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What Do I Ask?

Okay its me again.  My husband is on his way to the doctor. Remember he is the one that they have not done the biopsy yet because of his iron level which was causing the Porphyia. The biopsy is scheor June 3rd.  However he is sick and they wanted him to come in immediatley.  What counts can I find out without the biopsy?  I am dying to know so much.  Can I get the Viral count?  Also remember that the ultra sound showed cirosis.
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hi creed, see if you can get the dr take blood for complete blood count with diff/and platelets, hepatic function panel, hcv RNA (the viral count), hcv genotype, thyroid tests like the TSH, AFP alpha feto protein tumor marker, coagulation like PT and INR, iron/hemalogic tests like iron,TIBC, and ferritin levels, electrolites, renal metabolic tests like bun, creatine, GLUC...(THESE ARE THE TESTS YOU WILL WANT LATER to be able to compare them to these same tests he will get while on treatment)...

i know it's alot but stick to your guns and let them know you want all these...they will probably want them too though. it shouldn't be a big deal unless your insurance is an HMO or something...

here is some questions that janis and friends list as possibilities for asking the dr. perhaps you will be interested in some of them for your husband...cut, paste and go.


hope this stuff helps you, let us know his labs when you get them back...my prayers are with you guys...

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creed see my comment below too on the fevor and stomach pains.
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3a means 24 wks of tx

sorry to jump in here and change the subject.  was feeling somewhat better over the weekend and got out in the yard to do some gardening... wore a hat, long pants, etc.  Guess what...COVERED in poison ivy.  Can I just say I thought riba rash was itchy!  nothing compared to this.  i have never had this before and am trying to keep a sense of humor.  at work last week i was told I am being taken off my project, because I am sick alot, not at the top of my game, etc.  I was really down about it, but it is true, and not fair to the client.  then today I am told I need to be at a kick off meeting tomorrow for the same project.  now I am thinking, if I looked sick before, wait till they see me now!!!  not only that, but just how am I going to sit in a conference room for 2 hours and not scratch?
heard that song today on the radio "I need a new drug" and just started laughing out loud.  anyway, just needed to vent a little, am having a pity party here tonight.
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Welcome back. Sorry you have not been feeling well. Try some Calamine lotion. It’s still the best thing for Poison Ivy. It comes in clear or flesh tone. If you are heavily covered with rash, watch out for blood infection.
I had Poison Ivy in my 2nd week of tx. I thought it was Riba rash. Lol.

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Here is what I found out.  His viral load is 60/90,Genotype is 3A, Liver function: ASF 42,ALF 75, LP81.  What does this mean? They put him on a stomach medicne, motion sickness medicine and a anti depressent.  Is genotype 3a bad?
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How awful. I am allergic to poison ivy and I can't imagine having that on top of the riba rashes. Have you informed your physician, you may need to be referred to a dermatologist--healing is so dang slow on tx.  I hope you get better soon.
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