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Week 5 - triple tx, migraine

Hi all!
Hope you're doing great. Michael got his 4 week results - UND. Yes! Rash is popping up everywhere. Doing the whole Eucerin/Cortizone thing. Headaches are the problem. it's always there, hurting his eyeballs, but 2-3 days after injection they get really bad for 2 more days. Migraine bad (I get them so I know), then they ease away to regular headache. Dr. believes it's from interferon and wants to drop his interferon to 80%. We have the  pre-measured epi pen style, so Dr has to ask pharma how to cut dose. My husband would rather not, but his Dr said 80% or 100% the results will be the same. Anyone have a take on that? I can't find any info. Also - I've read migraine suffers can take Imitrex. That doesn't work for me, I take Frova which is also a triptan. I broke down and gave one to Michael the other day - knocked the migraine out in 2 hours. His Dr, being a gastro guy, wants him to see a neurologist to prescribe something.
Water yourselves everyone!
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This happened tome also w/Peg-I was able to take analgesics to help ( I was also stage 0) My hep doc cut my Peg in half due to low neutrophils-no problem. Hep doc should be the one prescribing pain meds; please dont give him your meds. Rash-Clbetesol gel Rx by derm-worked miracles for me when fluocinonide wasnt working and I had a significant rash; also bathed every other day and used Nivea creme and Dove sensitive skin-still use these. Biotene daily for dry mouth.
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Fluocininide woked incredibly well for my husband for the rash.  My husband did not get it in earnest until around week 10 of INC, but when he did, nothing seemed to help.  The fluocininide knocked the rash out overnight.  Not having much of a rash issue now, just a little here and there (on week 22 - yay!) but when he does get a little rash we just dose him with the cream and it's gone immediately.  As you can see from Indy's post, everyone responds differently, and you might have to try multiple prescription creams to see which one works.  But don't wait!  Rash can get out of hand very quickly, so call your doctor and get a prescription right away.
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Thanks. Yeah - analgesics aren't touching the headache when it turns to a migraine.
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We're going to look into the various rx creams. The rest of it all we're doing. Right now it's the headaches that are the big issue.
Thank you!
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Congratulation.........Congratulations on UND...That is fabulous news! So happy for you...
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Congrats on your hubby being UND. I would schedule the appointment with a Neurologist ASAP just to see if you can detect what's causing the headaches. The med you take knocked out his headache so that's a good sign. I know how your husband feels in that I would be reluctant to reduce my dose of Peg at the 5-week mark even though I too have heard that 80% is the same as 100%.
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