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Vitamins A, D and B3

What's the deal with these supplements? Are we (hep C +) supposed to avoid them entirely, use them with certain restrictions, or what? Can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. Asked my GP if I should avoid B3, use it in moderation, or...? His reply: "I don't know" ... which I respect, because it's a lot better than, "yeah, whatever." And there are a lot of things he does know. Just not this thing, vitamins A, D and B3 in the context of hep C. Anybody?
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How can anyone know?
Unless someone wants to waste a load of money taking two groups of Hepatitis C patients feeding one a paricular supplement and the other not and then monitoring them for a year it is all speculation.
If you take hepatitis out of the equation recent studies on supplements veer heavily toward there being no benefit .
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DO NOT take vit A supp While on TX, or even if you have a damaged liver

recent studies on supplements veer heavily toward there being no benefit .

can you post this info?
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You can have your vitamin levels checked through blood tests.

Many people have Vitamin D deficiency and you would need to take a supplement. My doctor prescribed Vit D, even when I was on treatment.

Vitamin A and iron can be a problem, as the liver has a hard time metabolizing them, when one has a liver illness and should thus usually be avoided.

I never heard about B3 being a problem, but I am not sure about that. I am taking a multivitamin without A and without iron.... it contains most of the B's
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There are numerous reports on this major study on the net.
I have pulled this one at random.
It was a big study and made headlines all over he world.

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This dont seem like a study,just an article wrttten by a govt newspaper and it only mentions 3 supplements anyway.It also just says taking these 3 wont make you live longer,the idea is not to live longer ,its the quailty of life,not the length,
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How many of the peolpe died in this so called study???/becaus ethe study was done on the premise

People are taking these supplements with the presumption that they will live longer or better. This shows they are not living longer and in fact may be at higher risk of dying."

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i DO NOT believe for 1 second taking these 3 vitamins will KILL you like this artilce says.looks like someis trying to scare people into not taking something healthy
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One of the largest and most authoritive studies ever undertaken,pooled data from 68 studies involving more than 232,000 people and published in The Journal Of The American Medical Association.Participating institutions were renowned hospitals and universities.
Yet to you 'This dont seem like a study,just an article'
It is obvious from your dismissive and seemingly uncomprehending comments that you have not processed the information and moreover you don't want to simply because it does not agree with your view of the world.
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We all have our views,even you.
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i still dont see the actual study ....just hear say ,where ia the papers?

.Participating institutions were renowned hospitals and universities.

Looks like a big pharma proganda story to me

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The thing is, Rocker, the article cited above isn’t necessarily HCA’s view, or mine either for that matter; but the result of exhaustive, evidence based studies performed by researchers. If you feel differently, please feel free to provide supportive evidence to the contrary. But don’t bother with blather from non-reviewed articles such as commercial firms that sell product. That stuff doesn’t hold water here, and only takes up bandwidth in the forum--

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Here’s the abstract from the JAMA:


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