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Very yellow urine harvoni/riba

I've been doing as recommended, and drinking lots of water and peeing a lot, yet no matter how much I do, my urine never goes clear or even much of a lighter yellow like it would before taking these drugs.  It is an almost fluorescent yellow color, a bit more concentrated in the mornings with an almost orange tone.  I haven't seen this mentioned, and wonder if it is just me?  

My bilirubin levels have never been elevated, nor do I see any signs of jaundice elsewhere.  

Anyone else getting this yellow pee despite being ultra hydrated?  I am not taking vitamins (no b or anything).  Anyone know if this is the harvoni or riba?  I am leaning towards the riba, but really have no clue.

Otherwise, 10 days in I would say I am feeling better than usual.  But then usually I feel fatigued and wracked with pain - both seem to be diminishing a bit, the fatigue more so.
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Hi Trigger,  On my first week of Harvoni and Riba too. I've also noticed my pee is darker, particularly in the morning in spite of drinking a lot of water.  I figure it's the meds, but will ask my Doctor to monitor renal function when I see her for bloods.  Also feeling better than usual.  Best wishes for your treatment and achieving an SVR.
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Hi Bilrac,
congrats on first week, and also that you are feeling better.  Yes, that's exactly my observation too, brighter yellow first thing in the morning (which is the usual thing as it's the nights concentrated first urine), and then a lighter shade, but still looks like I am taking a vitamin b supplement by the color of it.  Not too worried, but just wanted to confer with others.  Glad to hear you are having the same thing.  I drink plenty of water, but don't go totally overboard, because I do believe there's such a thing as overworking your kidneys.  

BTW, In this regard, if the yellow pee was a prob, I believe it would more likely be liver related than kidney.  I would imagine it would be to do with ribavirin induced liver injury of some kind which was causing jaundice (it will show in the urine, then mucosal tissue I believe then sclera/skin, but I am far from an expert on jaundice so don't quote me on that!).  But, in this case I think it is something benign.  Urine is not brown or 'dark' per se, just a lot more yellow.
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What I mean by the last remarks is that any problems should show in your CBC's.
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Now that I have finally mentioned this after a week of wondering, it seems to have finally lightened up today.  I had a very high viral load.  Not sure if that figures into it.
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