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VL after one week of clinical trial

I am so astounded and have no one to share this with so please tolerate my excitement.  I got my VL results from the first blood draw (one week of treatment) and it went from 2,200,000 to 176.  Yes, one hundred and seventy-six!  This means I must be taking at least one of the trial drugs and also that I am a rapid responder.  There is no guarantee here but things look pretty good.
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   Excitement like this is always nice to hear. A 4 log drop in viral load is a very good response at the 1 week mark.. The term Rapid viral response (RVR)  is to have no detectable virus at Wk.4 and it looks like you are certainly on your way.

Congrats and good luck going forward

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That's very encouraging news, and you have plenty of us to share with. Good for you!!!
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Great news and please always share
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Congratulations! Is this your first time on tx?

Keep us posted at the 4 week mark!
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Heck, yeah, that's something to be excited about! HUGE drop....

Curious, how often are they running PCR's early on? Weekly?

Best of luck to you, Pam
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what kind of drugs are you taking??
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Yahoo, keep sharing tell us about your treatment drugs.
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I am just back from the clinic.  I had the appointment for today for the week 2 tests but the research nurse was so excited about my VL, she called this morning to tell me before I went in.  Even the doctor came in to see me, lol. The PCR's are run the first two weeks and then at the end of crucial week 4.  After that, monthly, except for some funky week thrown in there-  I have no veins so the blood draws are torture.
This is my first treatment.  I was dx four years ago and chose an infectious disease clinic for my care but opted to not do treatment up until now.  In the trial, everyone gets the PEG/IFN combo.  The trial drugs are Gilead GS-9190, a polymerase inhibitor and  and GS-9256, a protease inhibitor. So I could be on two, three or four drugs total- i'm thinking that I'm on more than just the PEG/IFN.  
My other labs look good - AST/ALT in the 20's and a slight drop in WBC but still normal range although today's test may show more of a WBC drop and/or other things.  So far, so good, I'd say.  The most exciting thing is that if this continues, my treatment regimen could be just 16 weeks but 24 weeks max.  I'm trying to stay in the present though and enjoy today for what it is.
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Sounds like one research monkey is getting a good research drug...  again great news :)
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Wowowow!  That's awesome news.  No wonder you're excited!  What is your genotype?  I couldn't find it on your previous posts.  
Congratulations on your rapid response, from one lab rat to another.  (Geno 1b, completed 24 wk tx in Telaprevir trial two years ago, SVR,)

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GREAT news! Congratulations!
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Good going!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for a 16 week successful trial for you.
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Congrats! We are (my hubby & I) are on the same study and have also had a great response in a very short period.  We are now in week 7 and his vl is 16,300 down from 5,500,000 and mine is <25.  I am having some hemoglobin issues and the fatigue for us both is overwhelming.  Again, great news for you.  
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Sherri - Thanks for letting me know that you are in the same study - it's nice to have someone to compare notes.  I had my third shot today.    Fatigue has not been bad - I'm still able to work out a little and go to work everyday.  I know that my energy level could change at any time though.  My biggest sx has been the irritability and need to cuss someone out just about hourly.
@lapis - I'm 1a.  Congrats to you!
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by any chance have you had the ILB28 gene test done?  Was wondering if you were a CC or CT or TT.  It would really be even more fantastic news if you were one of the less favorable CT or TT and responding so well.  I am a CT  concerned  about using the interferon at all  putting that in my body and not responding to it.  I am hoping to hold out for treatment that does not include that.  However if the CT and TT's are responding just as well then that would be the holy grail of HCV treatment today for Genotype 1a's
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Major contests well done!
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The genetic test was part of the pre-treatment screening.  I signed off on not receiving the results nor does my doctor.
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I'm very happy for u great news! I'm suppose to start treatment sometime in may my Doc is waiting for this new drug thats being approved by the FDA. My problem is my platelets are very low 37,000. I was diagnosed over ten yrs ago but my Dr at that time said treatment wasn't necessary. If I got treatment then I would have been better off but it is what it is. Are u on the interferon? or is this a study for a new drug? Have u experienced any discomfort? I know I have a lot of questions but I'd rather hear the answers from someone going through this. I'm afraid they will tell me its to late for me to get treatment now. Best of luck to u!!!!
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i am in that same study and after my first week i was told i was negative, second week same thing,  i don't really know what all this means but it sounds like good news.  i had read all the bad things about the shot and i thought maybe all my drugs were placebo because i felt no aches or pains or had any of the bad effects i had read about.   i will be following your posts now and maybe learning a thing or two.
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Thats great:)
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Great news! It seems to be getting better all the time with this explosion of new drugs available. Good luck and keep us posted with results.
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