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Has anyone used this? How bad is the side effects? Just saw the doc yesterday, and he changed it to this! Somthing about our govenor (ILL). Cost$ I'm worried that there putting cost above health. so PLEASE tell me if this stuff is any good! I've read the F.D.A. report and pharmacy report. AGAIN there also about money. PLEASE let me know something. Oh, it's VICTRELIS
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I was on Vic for 7-months.  I have zero detection of HEP-C post 5-months of treatment.  In fact, I was a fast responder at 4-weeks with zero detection.  My viral load was 43-million prior.  I became extremely anemic and suffered from every single side effect!  I was started on the protocol dose of 800 mg Vic, and at the end of my third month was lowered to 600 mg because my side effects were so intensely bad and life threatening.  Two weeks later my dose was again dropped to 400-mg, soon followed by a blood transfusion.  I'm aware that everyone has a different response to treatment and begins with unique circumstances.  I would NOT get too caught up in how others respond.  Although it was a close dance in adjusting meds, I can now say after being in bed for 1-year (vomiting and retching daily!) that a zero detection now was worth it.  I'd had Hep-C for 28-years, and am now experiencing things and feelings in my body that I've never before felt!  I know I'm a miracle and am just so excited to be alive in this body!!!  Good luck to you.  Blessings!
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I was changed to victrelis because I couldn't tolerate the incevek due to a severe rash.  I don't think the side effects are to bad and the the cure rate is basically the same per my Gastro doctor.  I think Victrellis is just made by a smaller drug  company so the cost maybe somewhat less.  The only disadvantage is you stay on victrelis longer than incevek.  I also like the victrelis because I don't have to eat all the fat grams like you do with incevek.  There are side effects as there is with any drug.  My advice is to go the the victrelis web site and read about the side effects, just remember that it doesn't mean that you will have all of them.  Good luck, and keep us posted on how you are doing.  Hopefully we can all give some good advice to help you through this.  I am on week 7 of victrelis and I am doing ok.  
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I am now cured thanks to Vic, there are many of us here either on it or now finished.

Vic is made by Merck, a very large drug company.
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Hi - I chose Vic because I have ulcerative colitis.  I was willing to go longer to avoid additional plumbing problems reported with incivek. I am finishing wk 10 and Sx have been tolerable.  UND at wk 8 so I am on my way to 26 wks.  
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sorry about that, victrelis is the large (Merck) company and I think incevek is made by Vertex.  I'm afraid I am in that brain fog stage of treatment, so thanks for correcting me.
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I have had minimal sides for most of treatment the last few weeks haven't been easy but they could still be worse. I'm on Vic and I should get to stop at 28 weeks in. I was undetected at 5 weeks my test was a week late lol and 12 weeks so its worked for me. Frijole a member here has a chart on the page where you cansee peoples progress and drugs etc very awesome. If you need advise or help private message me I can give you some of my personal experience.
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I did Vic and was UND week 4, 12, finished tx April 4th.  
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I did Vic and am cured!  SVR as of June 2012!
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  I am on Victrelis, week 23 (on tues), out of 28 weeks.  I was Und at week 4, which was just the "lead in" drugs, Interferon, and Ribaviran.
   At week4, they then add the Victrelis, and I got a few more side effects then.
  A bit of nausea, some anxiety, and then hemolytic anemia, which I controlled with a 'rescue" drug, called Procrit.
    I felt weird, from week 5 to week 12, and then I got used to the meds, and my stomach felt fine, and my teariness and anxiety also dissappeared.
   I feel pretty good now, with only 5 weeks to go~
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It will be 28 yrs tomorrow since I got Hep C, my Doctor has not started me on treatments yet. What was the reason you got started on treatment?
Is there anything I should be watching for? My Doctor is not very helpful.
He tells me my blood tests are normal, but I have no clue what is normal and what is not. I have not been able to find a web site to explain what is normal for me and what is high or low.
I'm terrified to take pills for a lot of different reasons, but it sounds like the meds were good.
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Does anyone know what the cost for victrelis is through Tricare Express Scripts?  I've tried to get it on line and hate to call them.  
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Check your personal messages.  Couldn't  answer your question specifically about Vic, just some general Express Scripts experience.
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i was also acheived SVR by using victrelis. I had very sever anemia, neutropenia and Thrombocytopenia from the 3 drug combo. It was well worth the pain.
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sorry, typos :)
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