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Hello All, I have noticed not to many threads have been open for posting, so since I was finally able to post, I just wanted to open one so everyone can use it, pls don't get mad at me for just opening one, but it seems all the post are overloaded. Hope this help....
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Hello, getting ready to do my 2nd shot around six.I hope its smooth sailing , the first one was hell, I've been so tired lateley ,had to take a day off work ,yesterday. the pills don't seem to make me sick, just a little irritable.  Very short fuse , lol going to go stock up on the bottled water .So how are your treatments going?
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good morning all, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm not very good at jokes but I hope that this one will make you all laugh. My cousin sent it to me. hear goes...... Don't ever hold your F*rts in, if you do it will travel to your brain and that's where all your sh*ty ideas come from. (sorry if this offended anyone but it made me laugh)
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Hello everyone!  I've been coming to this site and reding post for about 8 weeks now but never posted before.  I want to thank everyone for all the encouragement and strength to keep going that I've received from reading the many wonderful post.  I am female geno 1b on pegintron combo 6/48.  My red blood cell count dropped really bad 2 weeks ago and I was put on 40,000 uints of procrit, today will be my second shot of it.  I've experienced many very weak and just plain crummy days for about 3 straight weeks now and I'm just wondering if the procrit makes a difference and if so how long before I have strength to get out of bed again.  I've lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks and the Dr says between the weight lose and the red blood cell I should expect to feel weak.  What do you guys think?  Any suggestions?
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sioux, Not offended in the least. I am finding that I'm getting much more than info from this site. I can always use a good dose of humor, especially lately.

willin, as you can see, your coments did not intimidate me, on the contrary. I've jumped right in the pool for better or worst. I would like to say though, that your intro gave me the humor and thoughtfulness that encouraged me to participate. thanks

ms.star, welcome, I can't help you w/info on procrit, but I do wish you luck and perseverance.      berlynn
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hi everyone hope we r all well my ouestion is if you are infected by someone does it mean your genotype will match or can you be infected by someone and not share the same genotype would really be interested to hear from any one with any info on this matter my way of getting hep c was medically whilst in surgery the surgeon happened to have hep c i was called back to be tested and tested pos they said i couldnt have got it from him as he was a different genotype i have not had any other risk  would appreciate some input
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When my red count dropped, I was put on Procrit. It took 2 to 3 weeks for it to make a difference. I almost had to stop treatment because I felt so bad. My doc took me off the Procrit in the middle of tx because I was having leg pains. After a month I went back on it to stay. The good news is that you will have good days. Just take things one day at a time. I only have 2 shots to go! I can't believe it. Thank God for the brain fog because I can't remember a lot of my treatment. Hang in there! You can make it!
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I've monitered this site since starting pegintron/ribavarin therapy 8 weeks ago. Thanks to all the posters for their insights and valuable information.

I'm a 53 yr old male, geno type 1. Since starting treatment my ALT's have dropped from 300 to 41, so it seems to be working. Recently my WBC and neutrophils have been dropping and my last blood work showed WBC 1.3 and neutrophils 0.8. This has led to a 50% reduction in interferon dosage. If this was week 20 or 30 I wouldn't be so concerned but at week 8 there is a chance that a reduction in dosage might effect my viral load at week 12. If I don't see a 2 log drop I will be cut off treatment.

I've read many posts mentioning Neupogen. I am in Canada and my doctor says it isn't an approved therapy here for treating neutropenia caused by pegintron. It certainly isn't covered under our Provincial Government health plans and there is no private health insurance in Canada.

I am considering trying to get Neupogen prescribed by an MD in the States,  and bear the cost myself.

I was wondering if anyone taking Neupogen could let me know how often they take the shot  and for how long the therapy lasts. It seems it will cost about $250 per injection, so that could add up pretty fast.

Whether or not a doctor in the US would prescribe Neupogen to a Canadian being treated in Canada is another story. Then there is a risk of alienating my Gastro here in Canada by going over his head and getting Neupogen in the US.

Thanks in advance for your help, everyone.
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If you are infected by someone with hep c, the virus you have will be of the same genotype.

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I'm also on Pegintron combo and for me the fatigue and short temper and fogginess all decreased considerably by about 10 weeks.They're not gone but my quality of life is much improved.Try not to assume that the entire Tx will be as bad as it can sometimes be(like at six weeks).Although some others here have had quite a  different experience.
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I'm a 1b guy on week 22 of 48. About 14 weeks into tx my WBC was 1.2 and neutophils or ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) was 516. I'm on Pegasys and Copegus and the product literature indicates a dose reduction of interferon from 180 units to 135 units if the ANC goes below 750. My doc said any dosage reduction lessens the chance of having a SVR particularly with a genotype 1. He said my blood work should stabilize and not drift any lower. Anyway, my current WBC is 1.6 and ANC is 784 which is OK.  I did get on Procrit about a month ago but I can't help you out with the Neupogen question.
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I was wondering whats going on with number of threads? It seemed we had priviledge to post 4 threads a day, today in particular only one thread was open and no more are allowed. Why?

I actually have question for all of you knowledgeable people out there:)
About myself: I'm 1b guys, week 11 Pegasys/Copegus, 180 mcg/1200 mg. At the start of tx was 80 +-2 kg. I put off some weight, I can feel it, but don't know the exact number.
Question: what is the danger of mantaining my Riba dose at 1200 mg if my weight is < 75kg ?!?
I'm feeling good, no complaints. At week 5-6 my HBG stabilized at 115, WBC 2.5-3, ANC 1.2-1.5. I'll see my DR next week for 12-week PCR plus will have my 8-week blood work results.
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Dallas dont feel bad about opening a thread!  Its the first and only one for today so far!   I am feeling achy, warm, nauseated and just yucky since my Procrit, Neupogen, and flu shots the other day.  But other than that Im okay!  I have been having the weirdest thoughts before I fall asleep, like icky old bad memories keep surfacing, and strange dreams.  I read somewhere here that other ppl have had the same so it must be tx related.
Dave from Canada, its a shame you cant get the Neupogen up there.  I dont know how vital it is for you to take it at this point, and I imagine the doc would reduce your dosage  for awhile.  I know there are ppl on here who have leftover Neupogen and would love to send it to you, but thats illegal...dammit.  Well I am not much help today, going back to the couch!  Happy Wednesday fellow heppers!
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