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Went to another website I found interesting

I was browsing the web on Hep C and found this website: http://lloydwright.org/Hepatitis/index.php
The information comes from other feeds and links. You can never learn enough about these matters.
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I would stay away as far as possible from Lloyd Wright... Be careful with all these sites claiming 'a cure'. Unfortunately Hep C can only be eradicated by conventional medicine. There are a lot of herbs which can help if you decide not to treat, but never can they kill the virus. Lloyd Wright has been discussed many times on this forum, you can check the threads up to your right on Search this Community.

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Dont touch with a 10 foot pole. My opiniion only. Be careful of what you read, especially
Lloyd Wright. Rememeber nothing takes away the virus except for our SOC.

There isnt a remedy or herb that will cure you.
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Its against the law to say that an herbal supplement cures any disease. If so many people complain about him (Lloyd Wright) why hasn't he been reported to the FDA or FTC?
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Please just send me the money instead.........you will get the same results.
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Actually, sending you the money will get a better result - at least it will give you access to someone who has knowledge about HCV and how to get rid of it!

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Lloyd does have an interesting site  I like you also checked out all his videos  iHis take on HCV iis against interferon treatment and more with health  he does sell supplements not the same as were recommended to me to take but some were there  just another opinon but he could hurt people too that have major liver disease who knows what is in his supplements?  There are many alternative treatments out there as many on this forum and others have researched I am sure but having a good medical team which also can consist of alternative supplements while you wait and supplements to take while on interferon to make sides easier and other conditions not flare up so bad that is real  but somehow to just say he has the end all cure all well it is iffy at best  but doesn´t hurt to look and listen but you have to also research all the information available on interferon with your doctors   baja
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Not again!
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