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What Shot?????

Good morning everyone!  
Just want to share with those of you that are nervous about starting tx ( understandably)   that after my first shot, the only evidence that I even received that shot in my body, is the empty syringe in my Sharps container. I couldn't have asked for a better first shot experience.
Oh, and btw....I drank lots of water, probably close to my weight in oz. and I took two tylenol PM at bed time. Gave the shot at 8:00 and went to bed at 11:00.

It's only day two, and I know things can change any day, but I'm ready for this now.  Bring it!  

My new mantra is this.....Pegasys is my friend, Riba is my friend, Incivek is my friend....( to be repeated as many times as necessary)  Visualizing the millions of virus as tiny pitch forks that are dying off at a rate of 1/30th a day to reach undetectable at 4 weeks, and so on and so on.  Hey....it works for me. LOL

My other new motivator, given to me by my father, is this...

Enjoy when you can, Endure when you must!  ( I put this in the kitchen where I can see it often)

I hope my experience will bring new hope for someone out there.

Blessings and hugs to you all! ~Debbie~

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" I know things can change any day, but I'm ready for this now.  Bring it!"
Be careful what you ask for.

Good luck and I hope the rest of your journey is as uneventful as your first shot, R Glass
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Good luck Debbie I hope it says just as uneventful the whole way through!

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congrats on getting a good start.
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Thanks for sharing!!!!

I sometimes think the good experiences get lost in all the post about side effects and your beginning experience will be encouragement for those of us yet to start.


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Awesome!  Thanks for sharing the details, as it helps.  I told my sister just the other day that the doctors only tell you so much.  It's the people here who are going through it, that really puts things in perspective.  By the way.....I picture the meds as.....a team of Navy Seals and the SWAT team, going down dark, winding tunnels, rifles at the ready on their shoulders with attached flashlights illuminating the way.  Attack the virus!  Too much? LOL :)  Keep having good days!
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You know Deb I don't want to scare you or be negative nelly but I do want to say - I had the same experience after shot one.  Then in a few weeks I thought I was dying.......so please rest up, do not over exert yourself or plan anything huge in the next few months until you are sure that you will be ok.

Most people don't have a hard time with the first shot it's the real sides that come later that are the killers to take it EASY.
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"Lifes battles don't always go the the strongest or fastest man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can."  --- Steve Prefontaine

Great attitude..............keep it up
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Thanks for the posts everyone.
@ beeblessed...I like your visual much better, I may borrow it. :)
@ nygirl...you aren't scaring me and I thank you for your comments.  I am not kidding myself that this will be easy for me.  I am fully aware that others start off great and end up a mess in just a few weeks.  I realize that I will, with all probability, that I will have my hell days. I am  prepared for anything, but I was thrilled that the first shot was not horrible, like so many others have shared with me. It just gives me more drive and optimism to move forward, come what may.  I am not planning on anything big till this tx is over.  I even decided to not look for work yet, until this is over. It really is ME time to take care of me. Question, did you have the "flu' like symptoms in later shots?
@brianmo......I really like your quote.  Thanks for sharing.
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I only had the flulike symptoms a few times somewhere around week 30. But I did always drink the water and take the tylenol so I truly believe that helped. Even then though it did not last for long and I would take an Ambien and knock myself out.  But I was cold, so so cold for so long - my parents finally got me an electric blanket (i had been using my  heating pad as a heater).....that helped at least at night. But that's a whole different ball of wax.

Good luck with it all Debbie God knows nobody deserves to suffer on treatment.
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I can sense your excitement to finally get this ball rolling and not having a reaction to the first shot is a big plus.  You might never have the flulike symptoms that we all expect.  I've also been very fortunate up to shot 17 and won't be surprised if and when it happens to me.  You just have to do your best to roll with the punches.  You have a great attitude and have done your research, so you should be prepared to deal with things as they arise.  

Wish you light sides and the best through trt.  
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Ha ha!  Good for you!  
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Good Luck.  I hope you can say the same at week 20, I sure couldn't.
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Yay you! So glad it was a positive experience. I think it helps when the shots go smooth. I had no fever, aches, or lethargy for about 3 weeks. Like NYgirl, just a reminder to believe for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Then it doesn't sneak up and surprse you.

I love the visuals you all have. Go Navy and pitchforks!
I have a shot ritual. I visualize the liquid is golden honey. It's sweet, thick, shiny, and coats every virus as it moves slowly through my body throughout the week. It doesn't do any harm to my cells, just coats and protects them. It covers them up so the virus just washes out of my body. I just went and saw Winnie the Pooh. haha. He was swimming in it and singing about it.
Happy happy for you.... You have a great attitude. You're gonna be UND in no time!
xoxo Karen :)
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Debbie, thanks for your post.  I'm now about 2-3 weeks from starting the triple threat and I will keep your words close to me... :)

Good luck!  
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Sure, visualize away.  I loved Karen's honey visual too.  They say germs can't live in honey, so that is perfect =)  I pray things continue to go smoothly for you and I pray my start goes just as smoothly.  Wishing everyone good healthy!  Be blessed!
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Congratulations on getting started. I think it's ups and downs. Some days are good and we think this is a freeze, then an unexpected side effect and how to deal with it and you may forget for a minute why you're doing this. Good Luck, I hope you have an easy and fast tx. and hope you don't have to add "Procit is my friend" to your list LOL.

All the Best
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Love reading all your comments......makes me smile.  Thanks again for the well wishes.
I think the  honey visual just beat out the navy seals and my pitchforks, especially knowing that germs can't live in honey!  Geat stuff!
@ NY....just curious..was it winter time in NY when you got so cold or was it warm weather?
@GSD....me too!
@bee and dream.....I wish you a smooth start as well.
@flcyclist....that is encouraging, for sure. Good job!
@Stream.....funny....i think I have enough drug friends for now!

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that each of our treatments are just about as individual as our fingerprints.  hmmmm

Peace, health, and happiness to you all.
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I was cold all of the time for all 72 weeks....summer, winter, fall, spring it didnt matter a bit. The anemia probably had something to do with that, even on Procrit I never warmed up.
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