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What is TX?

Everyone is referring to tx-What is this?
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someone, the other day, used tx as thanks, so it gets confusing.
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Hi guys,
Sorry to butt in here.....I just got back from seeing my Hep C Nurse and she told that my heamoglobin has dropped to 10.2, so she has reduced the Riba to 600mg per day instead of 800mg per day in hope that it will go back up.....If it drops even more, what will happen to me?  Will they take me off TX????  She said I should be feeling tired and a litlle breathless.....but I feel fine, I even get days where I have lots of energy and blitz the house....it's quite  a big house aswell!  My appetite is back to normal now...HUGE!  ALT is 56 from 107.
I'm worried I'll have to stop or something?  I'm on 4/24.
I'd really appreciate any input here, guys.
Many thanks,
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Ask about that med they use to bring it up. I'm not sure of the name, but I'm sure there is one!   Joni
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I'm on 1200mg of Riba and my Hgb dropped to 10.0 on week 12. My RN said if Hgb drops below 10 (and it didn't at week 16) my dose will be reduced. I kinda know that women's normal Hgb level is lower then that of men's, so I'd think 10.2 is no biggie. One of my female relatives was recently found to have 8.2 and she was just fine.
Btw, I lost 8 kg and am now less than 75 kg - a good candidate for a reduced dose ( to 1000 mg ).

Green veggies (esp spinach), Vit E are known to boost level of Hgb given there is no Iron deficiency in one's blood.
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It's called Procrit :)
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Thanks, I didn't think brain fog would kick in this early!!!
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My hemoglobin dropped from 16.4 at start to 11.3 at week 6. It went up slightly to 11.7 by week 8, but I started on Procrit anyway at week 9. I have had 2 weeks worth and I am starting to feel stronger and less tired. It is an expensive drug and my health insurance had to OK it, but it is worth it. Haven't had any bloodwork since so I don't know my hemoglobin level. Still, my goal was to make week 12 without a reduction in ribovarin and use my viral load to make any decisions about reducing it. My Dr. is in agreement with that plan, provided I don't get too bad in the meantime.

We live in snow country and the last two storms took me 4 hours apiece to clean up. It used to take 45 minutes. I had to stop and rest about 3 times and when I was done, that was it for the day. So, I hope the Procrit will help for the coming months.
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Hey guys,
Thanks for all the speedy responces.
What is this PROCRIT???  I've seen it mentioned quite alot.
Do you guys think I should have been a little more assertive and not had the Riba reduced????  I felt reluctant to reduce but my Hep Nurse is totally amazing, she has been there for me 24/7,(although, I hate to bother her too much, she's so busy!)and is extremely passionate about her work and the rights of Hep C patients....I trust her completely.  What do you think, guys?
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