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WATER 101 --'Obsessively gung ho!', where are you???


When I first started TX I read this forum and it was (and is)my main source of information 24/7.

You ALL "drilled" into my head the IMPORTANCE and NECESSITY of water consumption during TX. Correct me if I'm wrong but the subject came up in every other thread, or maybe it just seemed like it...

This information has helped me more than any one thing and I believe it is responsible for my lack of sx.

It has been kinda hard for me to keep up(reading this forum entirely) with soooo many threads per day and so very long,(some of them). Its hard for me to be positive about this but I don't think the newbies are being told the importance of drinking LOTS of water. It hasn't been mentioned at all lately, Has it?? Some of the new tx'ers are really having a hard time of it from the very begining. (like Mishelli)I believe that water drinking was given as a remedy for sx.

I know some of you from from time to time post the meanings of the acronyms we use, for the newbies. I think we need to keep mentioning the importance of drinking lots of WATER--I mean let's get REALLY GUNG HO!!!!!!

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Actually, I've been considering a gill transplantation in order to keep up with the intake <VBG>.  But you are correct way, I had to learn the hard way on my own the importance of lots of water.  I too believe I suffered a bit more from the sx's when I dehydrated and have suffered little since I realized the importance of drinking LOTS of water daily.
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Starting tx Friday, its good to hear about the H2O, how much is needed, I normally don't like the stuff, would iced tea do?
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You are so right about bringing up the water needed on tx. I feel like I have a bottle glued to my hand. One time I fell asleep with it and had to change the sheets! I keep a little frig upstairs in my bedroom full of water. I never liked water much before tx either, but when you make it the only thing to drink, it helps get it down. Also on tx the dryness of mouth, nose, skin etc. helps with the desire to drink it. Sx are less when getting the needed water.

I think ice tea would be okay, but are you going to want to drink gallons of that a day?
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When I get to work, I fill the pretty pitcher I bought with ice, plenty of ice cubes, and fresh lemon slices.  I also keep packets of a product called "True Lemon" in my desk for the days I forget to bring lemons.  I drink at least 1.5 quarts a day, not counting what I drink at home.

However, when I began drinking over a gallon of water a few weeks ago, it alerted my dr to adjust my blood pressure meds (a water pill), since this was too much combined with the C drugs which are dehydrating.  He felt that too much water was overworking the kidneys.

WATER WORKS WONDERS, though.  Water is water and tea is tea.  You'll see how you feel when you DON'T drink it.  That will make you like it -- it worked for me!
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For me I did not drink excessive amounts of water and have read some people say they think it washes too much of the riba away.My sides were feeling like a mild flue all the time but I worked lived laughed and loved the whole 48 weeks the only thing I diden't do was stay clear of the virus. Yep when I first started TX it seemed like there was a lot of debate on the tons of water question but have not seen it as much lately. I felt worse when I tried to drink lots of water. The thing you get when you read lots of the posts over the years is that what works for one person may not work for another you can read both sides of just about any question and believe what ever makes you feel the best.Later
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Water is good - it is almost all I drink anymore but sometimes it is hard to want to drink it.  I was really good at first - even filling a gallon jug on weekends and making sure I drank it all.  Now I am not so good, but I try never to have an empty glass.

How much is enough?  I think the standard is 1 ounce for every 2 # of body weight, but, you know, that is supposed to be normal water consumption.  I think we need more than that to stay hydrated on tx.

Tea?  Maybe use it as a treat, but not as the main source of fluids.  The thing about water is that it is an aquired taste (which is an unfortunate thing) but once acquired you will find it is the only real thirst quencher.  So try to have a glass of tea only after you have chugged a glass or water.

gonnabeat it -- good luck Friday.  I try to drink a glass of water before the shot (maybe with your tylenol) and a full glass later.  Otherwise, I will wake up in the night thirsty.
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Hi, I will be starting tx in fall. I too hate water. I have been drinking weak ice tea with no sugar just some lemon and if I add fresh lemon to ice water I can get that down. Not as much as the tea. It is hard drinking so much, I hope to get used to it by the time I tx.
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i kept it at 6 to 8 glasses of 8oz daily, more made me sick. listen to your body. not everybody needs the same amount.

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Watch out if the tea is caffenated. Sometimes sleep is hard enough to come by while you are on tx.  Tea, if caffenated, can comptete with your need to rest.
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I drink between a gallon to a gallon and a half a day.  The Walgreens Specialty pharmacy, who assist with my medications questions/issues, recommended you take your weight in pounds and divide by 2 to get the total number of fluid ounces you should drink a day.

Also, like coffee, ice tea contains caffeine which is a diuretic and can result in dehydration.  I can't recall but it's either the peg-IFN or RBN which also is a diuretic and a large part of the reason for the increased water consumption and need to avoid coffee and tea.

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At one time during tx, I had a bad case of brain fog (once?) and let my water intake fall to about half of  the recommended quantity. After one week I was having some back pains and on the next day, as I was absently rubbing my back, I realized it was my kidneys that were hurting, not my back. I immediately upped my daily water and by the next day the pain went away.
That scared the **** out of me and I never forgot again. That
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I didn't even think about decaff!! I drink tea all during the day - sometimes w/lunch I'll have a diet ice tea-once I am home I do all water-occasioanlly some juice or green tea. It drives me insane getting up so much during the night. Hope that gets better.
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I am in the water camp big time. I am on week 50 of 52 and still sometimes forget to drink enough water and get terrible headaches. As soon as I up the water intake I feel better. I drink it room temperature and find that makes it easier to knock down. An added benefit for me was weight loss--by replacing all my juice, soda, red bull and iced tea drinking with plain old water I was able to lose 50 pounds on treatment (which I really needed) even though I never lost my appetite or had major issues with nasuea. Now I've just got my fingers crossed that I can keep it up once I go off the  "Pegasys Diet"!
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I never liked water by itself before tx. When I began tx, I decided it would be the only thing I drank. That made it much easier to give up that coke and other things. Now I have become used to drinking water and that is basicly all I drink. I get tired of it sometimes and will drink chocolate milk or milk. But I usually just grab that cold water and it tastes great!

I have heard that lemons in the water makes it easier to drink.
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Wow, that kind of scares me. I have had kidney stones twice. Just a week ago and then about 11 years ago. It seems I am missing something that breaks down calcium in the kidney. Nothing life threatening, my Dr. knows and never said anything but now I am worried will tx cause stones as I have read on many threads if you already have an existing problem tx will increase it. Other than the 2 stones I have never had any other kidney issues. My gastro is aware I had stones and never mentioned tx would cause my kidney any problems. Help Anybody!!!!
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I have been coming to this forum for a few years not always post but read it whenever I can.It does get very long to read in here sometimes and not always about hepatitis c either sometimes it is stuff that can be said on a chat forum.It is very important to drink water when you are on interferon but some times it is said in here that you drink it too much.I treated 3 times and it helped me to drink water but my doctor advised me not to go overboard with it because it is hard on the kidneys.For new people coming to this forum please check with your doctor with everything you do even how much water you drink. Slow
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Prior to tx, I averaged drinking about 100 ozs per day (had to because I exercise alot).  Since starting tx 19 weeks ago, I now try to do about 130 ozs. a day & I have no sx...  I believe in lots of water...
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How about putting lemon in your water?   After  awhile water just tasts like.....you know plain water.  Lemon helps me drink more of it.  Would lemon hurt while on tx or does it really not matter?
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I never thought about drinking water at room temp.  I always put loads of ice in mine.  You are right though,  making it room temp you can chug it and not get those darn headaches.
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thanks for the address... 2b and i only did 15 weeks due to procrit not working.  svr at 3 mon, have fingers crossed for 6 month pcr in august.  i keep thinking about rifleman...think he did 12?
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I am 2a and 2c.   I won't try tx until Sept. I will have to remember what you two are talking about.
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I slowed down on water later in treatment, I couldn't and didn't want to gag it down any longer.  After 43 weeks of 72 I could not do one more bottle chug, just couldn't.

As the doctors say though - as long as your LIQUIDS intake is good...same thing.  I prefer to drink lots of juices and iced tea in the summer so I've been doing it that way.

The liquids (water) do help with the dehydration factor for sure (ie: riba rash, skin peeling etc) but using the Gold Bond does too. Hydrating from the inside and out is double trouble.

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It so hard to know what and what not to do. I read here every day to prepare myself but at times is gets a little overwhelming. I kind of rely on those like yourself who have been here for a while.You guys give me much needed strength.  I guess we all just want to do it once make it work and be done. I have to go back to my Dr. b4 starting, guess I just start another list of questions. I have learned so much just from reading all your posts. I wish I had known about this place years ago.
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Chevygall55-- Thanx for that study--I WAS TOLD on this forum that geno 2's could treat for 16 weeks if they were und. at 4 week pcr. (and given the studies to prove it)and I had to fight for a 4 week pcr. Funny..I told my Dr. about "the studies" and he countered with "there are MORE RECENT studies!" Well I'll be darned he was RIGHT all along. Whooda thought?
I was planning on tx for 24 weeks,(even if UND at 4wkPCR) UNLESS the SX were prohibitive.

I don't think drinking anything besides water will be a good    substitute for water --with the possible exception of clear juices(?)I do divide my weight by 2 and try to drink that number plus a bit more in oz's.
I fill up two 16 oz bottles and put by the TV that way I don't have to keep getting up --except to pee.
I DRINK IT AT ROOM TEMP-- that way it's easy to chug a half bottle down at a time--I squeeze the bottle while drinking and it goes down fast and easy.
IMPORTANT--I quit drinking an hour before bedtime and it seems to help with the getting up at night peeing. I still do but not a bunch.
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