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Viral load was 2,400,000 now its -27 with trial treatment

Hi Everyone,
Im 3 weeks into treatment and I have 8 more weeks to go! I almost had to stop due to a skin reaction I randomly had for 2 days but it was a photosynthesis reaction from Simeprevir and the Sun exposure. Now Doc is making me wear 100 proof sunblock and 50 proof chapstick. It was a close call though! I was so upset for those  2 days because doc said we might have to stop treatment  but it went away. Yay! Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again or any other weird stuff.  So far I have these really energetic highs and then 2 days later fatigue sets in followed by random days of insomnia. Probably from the Ribovarin.

Anyways just wanted to keep everyone updated on my progress or side effects I might have    :)

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Good luck with your trial treatment. Thank you for progress update.

Sorry, I didn't notice your prior post in early March and surprised you didn't receive any comments.


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Stay off the beach!
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Thanks you two! yeah I was surprised also when I didnt get any comments from post about me starting treatment but oh well I  will continue to post updates.
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Good luck with your treatment. You had a good viral load drop.  Wishing you SVR!

You probably did not get any comments on your other post/thread because no one on the forum (or not many) are on the meds that you are on in your trial. In that thread you asked, "My questions is if anyone has been on the study ? And did you experience anything out of the norm?"  If no one on the forum had been on those meds, then no one could have answered your questions.

Let us know how things turn out. It is always good to know if there are more new effective treatments.
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Yeah good point hadn't thought of that. I didnt know my trial meds would be so rare. I guess I do mostly hear about Gilead trials.

Thank you for wishing me luck with SVR. The support from all of you really helps to get through the tough times!!!
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