to darken. This happens common in person with stage 4 liver disease (cirrhosis). As the liver fails the liver is unable to process the bilirubin properly so it spills over into the kidneys and is excreted in the urine.

Your beginning alt and ast were 491 and 245. This indicates a high level of injury to the liver cells (hepatocytes) . I would find out what your bilirubin level was at that time. It may have been high also which would explain the reason for the dark urine.

Good luck with your treatment!
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Hector,  Looked back to beginning of year, have had weekly tests to monitor platelets etc.  Bilirubin has been within range.  Had week 9 labs hanging off fax this morning and I had ordered several more tests besides GI.  Full lipid panel and another vl test.  Lipids are hdl 23, tri 591 (we have an issue here) vl undetectable (yea) platelets, inconclusive, clumping but been running at around 50. white 2.5, red 3.53, hemoglobin 36.2, ast 40, alt 45.  Above numbers were taken July 25.

Got the alt in check but ast concerns me me a bit.  1st go around alt and ast returned to normal shortly after tx began.  I have appt with GP today so I have all "fresh blood for him to hmmmm hmmmmm over.  
Maybe get me some butt head pills while I am at it, some of my posts have shown a little attitude. Hard to deny what you say when its in print, easy to apologize once but after that you are wolf food. lol.
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My alt and ast dropped within my first month of tx, then rose for the duration. They didn't hit normal until my 4 week lab after EOT. Don't sweat the slightly elevated numbers while still on tx.

Bad attitude is directly related to interferon. You can go on ADs if you want.
I so very much wish this forum had an edit function !
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