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What anti anxiety medicine works?

My doctor prescribed 20 mg of Paroxetine for anti anxiety, which is generic for Apotex I think.  I took my first pill last night and had sweats all night and a severe stomach ache.  Anybody taking anything that works and doesn't cause these sx. I'm in my 29th week of treatment, geno type 1.
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I think that is Paxill and that is what I take.  I started a month prior to tx.  I haven't had any problems at all and I do believe after all I've gone through with this whole experience that it really DID enable me to make it through.  I'm on week 54 of 72 and without it...I just don't think I could have done it.

I'd never taken one before.
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The pill I take for anti anxiety is called ativan,I take 1mg once or twice a day since ive been on tx, the thing about ativan is that you dont have to take it if you dont feel you need it its a chill out pill, It last a long time and even helps you sleep, and a lot of doctors are easy to prescribe to you because its been around a long time.....
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I have/had panic attacks and anxiety much of my life...so I don't know if your doc told you about Xanax or Ativan, the two most prescribed tranqulizers docs give out....on very small doses, as needed, they can help...course, youre on treatment so of course you'd have to ask your doc all about it and go through them if what your taking doesn't totally and/or only partially deals with your problem.

I also think with these medical remedies, there should be natural remedies, to get a more comprehensive approach, and not have to rely on medical remedies as much to calm yourself down, which can only be a good thing, IMHO medical docs don't usually go into these things cause "pills" are their field, but some do...like breathing exercises, cause bad breathing can actually make anxiety worse, cause youre not taking in enough air in the right way...people who are anxious are breathing little, shallow, rapid breaths and don't even realize it...the more shallow their breathing becomes, the more anxious they become....viscious circle type of thing...heres a really good article about this that helps teach you proper breathing, etc...and tells you about anxiety, panic, etc and how you can help yourself, it's free and you can download the whole thing and print it for yourself...if you have a little dicipline, it can only help your situation...here's the article..it really helped me...


also, there can be lots of triggers to anxiety, like anxious thoughts, etc...I also like to listen to downloads that help re-direct my thinking process, and helps me to think positive, more calming thoughts...


To me they are very good scripts, and they only cost like 8 bucks a download, their anxiety tape is very good and not very long...it'll help you relax, you'll see...also meditation but I might be giving you too much, ha ha! anyway,

hope this helps...

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just wanted to head it...
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I suggest yoga for anxiety.
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Hold the thumb for worry, the index finger for fear, the middle finger for anger, the ring finger for grief and the pinkie if you are trying to hard or forcing things. The right hand is the present the left hand is the past. Gently hold the finger of the right hand with the left. Breathing deeply is very important.

The lower part of the head flap on the ear is tranquility point. It's right next to where Elvis had his side burns. It increases the serotonin in your brain. There another point for inner emotional balance called Shen Men but it's to hard to describe. I will google auriculotherapy and see if I can find an ear chart.
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I don't want to go on AD's, but the nurse said they put everyone on them because if there is a problem with tx, it takes a few weeks for them to kick in.

I really don't want to, but the nurse says I should try not to be so controlling and let the expert handle it. Controlling? Maybe?

I don't want to get a few weeks into tx and wish I had the Ad's. So maybe I should take them.

Lexapro is the one suggested. Somebody, maybe kalio or SFBaygirl said they tried Lex. and didn't like it, I think, if I remeber correctly.

If anyone is on Lexapro and likes it. let me know.
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you know, I tried Lexapro too, and didn't like it, but then I talked to a woman on Janis who said she didn't like it either, but then she tried only 5mg on her own, and she did end up liking it, it just took her awhile to get used to it, but she was able to at that lower dose...that's what I'm going to try now, I didn't even think of going down to 5 mg. Funny how we patients have to find stuff out like this on our own sometimes...call us control freaks or what! ha ha...I'd always rather titer up anyway, "you can always take more, but you can't take less once you swallow the dang thing, ha ha!!!
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ooooh thanks for info....thats good, 5mg, the lower the dose, the better. I'm a med hater. I'll talk to my doc about it. The nurse did say that you get nausea in beginning, but it goes away.

If you do try the lower and it works better, give me a shout out over here. We can be the Lexy twins. ha
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Unfortunatley for me none of them do. some people they work wonders for.  Currently I am taking a benzodizpene called klonopin.  It's a low dose.  The other stuff just made the anxiety worse.   Don't let this discourage you.  Other people have sucess with stuff.  It all helps me for a couple of weeks and then bang....it gets worse.  I tried celexa, Paxil (which had clinical trials that showed positive results for it).  I guess it just depends on the individual.  I just have weird reactions to Meds.  I was taking Ambiam for sleep.  Come to find out, I was walking in my sleep and having midnight snacks.  

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My doc started me out on anti depressants at first and I took them.  He also gave me xanax.  I think it's a good idea.

I had never been on ADs before.  I took them for 3 months and they made me feel weird so he said I could quit them.  I think the important thing is to be on them already as a preventative. If they mess you up, you can always change dose or stop.  Just remember to take them for several months so you'll know if they're benefiting you or not.

It is your body so, if you're dead set against it, nobody can make you take them.  If you decide against the AD, talk to your family and friends about keeping an eye on you.  They will be able to tell quicker than you if you're falling into a depressed spiral.
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My doc started me on effexor and seroquel with diazepam as an emergency chill pill (I knew how that one worked). Effexor was a devil drug and really wierded me out. then we changed to prozac and seroquil but seroquil gave me RLS (restless leg syndrome) so he added t3's because my pain was major and it calmed the RLS. I got freaked about the amount of drugs so he switched me to prozac and remeron. Worked like a hot dam for a while but once I was done treatment and body needs changed, I ended up on serotonin overdose (serotonin syndrome) EEEEYYUU, that was tough. NOw he's given me lexapro 10mg., to start 20 next week and respiridal to help me sleep. I'm taking 5 mg of Lex and nothing else. Still have problems sleeping but if it goes on too long, I take a gravol and it really me sleep. When I was on treatment, I couldn't read my own body, now I can. My doc can only go by research and visual so it's not unlikely that their direction could be off. I hurt more lately, but I'm starting to feel like a new, improved me!! Try and trust yourself, if you can read or feel yourself!
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