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What is a window period of hepatitis B and hepatitis C

What is a window period hepatitis B and hepatitis C what is a good to for test and sure results
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Check at the relevant forum
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Hep c 12 weeks minimum for the hep c antibody test. If you have a compromised immune system for example in the presence of HIV it can take up to 6 months for sufficient antibodies to develop to rise to detectable levels.

Hep c transmission requires hep c infected blood to enter the blood stream of an uninfected person.
Oral sex transmission possible my hiv report negative after 7 months of exposure and plzz tell me hepatitis B window period  
Try the hep B forum or better still ask your doctor.

Hep c is transmitted by blood to blood contact so no risk via oral I assume you were the receiver.

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From the US CDC

How long does it take for blood to test HBsAg-positive after exposure to HBV?
HBsAg will be detected in an infected person’s blood an average of 4 weeks (range: 1–9 weeks) after exposure to the virus. About 1 of 2 patients will no longer be infectious by 7 weeks after onset of symptoms, and all patients who do not remain chronically infected will be HBsAg-negative by 15 weeks after onset of symptoms
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