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VBX-950, heart problems???

i called a hepatologist that was the first doc i saw after finding out i had HCV. i now see a differnt doc closer to home. although the doc i see now is involved with several trials he does not have the VX trial. So i called my old doc to ask if he would be having the VX trial and of course was not able to speak to him directly but talked to one of the fellows which told me they will have the VX trial there. He said he will put me on the list. he said there was some concern with the sx and i said about the rash? he said no there was more concern about heart problems! said they would know more after the boston meeting. has anyone heard of heart problems with vx-950? this was the first i had heard of it and was very susprised. thanks for any info on this.
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LOL, early morning posts before coffee, of course i meant VX-950 in the title.
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Wow, I hope the guy you spoke to was simply confused and there aren't any real "heart problems." There was another protease inhibitor a few years back called BILN2061 that was looking real promising, but it was discontinued because of heart toxicity observed in primate studies. And then someone was on here recently asking about BILN2061 again, saying something to the extent that it may be tested again and possibly it's been slightly reformulated?? Not sure I have that right at all, and not sure the person sugggesting that had it right either...but maybe the guy you spoke to was thinking of BILN2061 instead of VX950??? I hope so anyway, keep us updated if you hear anything more.
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first i had heard of it and was very susprised. thanks for any info on this.
Hi Copy,
Actually it wasn't the first you heard. You were in a thread last year where I posted this. I didn't have any site I could point people to read about this -and I still don't have any studies to show as proof, but I did say the person who told me is a friend who is a retired liver researcher.
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From what I remembered of that thread -- even though your friend may have mentioned Telaprevir,  it appeared that he was talking about an earlier PI called BILN2061 which was pulled from trials due to adverse heart events. If indeed there is anything significant re Telaprevir and the heart, it is indeed new.

-- Jim
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He was talking about VX. I mentioned to him that you said BILN and he said he was talking about VX.
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LOL. I knew you would going to post that.

Now I could say, "show me a study" or any mention in the literature, for that matter, of Telaprevir and heart issues back then -- but I know you too well to ask, because you're not going to waste your Saturday looking it up (I wouldn't) not that you'd find it anyway.

I will grant you that there may be some heart issues with the PIs, including Telaprevir -- as they are with riba for example -- but the important thing is if they are signficant or not. With BILN2061 they were -- like people died I think -- but never heard any major red flags re Telaprevir until now.

Be well,

-- Jim
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