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What if you have low platelets before starting treatment ?

Do they still start you or treat it first thrn start treatment ?
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There is no one standard "treatment" for low platelets... do you currently have low platelets or ITP?  Unless your platelets are below 50,000 currently, you need not be concerned about this in terms of treating your hcv.
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I have unexplained bruising and have not started treatment yet, going for fibroscan next week then more labs. I am trying to assess my situation.
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" I am trying to assess my situation "

Thats what doctors and lab work is for
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Good that you're getting actively involved in assessing your own situation.  It's important to be your own advocate, and one of the best places to start is to always get copies of your labwork and reports at every visit.  If your doctor did the standard panel of blood work that includes complete blood count (CBCs), those results should include your platelet count.  If you get copies of everything and need help understanding them, lots of knowledgeable member can try to assist you in unraveling all the information.  
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Thanks for the advice, that puts my mind at ease. My GP who found it on the routine blood test did a cbc , I suppose but I am very sure when I made th appointmet to see my hepc he examined me and sent me for blood works complete liver panel, there was 3 sheets with boxes ticked off for the blood tech and they drew 6 vials of blood from me so I am presuming that was one of the markers they were looking at . When I went back in Sep[tember for results that was the confirmation of hepc vl 560,000 type 1a - now on Wednsday is the fibroscan. He said at las visit , liver is functioning excellantly and he mentioned fibosis if I ma not mistaken.l He also said my red blood count was very good. I am going to request copies from my GP for my blood test results back in March, and also when I see my hep doc this week the same thing l will be doing more labs and then I am to discuss with the hepc nurse my mental stae and treatment and to look at the cvoerage with my work indsurance and whatever other else has to be discussed. I imagine this is the procedure before treating. That's the status till now where I am a.
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How do you edit on here ypour typos ? I can't figure it out . Once I type I can't go back to correct anything.Thanks
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