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We Are Not Alone In This Battle

Some of the famous folks who have or have had Hepatitis C:

Pamela Anderson - actress
Tommy Lee - drummer
Naomi Judd - singer
Allen Ginsberg - poet
David Crosby - singer
Freddy Fender - singer
Steven Tyler - singer
Dusty Hill - singer/bassist (ZZ Top)
Ken Kesey - author (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)
Jack Kevorkian - doctor
Evel Knievel - dare devil
Phil Lesh - musician (founder of the Grateful Dead)
Linda Lovelace - porn star
Mickey Mantle - pro baseball player
James Earl Ray - assassin
Ken Watanabe - actor (The Last Samurai)
Rolf Benirschke - pro football player (San Diego Chargers)
“Superstar” Billy Graham - pro wrestler
Christopher Lawford - actor (All My Children)
Natasha Lyonne - actress (American Pie)
Martin Phillipps - singer (The Chills)
Jerry Stahl - screenwriter (Permanent Midnight)
Gene Weingarten - writer (Washington Post)
Check Negron - singer (Three Dog Night)
Larry Hagman - actor (J.R. Ewing)
Laurie Bembenek - Playboy bunny
Willie Dixon - blues singer
Benito Mussolini - dictator

We will win this battle....

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Well thank you for the information but I've never heard of anything good happening with any of the people you listed.  Pamela Anderson chose to receive bad press for blaming Tommy Lee for giving her the virus, Tommy Lee said flat out that he didn't have it.  He may have admitted to having it now, but let's be honest here.  I think all was said about Mickey Mantle was that he has cirossis (sic) of the liver, and bought himself a transplant.  The other's I didn't hear about, James Earl Ray and Linda Lovelace, we don't need celebs like that, and the good ones we can use to promote awareness aren't talking.  Oh, or am I just mis-informed??  God Bless  
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Benito Mussolini - dictator

Huh? HCV wasn't named until 1989.
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Hey Mag, come visit me at the Health Department Hepatitis C Community "thing" on April 19 at 650 shadow lane.  I'll be staffing the support group room with Dr. Gish's nurse and Darla Burrow who runs the support group up in Reno.  Would love to see you.

Also will be on the front page of the Living section of the RJ on Thursday.  Wasn't all that hot on the idea, but it will help the support groups move along.  It's a story called "living with Hep C"......friggin embarrassing but the sidebar will be good.

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Add Anita Roddick to the list...unfortunately she passed away from complications due to her Hep C.  A little different personality than the rock star/ actress (is Pammy really an actress?) profile.

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I gave up going to the depressing meetings. I know my fate right now after four failed treatments lies in the VX-950 or something like it. I'm sure the meeting is for a good cause, but I've exhausted my searches and patience and just riding out the storm now until a cure comes along. Luckily my liver is functioning normally, but I can tell you this, the four treatments have really changed my looks for the worse. In retrospect, after having been diagnosed with Hep C 9 years prior to treatment (and maybe had it even further back), I probably shouldn't have entered a treatment with not so certain percentages of clearing for 1a patients like myslef.

I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from treatment, but I'm speaking for myself and if I had to do it all over again. I'm on God's hands now and hopeful the VX-950 will be out sooner than 2010. Treatment was working for me with the Infergen. Unfortunately, the doctor was over-dosing me and I almost died. He took me off it immediately and I survived to tell the cautionary tale for others not to over-dose. So on I travel down the road to complete eradication in what I pray will be in a timely fashion before things get worse.

I have made it a strong point not to drink, keep my weight down, avoid stress, lift weights and work out and eat right. I think if anyone who follows those prime factors in keeping one's immune system healthy, will extend their chances of having a normal liver function until the cure finally comes along. I hope everyone clears soon...

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not that I think Pamela Anderson is any huge talent, not by any means (though I do like the fact that she works on the behalf of animals, as do I) but in her defense, she was outed by a UCLA healthworker, she didn't come out with it on her own...and when she did want to do something as pr "for the cause" she had SO much hate-mail, from people infected and without, that she gave up...(we in this community can be an opinionated bunch, just speaking collectively, not individually)

If everyone that was a famous artist did come out, this list would be miles long...I guess with emails, etc...it's very easy to send hatemail, in a matter of seconds....
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