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What Week UND and What Stage?

Interested now due to prior thread to find this out, in general on the forum (since our friends in here seem so much more real than "studies" do... :)

1. What stage were you at treatment start?

2. What week did you get to UND?

For me:
Stage 3
Week >12 <24
Extended to 72 SVR.

I thought maybe we could see for ourselves how it compares to be a stage 1 getting to UND and stage 3.
Do we ourselves have any insight into the whole 'more fibrosis means harder SVR' questions going around.

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stage 2/3

Und week <4

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Stage 1

Undie at week 4

I take shot No. 11 tonight.
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Stage 3
Und somewhere between 14 - 24 wks
Will extend 72 wks
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Stage 2 Grade 2
UND between week 5 and 7
Tonight is last shot....started tx 11/23/07
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stage 4 compesated.
UND at week 5
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Interesting I can't wait to see the rest of them.......it will be fun to really chart out and see how much the 'studies' bear out or not!
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Geno 1b
Sstage 2-3  Grade 2-3
UND at between week 6-8
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Good idea. Can stage 4's get in on this also? Our own little study.

Maybe folks should post their age, whether viral load is/was high or low and where they are at weight-wise (BMI). And if they have cryo or any of the other stuff. Important factors as well (even with weight-based meds).

And do you mean only those folk that are doing/have done SOC? No trial peeps? Or should we all chime in? Sprint participants will do 4 weeks of SOC before the PI is added, so hopefully someone will RVR. I think we have folks at each stage in this trial.

How about where you are at with tolerating treatment also? Scale of 1-10 (one being no-sides, 10 the whole she-bang). I know that is a hard one because sides can fluctuate, but it would be interesting to see if it is easier to treat with less fibrosis.

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Just too many variables to draw conclusions from. Gauf, for example, isn't treating with SOC if I remember correctly, while some are. He's also buying from the Vitamin shop in Container loads. And then there are factors such as sex, genotype, Lipid levels, BMI, age of infection, insulin resistance, etc, etc.

Anyway, I was somewhere around stage 3 three years prior to treatment. Almost a two-log drop at week 1. <600 at week 2 and <50 at week 3 if I remember correctly. Probably would have been <5 by week 4 but had to stop the riba for a week because of sfx. UND <5 at week 6. Double dosed Peg for 2-3 weeks and high-dose riba for a few weeks.

Perhaps more telling for those trying to make a decision might be a comparison RVR data for those treating without PIs (like Telaprevir) and those treating with PIs like Telaprevir. I think you will find dramatic differences here with many on Telaprevir going RVR within a week or 2 regardless of stage. That would certainly make me think about waiting if I had time to.

-- Jim

-- Jim
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My age was 50, vl 6 million and my weight is nobody's business but my own!
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I wonder if previous chemotherapy (5FU, oxyliplatin, Xeloda) and radiation played any part in my sudden, rapid onset of fibrosis.  Anyone ever hear of a connection?

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My weight ain't nobody's concern either - I'm with you :)

I just thought it would be interesting in general to look at the info of everybody - of COURSE stage 4s too.....I'm not smart enough to figure out all of the variables but I think generally I 'assume' that trial people have really great numbers - it's easy enough to remember back to when they didn't have the opportunity.  

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Geno 3A

1st: TX G2 S2 no viral response after 24 weeks SOC

2nd: TX G2 S1 RVR @ 4 weeks, Viral Rebound @ 8 weeks, EVR @ 12 weeks

Note: 2nd tx I used R1728 in 28 day trial + SOC

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Silly me, got that all wrong!  Try again:

Geno 3A

1st: TX G2/S2 No Viral Response after 24 weeks combo SOC

2nd: TX G2/S1 UND @ 4 weeks, Viral Rebound @ 8 weeks, UND @ 12 weeks

Note: 2nd tx I used R1728 in 28 day trial + combo SOC


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Genotype 1b
stage 1
und between wks  8 and 11


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geno 1b stage1 97 no biopsy 2004 neg week between week 22 to 24 weight 164 relapsed 72 weeks neg from week 24 to 72 wife passed from cancer week 22 think that effected treatment in hindsite should have quit treatment
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Stage 2/2
UND week < 12
UND 6 weeks post tx
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Geno 1b  
stage 2
starting vl 9,450.000
und week 5

26 shots down -22 to go!
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Geno 2b, stage 2, starting vl 5,000.000+, und wk.4, SVR for 15mo. female 50 yrs old , SOC.  
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geno1a, stage 4 well compensated, starting vl 13,000,000, und wk 12, extended tx  96wks, SOC, svr over 2yrs.
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Grade 3, Stage 3/4; like sldb, I treated for 96 consecutive weeks; but with high dose Tx. HCV RNA negative 30 days post treatment… will have further info in February ’09.

I heartily agree with Jim; impossible to draw conclusions due to variables.

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stage 3
und week 2
vl 283,000
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96 weeks! I will keep that in mind on the days that I feel sorry for myself doing 48. Respect to both of you.

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Yeah, shouldn't have asked that BMI question. I'm a fattie and it is one of the most embarrassing things for me (kept me from docs for years). I dont' know what I was thinking. Even for the healthy/fit people it is is no one's beeswax.

Anyway interesting info from from all who have posted, even if it is too complex an issue to draw any conclusions.
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