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Virus clear at 3 months

Just to let the group know.
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Great news Judy!  Congtrats!
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possibly "congrats "    not congtrats  :0)
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Will I will have whatever you are having today!  :)~~~~
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That is wonderful news. Congratulations!
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nice work judy!...my last vl is may 7th to svr i hope...its kinda sad in a way but most of us will part soon...hope your feeling good.....billy
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good work judy-I sure know are glad
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So great to hear! And how are you feeling now? Better than before you txed?
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I feel the same as I did the 40 years I had the virus.  It has taken about 3 months to return to pre treatment levels.  Some other facts.  This was my second time treating.  One doc would have called me a partial responder and instructed me to do 48 weeks, I did 24 per instruct from Mayo since I only did 12 weeks with the old tx  and dropped more then 2 logs.  Also I had many dose reductions along the way.  Also I will admit for the first time I missed 2 doses of telaprevir during tx.  Not to recommend just to reassure we are human.  Treatment was a very difficult for me.  I went in knowing it might not work.  I couldn't personally do 48 weeks, that was my own line in the sand.  I am old.  I had a VL of over 17 million, one of the highest I've seen on this site.  This stuff is powerful, I cleared by week 4.  To those on treatment, be prepared it is hell, but you can survive it.  For the first time since I found out I had this virus, today, the first day I've truly been happy.  This has been a cloud over me every single day.  I could have waited for less toxic stuff, did it because it bothered me so much.  Now I can live and die of something other then the result to hep c.  Good luck to all.  
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Wow, I totally agree with you, there is no way I could handle this Boceprivir any longer then my 28 week sentence.
   I am glad you got rid of your Hep C black cloud...I never realized how much it had been bothering me (denial?)..until I saw that UND on my labs.
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Congratulations It is always nice to hear good news.  
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Very well put. My first tx was a mess. It was in 2001 and everything has changed since then. I too was told to do 48 wks and due to financial issues I stopped at 24 wks to return to work. I cleared at 4wks and was und at 3 months post tx. I am rather nervous about my 6 month test though. I did incivek and it sure looks like SVR is around the corner. I wish you a hep free 2012!! God Bless all the fighters......slay the dragon.
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Very good news,be happy and start having some fun, you deserve it--Toby
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Congratulations Judy. I am so happy for you. It looks like you are done with this for good.
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Wonderful news.  I hope the whole body system gets back to normal soon.  I too have found this treatment much harder than my first time.  Age could be part of it.

IT looks like you have done it, pcds, and will never have to do it again!
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Hi Judy: Yippee! Thanks for sharing the update. Yes, 17M is one of the highest viral loads on frijole's list. I'm a little above you at 22M. It's nice to read about a high viral success story! I'm curious, were you tested for the level of the virus at week1, 2 or 3? I'm always interested in finding someone similar to whom I can compare my progress. Cheers, GB
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Wonderful news, congratulations and big hugs !
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Congratulations! Thanks for letting us know! I am so happy for you. I am five months psot tx and things just get better and better. I hope the same for you! Take care,
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This is the best news.  Thanx for letting the rest of us know your results.  I am breathing a great sigh of relief.  You worked hard for this. I am proud to be your fellow warrior.  Cymbals clanging with packaderm blowing his trunk congratulations!
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Great news! I am so happy for you!  My 3 month post is next week.  It's a nervous wait.  I expect you must be flying high.
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Yippee! This post is filled w sweetness. You n I started at the same time. Girlio... Tears of joy. Good to see all the old timers - and newbie - share your happiness. Xoxoxo Karen :) I think I'm on week 41. Lol congrats
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Hey there!  Congratulations on your wonderful news!  You give everyone hope!
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That is awesome!!!!
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Happy dances all around. Cheers to you!
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