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Vitamins During Tx for Sx and Liver Detox etc?

I want to go out tonight and get the RIGHT vitamins that could help me with the sx and also one's that could help with detoxing my liver and my immune system etc.  Anything that can help me with this disease! I start tx next week.

I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we could find all the relevant information in one place.  I know I've asked before...but some people in here are too weak to go reading every single thread to find the right info.

I was thinking tonight of getting at least C, E, Selenium, Garlic and Zinc.  I worry about the multi cause of the iron (which seems messed up cause of the worry of anemia but...)

Can anybody help list what would be beneficial and why?

Thanks so much to everyone.  The more knowledge I have the more I feel like I can beat this thing!


PS I am not talking about vitamins INSTEAD of treatment..just in conjunction WITH treatment.
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The only thing my dr suggested taking to me was 800 IU's of Vitamin E.  She said some people also take milk thistle and that would be okay.

I think you should really discuss with your dr before adding any type vitamins.  You may end up taking so many that your liver is working extra on these when it could concentrate more on the HCV meds.  Just my opinion.

Good luck starting tx.  I did 48 wks and finished 1 year ago.  It's worth it.
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Thanks Lynne.  I WOULD ask my doctor but he's impossible to get a hole of. I even called and asked for his nurse and she never called me back. I am almost thinking of finding a new doctor but I really want to get started next week. I dont want to give these bugs any chance to create MORE of themselves in me before I get going!

I figure there must be just common knowledge things that make sense?

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They make multi-vitamin tablets without iron. That's all I would recommend. I know it's not the American way, but sometimes less is more. :)

As Lynne suggested, you don't want to introduce anything that might intefere with the action/absorption or the interferon and ribavirin. Before and after treatment is a different story.

Sounds like your're revving to go. A positive attitude is a good thing.

-- Jim
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REvving to go is an understatement!  ;-)

Jim question for you - you mentionned something about the Riba needing fat for absorption and you eat bacon and eggs every morning or something.  Can you explain that? (Sorry if I misinterpreted but I think that's a basic of what you said elsewhere).
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You know I support your treatment 100% but I'm a little concerned about some of your reservations about your current medical team.

From experience, let me tell you it's very important you get your ducks in order with your med team BEFORE treatment begins.

This discussion group if full of too many people who started with the wrong team. In some cases it simply meant running around and switching to a new doctor, but in others the mistakes by the medical team resulted in serious treatment mistakes.

You want to have a discussion with the team before treatment begins. You want to feel comfortable with how they will schedule your routine blood tests and your PCR tests. If you decide you want that week 4 PCR, make sure they are on the same page. You want to feel comfortable how agressively they will deal with possible anemia. You want to make sure they will intervene with Procrit before reducing your ribavirin. These are important discussions that many of us wish we had prior to treatment.

I know you're raring to go which is terfific, but you really want to start the right way. Hopefully, they will get back to you soon. But if you can't get the answers from them before treatment, this is not a very good sign.

-- Jim
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If I were you, I'd consider taking zinc.  Below is a study that supports my recommendation.  Good luck toy you! -- Susan

Zinc supplementation enhances the response to interferon therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

J Viral Hepat. 2001 Sep;8(5):367-71.Takagi H, Nagamine T, Abe T, Takayama H, Sato K, Otsuka T, Kakizaki S, Hashimoto Y, Matsumoto T, Kojima A, Takezawa J, Suzuki K, Sato S, Mori M.

    The First Department of Internal Medicine, Gunma University School of Medicine, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan. ***@****-u.ac.jp

    We evaluated the synergistic effect of zinc supplementation on the response to interferon (IFN) therapy in patients with intractable chronic hepatitis C in a pilot study using natural IFN-alpha with or without zinc. No clinical differences were observed between patients treated with IFN alone (n=40) and IFN with polaprezinc (IFN + Zn, n=35). All patients were positive for HCV genotype Ib and had more than 105 copies of the virus/mL serum. Ten million units of natural IFN-alpha was administered daily for 4 weeks followed by the same dose every other day for 20 weeks. In the IFN + Zn group, patients received an additional dose of 150 mg/day polaprezinc orally throughout the 24-week IFN course. No additional side-effects of polaprezinc were noted but four out of 40 IFN alone treatment and three out of 35 IFN + Zn group withdrew because of side-effects. Complete response (CR) was defined as negative HCV RNA in the serum on PCR and normal aminotransferase level 6 months after therapy. Incomplete response (IR) was normal liver enzyme and positive serum HCV RNA. Both of them were evaluated at the 6 months after the completion of the treatment. Patients with higher levels of serum HCV (more than 5 x 105 copies/mL) had little response in both treatment groups. Patients with moderate amount of HCV (105 to 4.99 x 105/mL) showed high response rates in combination group (CR: 11/27, 40.7%; CR + IR 15/27, 64.3%), better than IFN alone (CR: 2/15, 18.2%; CR + IR: 2/15, 18.2%). Serum zinc levels were higher in patients with IFN + Zn group than in the IFN group. Our results indicate that zinc supplementation enhances the response to interferon therapy in patients with intractable chronic hepatitis C.
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