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Well, I'm back waiting for the train.

I haven't been on the site too much the last few months.  I am sad to report that the 12 week Sovaldi/Ribavirin/ Interferon failed me in my third attempt to slay the dragon.  I am awaiting approval for Harvoni and Ribavirin for 6 months.  I am disappointed, but not really surprised.  I am relieved to know and to discover I am not afraid anymore!    Progress!  

Waiting for my new sword and hope it's sharper than ever.  
Keeping calm and carrying on!
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Oh gosh Sue!! I'm just sorry that's happened. I've not been there, at least not yet, but I feel punched. You are really a woman of fight, courage & grace under fire. ... An overcomer, for sure. You sound like you "know" & I sure believe(hold in prayer) Your train is here, you've already bought the ticket 3x, you just get on board & watch this train take you to the LONG TERM destination of health, AND leave you there. It will !!
All blessed prayers gentle warrior woman~
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Hi Sue sorry to hear your news.

I also failed Sov Olv 12 week treatment found out in Sept

I started Harvoni on Nov 18th and added RIBA on January 20th and will be done on May 4th.

Yes break out the freshly sharpened steel blades and once again into the battle!

Good luck
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Oh wow, I am so sorry Sue

I also relapsed on Solvaldi/Olysio 12 weeks

I will begin treatment with Harvoni and Riba in just a few weeks

So, will be right there with you! Lynn is our stalwart role model!

Hang in there

This next time is the one for us
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The Three Musketeers

All for one and one for all!
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Gotta love this crew!! :-)
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Ouch I feel your pain. Starting third trip this week. Sovaldi/rib 24 weeks. Keeping the sharping stones out. Peace
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I am so very sorry that you relapsed.

Hang in there.

Hopefully, Harvoni will work for you.
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Sorry you relapsed Sue. I relapsed 6 mo post EOT after 36 weeks of triple with Vic.  Hopefully starting 24 weeks w Harvoni + Riba in a couple of weeks.  Sounds like we all could SVR together!

Hang in there babe!

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understand your total disappointment as I have relapsed a few times myself.    Harvoni will be your ticket to freedom.
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Hi there, sister Sue.  I am so sorry.  You do know that I know how you feel, right? We did the same treatment and both of us have been through this path of being undetected, previously non-responders and now, a relapser.  But, as you point out, there is hope!  I saw a really promising study report out this morning on a drug in clinical trials that's a collaboration between Achillon and Gilead and they have shown that many are clearing with just 6 wks of treatment and now, they are doing a study seeing if it will work with 4 wks.  There are so many things on the pipeline.  This combo so far, has been showing 100% clearance, but as you know, clinical trials hand pick their participants and whether or not, these make it to market, is still being worked out.  But, it is exciting.  For me, unless my liver gets worse, I'm going to wait awhile longer to retreat.  But, I realize not everybody is on the same page.  I wish you health and hope and that the Harvoni + Riba will be the answer for you.  Susan400
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OK, that's the 4 of us: Dragon, Jules, Sue and me with Lynn leading the way.

I am so hopeful for all of us.

I'm just so tired of being sick all of the time and I can't tell you how much it means to me to have my friends here who are so understanding and empathetic

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Sue, ! too, am so sorry!  However, with you positive attitude and these new meds, I see success in your future!

Put on your armor, and be set for when your new sword is delivered, then go get that Dragon!!!

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Hi Sue, I pm'd you last night but just wanted to say again how sorry I am at the news and will keep positive thoughts for your upcoming Tx.
You are strong and positive and will claim your victory soon!
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I am saddened to read of your relapses. You have all been such a support to me this last year. You strength and resolve are inspiring. Your SVR days will come.
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Sue, I'm soo sorry to hear of your relapse.  Just knowing something's in the pipeline for you can be uplifting, I suppose...I'm hoping you an everyone else are put on the right treatment for your GT an everyone makes it to SVR.  Your day will come, Sweetie.  Praying for all here still in the battle.  Take care.  Mary
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Sue, add me to the list of people who are so sorry to hear of your relapse. I'm happy you will be going to Harvoni + Ribavirin because many Sovaldi relapsers are clearing with  Harvoni. Wishing the best for you.
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Hey there, I just read this.
I know what this feels like and am just sick about it.
I am so very sorry.  I wish you the very best.
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Hi Sue.  My condolences as well.  This time will be the one for you.  Just remember when you clear this time, it will be the last!
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Thank you all so much for all your kind words and encouragement.  I am so grateful for all of you.  I know each and everyone of us all understand how this dragon feels.  It gives us a special bond and the bonds forged here are a gift.

I got a generic "your doctors as requested a medication beyond the normal time frame and it has been approved" recording.  At first I was super excited, then got to thinking it was probably for the Ribavirin as the paperwork just got sent in Friday. We. Shall. See.

Hugs and hopes to all!
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It has all been said. I am hoping that your cure is coming soon. I admire your spirit. Be well and good luck. Jo
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You did a good head count there !!
What genos is e er yone.. Geno 1....????

I'm a geno 3 failed first tx.. Interferon and rib... Don't want to fail again!!!
So I'm checking out.. What's happening in the real world... As someone said.. The trials hand pick..
Seeing what happens when ordinary folk do these txs is an eye open or...
The real truth comes out...
Looks like 12 weeks, int, SOF, and rib... Not as good as they made out..

Is that the same for geno 3 .. 24 weeks of SOF and rib??? I wonder...
Does the virus need 24 weeks to kick its butt???
12 weeks SOF.. Not enough..
Comments very welcome please!!!
All love
So sorry you failed though..
We're in the same boat.. Just need the right oars to steer us home!!!
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Gt3 is the hardest to eridicate, so, yes, it needs the 24 week Sol/Riba.  There have even been failures on that!    


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Oops!  I was thinking about Sol/Riba, not Harvoni/ Riba.  Ignore above statement.  Sorry.  Pat
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I'm 1B, relapser on S/O (12 weeks) but starting a 24 week regimen of Harvoni/Riba in the next 2 weeks

Good luck to you! And everyone who is on treatment or just starting treatment.

This is very exciting and scary and wonderful all at the same time

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