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What do you think my risk is?

Thank you for your reply, To clear things up a bit i'll break it down a bit better for you,  I believe my roommate used my toothbrush last night and then I used it this morning.  After I used the toothbrush I got scared of getting infected with one of the three infections I mentioned before. So let me ask a straight question.

1. Would using this toothbrush this morning after he used it last night be able to infect me with HBV, HCV or HIV? Not sure if he had blood in his mouth.

Second, after I used the toothbrush I got scared as stated above. I have a few HBV tests I ordered online for home use. I asked him to try the test. (The test works by putting 5 drops of blood on to a test strip and waiting for the results) They give you a small plastic device with the home rapid test to suck up the blood from your finger and transfer it to the test strip.  He did not know how to use it to suck up the blood so I did it for him.  I sucked up one drop at a time and transfered it to the test 5 times, I was carful not to get any blood on my hands etc. BUT when I was squeezing the last drop of blood on to the test strip it splattered due to a air bubble in the plastic sucker.  The blood drop splattered on to the test. So here is my question regarding this information.

2. As the blood drop splattered onto the test, If some of the splatter came in contact with my mouth, eyes or nose would this cause infection of HIV, HCV or HBV?  Most of the splatter went on the test card, but the little specks may have entered my mucus membrains. Please give your honest oppinion sir.  The sucker basicly "Spit the blood drop out and caused a splatter?

3. Also I took one of the home tests (5 minutes) before I helped him with his. So i pricked my finger to take the test. Would my finger be healed so no virus could enter my blood stream if my finger was pricked 5 minutes earlyer and no blood was coming out?

4. Does it take just a small amount of blood (1 drop) for transmission of HIV, HCV or HBV to ocurr or would it take much more blood than that?
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Is your roommate ill, or are you just speculating that ne might have one of the conditions that you fear?  Did you ask him if he used your toothbrush?  And why do you keep a few HBV test kits around?  

You seem to have a lot of anxiety.  Maybe consider speaking to a professional about that.  
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First off your room mate would have to be infected in order for you to catch anything. Since this is the HCV forum I will address that. The only way to transmit HCV is for infected blood to get into an open, bleeding wound on you. There is a chance with the toothbrush, but it is very slight.

Life has enough stress without worrying about unnecessary things. Get both yourself and your room mate tested and quit worrying about it

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What other tests do you have lying around?  Don't you have gloves since you have such a tremendous fear of HBV? Alcohol swabs? Something protective?

Why would your roomate use your toothbrush anyway doesnt he have his own?
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Why don't you go to your family doctor and explain all this to him.  He not only can give you advice regarding exposure but can also recommend a professional who will counsel you regarding your obsession with contracting infectious diseases.

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I don't get the using another person's toothbrush.  My 13 year old niece over the summer bounced out of the bathroom saying that she used my toothbrush but rinsed it well.  Shortly after that I was diagnosed with acute hcv.  Geez - ya just can't do that - it's weird -only my opinion- but it is weird.  

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Actually... long before I knew I had HCV... if I discovered that somebody used my toothbrush, my first reaction was to boil the thing before I used it again
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