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Week 12 UND

Woke up Monday morning to a cold dark house and several inches of  rare snow in west Texas.  I had to shower in the dark  and head to the airport for my appointment with the hepatologist.  The good news is the results of my 12 week PCR (QuantaSure) were undetectable.  I am in week 15 now.  On Victrelis, Ribasphere, PegIntron, Procrit, and now Neupogen.  Oh the fun.

The doctor was fresh from the AASLD in San Francisco and all bubbly and excited about new treatments and trials.  So much, in fact, that I wondered if he was bypassing the PIs.  He is so excited about the new molecules that he thinks will help his long list of null responders.  He did say they were opening up some new studies to track the current PI’s.  I asked him if I needed to sign a consent, and he said I was too far in.  They want patients at about week 4 and what they are tracking is sx, not SVR.  He knows of no study or intent to put together any information on current treaters.

Since I have been UND since week 6, the doctor said if I continue to be UND to 24, I may be able to treat for 36 weeks.  This was a total shock to me.  He used the term pre-cirrhotic this time.  How could I be cirrhotic last time but pre-cirrhotic this time.  It caught me so off guard that I didn’t push him on it.  Originally he said since my biopsy showed stage 3 & 4 and about half the liver is 4, that I must be treated as cirrhotic even if I had no symptoms.  Now he is (under his breath, almost) calling me pre-cirrhotic?  I guess it’s time to dust off the biopsy and start studying again.  I thought bridging fibrosis and traces of nodule formation was pretty conclusive.

When I got back home in the evening  (to a still dark and cold house) the electric company was in the alley getting ready to trim trees out of the power lines so we could  have electricity again.  We went out to eat and stay warm and my husband and I discussed the 36 weeks.  He is so much more in tune with this treatment.  He thinks if I feel okay, I should do the 48.  He does not think I will choose to treat again if I relapse.  I tend to agree with him.  Doing 36 scares me.  I pushed my GI first round to extend treatment and it still was not enough.  I hate to short-treat this time.  When we got back home, the power was on.  Hooray
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All sounds good.  Well, except for the loss of electricity and the cold, dark house.  I agree with you and hubby on the 48 weeks.  I'm in a similar situation and figure as long as I feel up to continuing to do the full 48 and nothing unusual sneaks up on me, then keep going.  If you continue to 36 and don't SVR, then you'll always wonder if the extra 12 weeks would have made a difference.  Especially if this is possibly your last attempt. If you're feeling up to it, give it your best shot.  Hope all stays well with you through the remainder of trt.
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1st of all I want to say "Congrats" to your "UND".   Fabulous news.    
2nd of all , thats alot of information to absorb.   Take your time and look at it good , go back and ask questions, better yet, you have some of the best knowledge right here in our family of heppers.  
If it were me, I would do it right , for as long as the Experts think once.  
Glad you have your electric back on.   There is nothing like warm heat if your chilling.    God Bless you Frijole.   Praying for you :)
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Great news and keep it up!!!
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Snow for the holiday season... dinner out... power on... PCR undetected... sounds like it's the virus that's been left out in the cold dark this time.  Glad the day improved as it went on.

Sounds like your doctor is looking ahead:  treat like a cirrhotic, clear the virus, and you will be his pre-cirrhotic patient henceforth... seems your husband is on board too, so let them be the oars... just ride the wave.  Stay warm and comfy and undetected. ~eureka
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Great to hear you are UND. Congratulations!
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Great news on the 12 week UND. frijole!  I guess at this point it is irrelevant to you what they classify you as, as long as you do the best amount of time to get the job done.
Just a little info. altho you more than likely have seen this data:


In the Boce substudy they had 2 groups:  F 0,1,2   and then F 3&4"s.

The 3's and 4's  did much better with 48 weeks than the RGT(36 weeks) ..
I believe it was  24% difference.

You have lots of time to digest what the doc has said,however I think hubby and all the good folks above have said it well on time to treat.

Good luck going forward frijole ..and stay warm ;0)

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