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Vitamin D3 supplements increase virologic response

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That's a big improvement. Wow!

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CL..thx. for posting

I believe it was "burned 74 " that posted this a few days ago,and it must be remembered that as" Hectorsf "stated  in that thread this was a study done  with INF/Riba  only without consideration to any DAA.

Approx. 60 % of HCV patients are either Vit D deficient or have insufficient amounts ,therefore it is recommended to be tested and to bring levels in to normal reference range.

Also keep in mind that Vit. D is a fat soluble Vit,,stored in the liver and excess amounts may be harmful.


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Good article and thanks for posting.  Glad to see they are doing studies like this one.  Just wished they had known or done these studies a few years ago, although, many who are tx'ing now with SOC and have tested their D3 level will benefit by supplementing a deficiency.

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boy i guess i should be thankful to joe from fl `for posting his doc made everyone take it....after his post i started vitamin d 3.... few weeks into tx....even with that at the end of tx my vit d was very low so now i'm on 50000 units a week pill...must be the tx drugs thrive on vit d and use it up....i would think folks would start taking it way before tx....thanks cu 1 .....billy
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I could be wrong but hasn't Mikesimon been posting about the benefits / importance of Vitamin D for YEARS?
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Billy, are you sure you don't mean 5000 units?  That is what was recommended for me way up north here and others I have spoken with.

BTW just read a post on another forum whose third treatment (just SOC) has been significantly potentiated by the addition of D3. The first one she nulled, second she had 16 weeks to UND, this time with D3 added she RVR at 4.  
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Yes.This is nothing new but always good to be reminded.
I was advised to take it back in 2007.

Although vitamin D is wonderful, my doctor told me to be careful, too much can be harmful.
I'm taking 2000 units, as recommended by my doctor. Not sure if that's because of my small stature or if that's what he recommends for everyone.

Because D is included in my multi-vitamin and calcium, I use low dosage drops to make up the difference, bringing my total to 2000.

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Here is an article from today's NYTimes. In my case I find this a bit disturbing as I take Vit D due to osteoporosis even though my levels are quite good without it.

Too much vitamin D may be just as bad as too little, a recent study suggests.

Vitamin D supplements reduce blood levels of C-reactive protein, or CRP, an indicator of inflammation that is linked to cardiovascular disease. But supplements help only up to a point.

In a study of more than 15,000 adults ages 18 to 85, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that after blood levels exceeded 21 nanograms per milliliter — the lower end of what is usually considered normal — any additional vitamin D led to an increase in CRP.

The association held after the researchers accounted for the effects of factors like obesity, smoking, cholesterol and high blood pressure. There was also a dose-response relationship: Above 21 units, each 10-unit increase in vitamin D was accompanied by an increase of 0.06 milligrams per deciliter in CRP.

“Vitamin D is good to a certain level,” said the lead author, Dr. Muhammad Amer, an assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins. “But don’t just keep on taking it. Have your blood drawn and your levels checked.”

Previous studies of vitamin D supplementation have produced inconsistent results, with some trials showing a decrease in inflammatory markers and others showing no effect. The finding that the benefit is apparent only at lower levels of vitamin D, the authors write, may help explain these conflicting findings.

The study was published online in The American Journal of Cardiology.

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I think the difference is many heppers or post treaters do have very low D levels but as said above - you have to have your levels checked on a regular basis (most of us are good with bloodwork getting done I'd assume as obsessive as we are) and not just take vast amounts of the stuff without ever checking what it's doing to us.

Just like with A and K and other vitamins anything stored in the liver really does have to be monitored or not taken just as 'supplementation' without thinking about it.

Very good post thank you Susie.
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You're welcome. My problem is that I need the extra vit d for the osteo but it may be too high for the liver. Gotta find the right balance.
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I saw that NYTimes article too

I am d deficient too
With also osteoporosis

But am unsure how much d to take (hep md said 2000 mg)
And if take calcium, magnesium too or not
No sun where I live this time of year too
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I thought your comment about being short in stature was interesting because so am I. I've wondered whether or not to raise mine. I'm taking 1,000 i.u's. I'm hoping to start treatment this year and had decided to raise it at that time to 2,000. I'm going to do the all orals and I still believe it will help.
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My comment was in reaction to taking 5000, which I think is generally, overkill.
For specific individuals, it may be the right amount.

However, I think the best thing would be to get a vitamin D test first to see if you are deficient.
Other factors could include the condition of your liver, bones, etc.

2000 'feels' right for me:)
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It's nice to see another publication about the positive benefits of Vitamin D for those on trt, but as nygirl7 stated, Mikesimon has posted several threads about this in the past.  If you do a search, you'll see a ton of threads related to Vitamin D on MH and google.  

After reading these earlier posts about the low levels of those with HCV and the positive benefits of Vitamin D, I decided to request the test.  I was tempted to begin taking Vitamin D supplements, but how much and how often?  I knew this was wrong to just take Vitamin D without knowing my current level.  

I began SOC trt 4/21/2011.  My initial Vitamin D3 levels taken on 8/04/2011:
Vitamin D, 25-OH, Total 30 ng/mL (Range 30-100) Borderline Deficient

Began taking 5,000 IU/day after discussing with the doc and continue until further testing.

11/28/2011: Vitamin D, 25-OH, Total 48 ng/mL (Range 30-100).

As you can see my Vit D3 level has only risen 18 ng/ml in nearly 4 months of taking 5,000 mg/day while on trt. It does take a while to rise. I'll continue to monitor and back down if levels indicate.  I spend at least 2+ hrs/day in the Florida sun on Sat/Sun, so don't assume your Vitamin D level will be fine is you get some sunshine.  Good idea to have your level checked.
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