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Welcome (me) to the world of sides

I will do shot 10 of Peg Intron this Friday. It's really been easy up until the last two weeks. I thought I was just having a bad time last week because I had traveled and not taken care of myself. Last week I had nausea (worse than at the beginning), got Phenergen for that. Sunday night the insomnia started and restless legs. They've given me Sonata for sleep and I plan to start Pilates as soon as I get that video for Christmas!!
The doc also gave me "Maginex", a magnesium supplement, for the restless legs. He had given me Zinc Sulphate about a month ago for aching legs. Both of these things he says are depleted due to liver disease. I've never had the restless leg before but did have aching legs before tx. He says the treatment is bringing it all on. Anyone heard of this? I also just wanted to share the solutions that my doc is giving me in case anyone out there is looking for a solution to this leg thing.
Big time muscle fatigue has also set in.
My skin is drying up. It being winter doesn't help I suppose.
I cut 15 inches of my hair off last week. (I love it!)
I've got my prescriptions, supplements, lotions, fluids of every variety that I can drink. I'm ready to slay the Dragon!!
I know I'm wordy but I don't post that often!  ;)
The eye thing is interesting. I hope nothing turns serious for anyone. I feel like my vision is going (especially while driving) but I think it is only the fatigue (brain fog).
That is getting a lot worse. The Holidaze do that to me too.
Thanks everyone for being here!
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