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What did you go to the doctor for when you first found out?

Since there are so many extra hepatic manifestations of hep c I'm curious as to what you were going to the doctor for the day you found out you had hep c.

I was going for TIAs. Another friend on here told me she was going to the doctor for chest pains.

What about you?

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Had no physical issues, had always been very healthy.  Was confirming that my Hep B status was indeed immune and non-contagious and the doc threw in a test for Hep C without mentioning it, just added it to the list of things to get done at the lab and I didn't notice.  So a heck of a shock to come back with good news for Hep B .... and shocking news on Hep C.  My doc has always gone that extra measure and good he did.
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A routine pap and physical from my gyno.I told her I was tired all the time.She is the one that discovered the Hep c antibodies.I have been telling my GP for quite some time that I was tired all the time,you would think he would have picked up on it-Go figure !!!!I knew something was not right when I was called into her office.......
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I had a major esophageal bleed and was rushed to the hospital. That's how I found out.

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Blisters on my hands.  Turned out to be Porphyria Cutanea Tarda which is an extra hepatic manifestation of hepc.  Even with late stage liver disease I was very healthy and asymptomatic prior to diagnosis of PCT.

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Just a regular old physical. My diagnosis is a weird little chain of events though, that worked in my favor.

Just after New Year's, I returned to the gym with the usual New Year's resolutions. I overdid it, and was really sore the next few days - I mean almost unable to walk sore. Turns out my physical was a few days later, and my lab results showed my AST sky high from the muscle injury.

One thing led to another, and a few weeks later, the dx was confirmed.

So, a gym visit put the doctor on the track. Sure glad I went to work out that day. It may have added 20 years to my life. Ya just never know.

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Same as Trin, huge liquid filled blisters on my hands.
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