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Using Canabis as a Suppliment for Hep-c Side Effects

If you chose to use canabis during your treartment plan, and if you do you feel it has helped or have you elimated it from your treatment regime.
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It helps take the edge off a bit. Thought I would use it more but it seems that I don't have any desire for it until a day or two after my peg intro. I would say I maybe use it once or twice a week in the pm.
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Recently during a week of intense back pain, my friend brought me some cannabis brownies.
They tasted so good, I ate two.
Barely able to get out of bed in the morning, I happily noticed the pain was gone, and it stayed that way.
No question in my mind, cannabis relaxed and removed my back pain.

BTW: My hepatologist doesn't mind my using it in moderation.
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I have used it in the evenings with a vaporizer to help me sleep. While on the study drugs, I had intense heartburn and it eased that nicely. Now that I feel better, I use it less frequently maybe 2 or 3 evenings w week.
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Hey just a little reminder that for a percentage of the population cannabis isn't a good idea. I am not passing judgement on the type of usage people are talking about here, but I know that it can be bad mojo for some people. Susceptibility is genetic. Could be big bad mojo when mixed with the psychiatric effects from IFN if you are one of those folk.

Look after yourselves and use with caution.

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Odin, I am skeptical about those types of reports.
The one person I know who had problems with it, had some buried memories surface. These indeed can cause severe problems.

Cannabis makes it so many people don't need ADs.

Here's something I couldn't resist posting:
( from my local bay area paper)

The Legalization Nation Index: A by-the-numbers collection for 2011

4: Number of persons approved by the federal government to smoke medical marijuana (US Drug Enforcement Administration).

16: Medical marijuana states (Americans for Safe Access).

750,000: Estimated number of qualified patients in California (NORML, June).

24.8 million: Estimated number of eligible patients under current state laws (See Change Strategy, March 2011).

$1.7 billion: Estimated size of the annual medical marijuana market in the United States (See Change Strategy).

$8.9 billion: Forecasted size of the annual US medical marijuana market in 2016 (See Change Strategy). Read more after the jump.

92: Percentage of the national medical cannabis market located in California and Colorado (See Change Strategy).

$1.3 billion: Size of California medical cannabis market (See Change Strategy).

$100 million: Amount the California Board of Equalization estimates it collects annually from the 8.75 percent sales tax levied on medical marijuana dispensaries (BOE).

$740,000: 2010 Oakland tax revenue from dispensary permits and sales (City of Oakland).

30,000: Estimated number of attendees at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo held for the first time in front of Oakland City Hall.

$2.5 million: Amount Harborside Health Center owes the IRS, because the IRS says medical cannabis dispensaries can't deduct business expenses (Harborside).

5,300: Pounds of food Harborside Health Center donated to the Alameda County Food Bank, earning it the Red Plate Award in May (Harborside).

$18 billion: Estimated size of the annual US marijuana black market (See Change Strategies).

28 million: Estimated number of consumers of marijuana in the last year (US Department of Justice).

9,000: Estimated number of full-time equivalent DEA agent positions budgeted for 2011-12 (White House).

17,000 metric tons : Estimated annual marijuana production in the US according to the US DOJ.

5,000 metric tons: Estimated annual marijuana production in the US according to RAND.

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I am surprised to read about someone using marijuana in a trial.  That would have gotten me kicked off my study before I even started.  I have a lengthy print out of the substances they screen for and marijuana is one of them.  
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Goodly Hawk,
I am not saying weed is all bad, just that some people have to be careful. For those that don't react badly, if it allows them to do without ADs, that's great. Same for pain relief too, great, go for it. Only saying be careful. THC isn't for everyone. I am speaking from personal experience :)

Glad it worked for you. Much better than stuffing yourself with pain meds.

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Of course. It is not for everyone.Nothing is. I had a friend end up in the ER because of an allergic reaction to aspirin.

And I know you write out of care.
I react when often I should take a breather and put my brain in gear.Sorry.
( The brain is temporarily out of order)

I've encountered people who have had emergency liver transplants from a reaction to tylenol. Yet our doctors prescribe it.
People take it without thinking.

But as soon as the subject of marijuana comes up, somebody comes along with dire warnings.
And I react.

Hugs from afar.
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I guess somebody needs to explain to me how they can report side effects in a safety and efficacy study (which most of them are) when they are confounding the effects with a mind altering substance.  The side effects we report in trials eventually find their way onto labels.  When we are not supposed to be taking supplements on trials, how can marijuana be justified?  
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Are you referring to Rivil?

I can't speak for her and I've never done a trial.

When I checked into a local ( S.F. bay area) oral trial for my friend, there were no restrictions in regard to smoking either cannabis or tobacco.
They couldn't drink alcohol or have certain health problems but that's all they mentioned to me.

I suppose if the participant had never used cannabis before they might mistake the effects as side effects from their meds.
I can easily tell the difference.
If only interferon was like pot we'd be all be laughing instead of raging.
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I am not going to engage in dialogue about marijuana. Anyway, OH said it very well.
Happy New Year to all-healing and happiness
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