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Week 4 Results Unimpressive

So . . . I got my 4 week results today. Here's how things look:

16-Dec-08 1320000 6.12 log on day one
30-Dec-08   940000 5.97 log on week 2
13-Jan-09   629000 5.79 log on week 4

For a total log drop of 0.33. Bleh.

This is as tx is throwing me some twists and turns.

I did start the blue pills right after this. It looks like I'm very dependent on them to be the catalyst that drives the virus out of my body. So, I'm hoping big time that I don't have the placebo.

I pulled together all of my old tests and--by and large--my numbers were better before I started treating. (Cue the violins.) Feeling discouraged right now.


Pre tx numbers:

28-Aug-02 266000 5.42
24-Mar-03 659000 5.81
20-Oct-03 319000 5.5
15-Mar-04 165000 5.22
20-Sep-04 276000 5.44
31-Mar-05 303000 5.48
14-Oct-05      1170000 6.07
13-Jul-06         no results
23-Oct-06       lab goofed
06-Apr-07   73760 4.87
17-Dec-07 634000 5.8
02-Jun-08 399000 5.6
01-Dec-08 664000 5.82
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*hugs*  don't feel discouraged!  the numbers are definitely lower than what you started with.  hang in there,  take care and good luck.
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Show must go on....Don't fee discouraged!!!..
Any good thing might happen ....... Must go  ahead....
Wish all the best and good luck..
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hmm - this may smack of lack-of-support (it's not meant to), but I suggest it's worth checking the map before hiking further. The pre-tx fluctuations within 1 log unit are noise. The 4w 0.33 drop however, points towards soc non-response - the ifn/rbv should be having more impact. A fairly common responder pattern is a hefty 1.0 or better drop, possibly followed by flattening as resistant strains are selected.  Decimating virus early on is easy - it gets harder not easier as the battle continues.  Here, the virus seems to be ignoring what you're throwing at it. The blue pills, if they're the real thing, should yield a more dramatic drop - but later you'll need to rely on some level of ifn response to handle the inevitable escape mutations.

A common suggestion for those sitting on the tx fence is "do 4 weeks and see how you respond".  For straight soc, a 4w 0.3 drop would be a good reason to quit and regroup given no urgent need to treat.  If you decide to push on, talking to your dr about more aggressive soc dosing seems advisable.  

Encouraging development of ns3-pi resistant virus via inadequate soc is not a win. Those strains will not be more harmful, and will not be resistant to non-ns3 pis, like r7128, but their selection  may preclude use of vx/bc if you need to re-treat. Sorry if I'm being too gloomy.
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They have a saying in Russia that is pretty common: Hope is the last thing to die.

Chin up! ;) Everything will work itself out for the best.
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You aren't being too gloomy. That's exactly what I think (except that I don't understand all this as well as you do). One thing, though: I started the boceprevir/placebo (and it has all the nasty taste that others are complaining about so it *might* be the real thing) 10 days ago. Is that enough to make it so that I've lost my shot with it?

Prior to txing, I've always been pretty healthy and had no change in biopsy between 2002 and 2008 (1 fibrosis 2 inflammation--I can never remember which is stage and which is grade).
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Thanks for your upbeat messages. I do truly appreciate the support!
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