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Weight Loss During Treatment

Let's face it, during treatment most of us lose our appetite and lose weight. The results for some is the Vampira or Nostradamus look after a few months. I just spoke to my pharmaceutical nurse (in charge of monitoring me on the new treatment), and she mentioned a couple of things.

Ginger, also Ginger Snaps with a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter (which is high in calories), can help keep your weight up. She cautioned me against sugar. I personally read every label of everything I eat. She mentioned a can of soda contains an average of 12 tsps of sugar. Organic tomatoes was mentioned as well as Vitamin D-3 and fish oil, which can help prevent fatty liver.

Yes, pizza, ice cream, candy bars and all that can help keep your weight up, but you're loading your body with fats and sugars. With my meds, I will personally eat a health bar like Nature Valley Peanut which is covered with peanut butter (yummy). After a while, if you keep eating healthy foods, you feel guilty eating garbage. Talking about garbage, the actor George Clooney who now lives in Italy, was interviewed and asked about food in Italy compared to food in the US. His response was "Americans eat garbage".

So, I hope this will help clear the air of a few things that most don't know about and that can be helpful through your treatment. I'm starting Saturday and will be the rider on the storm (hopefully the last storm)...

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Oops, not Nostradamus, but Nosferatu...

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thanks for the info, I was worried about having to eat alot of fats with the riba, I dont eat alot of fats as it is, cholesteral of 155. Will try the peanut butter covered bars. Good luck with the treatment this go around.
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God's speed Magnum
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While i was on treatment my doctor wasn't so much concerned about what i ate as long as i ate. If it sounded good i ate it. Might have been junk food but i'm SVR.

Good luck Magnum

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I also had problems with appetite and weight loss during my 72 weeks of tx. Between loss of appetite, recurring bouts of nausea and horrible mouth sores, food intake was minimal. They were most concerned about my protein/albumin, which was low to begin with from the cirrhosis - but sank even more on tx. They pushed protein drinks for me - and after some getting used to - they weren't all that bad if chilled well. Yogurt smoothies and cold applesauce got me through the long haul.

Earlier in tx I pretty much ate anything that appealed to me - and stayed down, ice cream included. No probs there, but cutting them out post-tx wasn't as easy as I thought - and the pounds came back easily. Now I'm working my way back down the scale, but it's been a long road..........

Best of luck to you, Magnum. I'm hoping this is THE year for many, many SVR's!

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If your nurse has cautioned about too much sugar, be cautious with some of the health bars.  Although they look and sound healthy, and even call them nutrition bars, many are loaded with sugar.  Be sure to compare.  

I've kept a supply of yogurt in the fridge, since it seems to settle my stomach and provide a good snack.  My appetite is sporatic, some days not too hungry, others I starving 2 hrs after a meal.   One thing for sure, I have never drank so much water/day in my life.  Very important.

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Best of luck and hope you have a smooth ride.......
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In a Bullet (the small mixer you can by at Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other stores), put 7 tablespoons of Yogurt, 3/4 cup of blueberries and fill the rest (leave a little room at the top) with Simply Apple juice (available at Wal-Mart and most grocery stores). Blend all together. This is very tasty and very healthy drink. Blueberries are loaded with anti-oxidants, as well as the apple juice, and the yogurt is a sort of laxative in itself, to help keep you regular and get rid of toxins.

Another healthy drink I make: Same amount of yogurt (preferably banana or peach Yoplait), a banana, about 1/4 cup Almond milk (or 2 % milk) and two heaping tablespoons of peanut butter and two ice cubes. Blend in a blender or the Bullet. This one is very very hard to resist and great for keeping your weight up, and again, a form of laxative. I’ll by coming out with my other tasty treats for undergoing the treatment torture soon...

All in all, eat healthy, exercise (even under treatment), stay away from people who irritate you, drink a lot of water, and book a two week stay in a hotel on the beach at Paradise Island, Bahamas.

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I am not sure when I will do treatment, but I am about 30 pounds over weight because I have been out of work for 2 years and just put on weight. Anyway my question is, my gastro doctor said I need to lose weight so the treatment will help me but I dont understand cause everyone says that you lose treatment when doing treatment. has anyone heard that if you are over weight you need to lose so tr will be effective? I know that i need to for my health but if im going to lose during tr then i dont get it..
I was not sure where to post this..
thank you, becki
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If I were you I would get tested for insulin resistants asap. It is a negative
predictor for tx and many people with an active HCV infection who
are overweight tend to be IR. Do you have a high VL ?
Asked you Dr. to test fasting serum  insulin and glucose from
same blood draw and calculate your HOMA2-IR score.
If it is >2 you are IR and it is highly advisable to correct this
BEFORE you start tx .

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Magnum, sounds like you've got the food issue well under control for your treatment start.  If you want to take the health food issue a step further, consider looking into replacing the Yoplait yogurt with one of the organic Greek yogurts that have far less sugar in them (and no added aspartame).  I find a brand at Walmart called Oikos (by Stonyfield).

I hope you have a "smoothie" ride...  :)
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"Oikos" and not any other yogurt  is pretty much what I have been living on, and I am not a health food guru.  It has been a craving from the outset of treatment.  I guess it could be worse?????

Magnum - Best wishes for success with your journey.  Godspeed
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